Yey Ketosis before end of day 2


Finally...Life begins
As Thread title says... I felt very cold today at work, and had a banging headache so knew ketosis was only round the corner. Tested tonight and that lovely little stick went pink so very happy. Its not even the end of day 2!!
Oh my god!!!! just weighed myself and it shows 16st 11, and my body fat as 7st 2, my body fat has never been that low! better get changing my ticker, even tho official weigh in isn't until next tuesday!! very happy!!!
Wow that's fantastic Angela!!

I'll test tomorrow but Im still raging hungry so I don't think I'm in K yet :(
What shops sell those sticks I have looked in a few and nothing :(

Thats fantastic hon!

I am hoping to be back in K by the weekend....I have been freezing today but I know its not K as I only started this am!

Good for you babe thats a great result......keep up the good work and the pounds will be dropping off.

Lou X
You need to go to a chemist and ask for Ketostix lisa. They're used mainly by diabetics (I'm diabetic and have been using them for years). However, I'd advise you NOT to get them from Boots but to go to a small independant pharmacy as the assistants at Boots can get a bit huffy about selling them if they know they're going to be used by people on a VLCD (no idea why: they're not a drug or anything!)

The last time I bought them from Boots, I practically had a toe-to-toe row with the assistant - but as I AM diabetic and fronted it out, she didn't have a leg to stand on. Now I wouldn't buy them there on principle!

They cost about £5 for a tub but they last ages & ages. Hope this helps :)
Yep - you need to ask for them :)
Nice one Angela x x
Well done - that is really good!!