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Yet another colonic question!

Hi All,
Can those who have have had colonic hydrotherapy let me know- is it worth having more than one treatement? I am about to book my first colonic, but the clinic have a special offer if I book 3- should I take advantage of this or just stick to having one?

Grateful for your advice!
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Most people benefit from having a course of 3-5 sessions initially - depends on the individual really. After that one session every six months will keep things nice and clean

I needed 5 sessions, but as I'd accumulated 60years of rubbish not surprising really!!!!
Hi Anne-Marie- well I know it sounds awful, but if you read around the threads most people who have had it describe it as not unpleasant during and feeling fabulous (empty, cleansed) afterwards. I have looked at this for a long time before deciding to do it- you can carry between 5 and 25lbs of waste matter in your bowel (and that is when it has been recently 'emptied' to be delicate about it), and waste matter can stay in your bowels, stuck to the lining for years and years- even decades! So, given I am SSing and my bowel is pretty empty anyway I thought I would go all the way and get it properly cleaned out now! Booked for next Wednesday- I will post how it was afterwards, and I will be honest, so if it is horrible I will let you know.



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I'll be really interested to hear how you get on. I really want this done, but embarassment is holding me back!

Definitely weigh yourself before and after to see how much you were full of sh*t!! lol


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Honestly it's not horrid at all. I thought I might feel a tad embarrassed the first visit lol but you don't actually see anything and a good colonic hydrationist will very quickly put you at ease.

I'd suffered from IBS for years before CD and doing SS caused very uncomfortable constipation so my doctor suggested a course of hydration. Here's a link which answers most commonly asked questions.

Common Questions & Answers


somebody shrink me
Thanks demon, that link was really informative.

Just a shame there's none near me!!!


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I highly recommend it.........see other posts i have done a colonic diary somewhere. I had two sessions. Had to cancel my third because I was pregnant!! LOL

The first one gave me great relief from cronic constipation on the VLCD. The second cleaned me out completly I was shocked at some of the stuff...........long snake like tubes that had obviously been inside me for a long time......sorry about the TMI.......

I would say most places do a deal for a course of three.
Go for it.
Just be aware they pump you full of water so don't go to be weighed for at least 48 hours after.


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