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yet another question (lol)

Ahhh now that i seem to be spending my life on this forum i keep coming up with questions lol.

Basically looking for advice!

Im going on holiday on the 10th of July for a week. Its just a wee holiday with my son and lots of friends and family to flamingo land. Realistically i know i wont be able to keep up with Total solution while im away. My plans are to take my blender with me (lol) so i can still have a shake in the morning....and during the day i'll take a bar out in my bag with me....but at night im gonna have to eat. I know its best to stick to protiens so chicken, fish and veg etc.....BUT what im wondering, is doing this so quick....wil it hugely affect my diet? I dont want to even think aboutcoming off it, but the fact that im going to have to, i could use advice about how do to it best!

Any help would be appreciated! xx
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Oh just to add...i will only be eating "real" food if were going out for a meal....on the nights where we will be eating in the caravan i will be having my exante soups. Is this wise? that way i should minimise any damage i hope? xx

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well babystar xx I can only give you my little opinion.. not sure its a good one, but.... even people on the working solution, where they have 3 packs a day plus a 400 calorie meal in the evening lose weight.
Plus the fact that some people make sure they use their add a meal weeks, I don't see how bringing forward such a week could harm.

I think all of us on this diet have it settled and decided in our heads that WE WILL lose this weight, so maybe you need to decide what's going to work best for you to stay more-or-less on the wagon long term... preparing to have a less restricted week, and be ready for it is not a failure. So hopefully rather than making you think 'Oh sod it' and stopping, you can pick up where you left off.

You sound so motivated and you have already thought and planed ahead around the evening meals while away, that getting back on track, especially with us little lot to support you would not sound to hard.

The only downside, is you might knock yourself out of ketosis for that week, but that doesn't mean you will not still lose weight, and should not see it as a failure, but you are already planning ahead and thinking of high protein and low carb options so this might not even happen xx

The diet is merely a tool, like a guideline for us. I think there might be times when all of us at some point have to deviate or adapt it to fit into our plans. Things like holidays, or weddings etc things that are events in your life you'll only have once, and not to enjoy them to the full as you are worrying and stressing over the space food packs might be a shame. This is a diet for the longterm.. almost a way of life rather than a short term fix, so you already know you are motivated... things like holidays are an experience you'll never get back, so knowing you are motivated to carry the diet on afterwards and to fit it in the best you can while away, should hopefully not stop you enjoying the evenings with friends and family.

If you are going to try to stay in ketosis I would read the warnings about alcohol though.. because it might be more tempting when away.

You will come back so proud that you maintained the diet in the day, and by sticking to the food options you put in the evenings, I think you should just relax and enjoy the time away.

You have the ultimate choice honey, but just be a little gentle on yourself if the losses for that week is lower... It all balances out in the end.
Thank you so much, that post made so much sense. Its true, its only a week away, i want to enjoy myself, i just want to make sure i dont slip into old habits of thinking "oh to heck with it, i'm having fish and chips...". I want to know that i can have fun without food being the centr of attention. In saying that i will not be beating myself up if i dont lose at all that week, as long as i dont do too much damage.

Im not too worried about comin out of ketosis to b honest....in my opinion ketosis is not somethin that helps u lose weightbut something that makes the diet easier. I will probably feel like im back in week one when i come home and back to total solution, but what u said about this being a long term thing is so true...one week will not deter me from getting to my target

thank you so much xxx

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We are Flab-ou-Less!
you are very welcome xxx I think we need to be gentle on ourselves, rather than see things as a failure .. even little slips like some bons bons (you know who you are hehe) it shouldn't be the temptations that drive us to think 'oh sod it' and give up the diet totally.. its the fact we try again, resist or get back on the wagon :D

To me that shows more of a commitment ...
Make this diet work for you and make sure you have an amazing holiday xxx


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Just a little tip (don't know if it's useful or not!) but Harvester restaurants have a new menu. You choose a grill (includes fish and chicken) add a side and sauce (which you don't have to have) and unlimited salad from the cart. I went last week and had salad cart for a starter, salmon and chips (which I didn't eat) and more salad on the side. I really enjoyed the meal and chose the salad items from those allowed on page 16 of the Exante book.
I was rather pleased with myself lol

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We are Flab-ou-Less!
hehehe well done you.. and thank you xxx

a side note:D Babystar I am also supposed to be getting myself back to studying to become a midwife.. my certificate in Health Science course starts in October .. as a way to get me back into learning, then a diploma then hopefully uni hehhe a little old and long in the tooth.. but planning that within a few years I will be 100% throwing myself into the course at a uni.

xxx hope all goes well for you too:D
My little one is three :)
Oh wow looks like we have a fair bit in common then. I done over 2 years of nursing and stupidly quit so my returning to uni all depends on wether i can get an organisation to fund me thru it....argh hard times lol. We'll get there though! Good luck with it all xxx
Good morning Mandy, a very noble profession, my wife was a nurse in South Africa and is now caring on Hayling. It takes a certain type of person to do nursing, saints I think.

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
you too :D I think I am in a similar postion as you hhehe.. life tends to drag me along with it.. I ended up managing a bank a few years ago before my little one! who knew I could even count! hehehe and so far removed from by dream :D but all good experinces xxx and noooooooooooooooo Mark noo dont stop calling me it :(

I just meant I had left it a little to long :D I shall be sat there with all the youths! hehe

You are certainly not old ! you are our prince charming of the forums

Life leads us down some funny paths tho eh....but we all get there in the end!

Yeah mark nurses deserve a lot of respect....something they dont get enough of in my opinion :D xx
Yeah Mandy I agree, nurses and carers are not appreciated enough. I would love to see the ordinary folk of this world trying to look after the sick, demented, cripple, etc etc i think they would have different outlook. I know I certainly could not do it.

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