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RIGHT!!! I've been faffing about for almost a month now yo-yoing on and off the diet making myself thoroughly miserable in the process and am drawing a line under it NOW!!! :whoopass:

Anyone else making a fresh start tomorow??? No matter how hungry/headachey etc I am tomorrow I am going to be 100% NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!! who's with me??? WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!! :cross:
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im with you!! for the last two weeks ive not been 100% at all. only 6 weeks to my holiday so i need to dedicate myself.


Sensibly losing :)
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ME ME ME ME!!! I just wrote up a confession and have promised a new start tmw - i am sick of yo-yoing to lose 8lb, feeling fab and the slippping up and gaining it all again! I am wasting SO much hard effort for nothing PLUS its costing me a fortune!! LOL!

COunt me in, I am totally in it to win it this time - if I cant do it then I have to totally give up as its not enjoyable feeling as I do now, constantly let down by myself... feeling guilty etc! Something has gotta give and only I can give it!! :)

Good luck to us and heres to massive losses to a week tomorrow! :)

its actually rather exciting! xx
MEEEE!! I have not regained any of the weight I've lost while 'faffing around' but I sure haven't been strict with the diet. I wanted to do 100% today but ended up not doing it... AGAIN.

I would love to join you ;) Tomorrow will be a great day to do 100%. I had planned on restarting tomorrow anyway so I am so glad to see that you posted this.
Morning everyone!!

Hope you're all having a good start! I braved the scales and have put on 10lb :eek: which I was expecting but not going to get down about it as I know if I stick to this diet it'll fly off so here we go!! First shake done and its such a nice day I'm off for a nice long walk!! Best of luck to everyone! REMEMBER: NO EXCUSES!!!! WE'RE DOING THIS!!!!! :D


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count me in; be faffing about all last week and ended up gaining 6lb back of the 15.5lb i had lost, got 3 weeks to go before back at work and would really like to have lost 2 stone in total by then


Sensibly losing :)
S: 12st12lb C: 12st12lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
How u all doing? I have kept myself busy today by gutting the kitchen, cleaning the microwave (even used the OH's motorcycle metal polish on the outside aggggg!).... Had a shake at lunch n a bar just now as was feeling sicky ... Been glugging tea n squash (not fussed about ketosis n find the range this way easier) n plan on having an early night. Just cooking tea for everyone else :( but its ok ... I do have a banging headache but seeing as I have lived on carbs for 2 months its come as no shock! Weighed myself and I was actually still under what I thought I would be, still less than I was before so can't complain too much... I have been slightly less due to a recent attempt but then put it back on when I gave up after 5 days. I am VERY determined to be 100% today! Hope u are all doing ok too. Will update my stats tonight when on laptop Xx
I had a coffee and then didn't eat all day until now. I was too tired to eat because I had been going on 2 hours sleep! I came home, took a nap, just woke up and am having a banana shake (my fave). I have decided on no more coke zero for me in the first couple weeks, because I think the caffeine may have been hitting me too hard and giving me headaches/making me feel sicker. The coffee today was a luxury and won't be repeated often ;)
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Can I jump on board too please? I've not been taking it seriously lately, but I still have 20kg to lose. I don't have a regular weighing day. Maybe a Monday morning would work best for me. Will update next week as I didn't weigh this morning.
I'm trying not to look at the 20kg (too scary!), just the next 5 off.
Thanks and good luck to everyone.
Well done everyone! We're almost through day one so hang in there! Am feeling really hungry so trying to keep busy as I know it will pass... Am going to try and get an early night I think as can't eat if i'm asleep lol Best of luck for tomorrow everyone!! :grouphugg:


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Didn't make 100% TS as had some chicken but it could have been much worse !


Sensibly losing :)
S: 12st12lb C: 12st12lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Aww nearly at the end of today people... Won't be long! .... Hang in there!

I have managed today totally 100% n have not even licked my fingers while cooking tea! First time I have managed that since my first ever week on a tfr prog... I am on morphine n other bits for my back n usually find I need something else to stay upright! ;) ...anyway, today hasn't been too bad and I needed to prove to myself that I could do it -i now know that I need to try n be this way as 'some food's leads to bad habits! I have come to bed already... Well, if u can not count going for a wee every 10mins! Omg forgot what its like! Now in bed so won't think of food! Supposed to be making bloody Apple puffs n eccles cakes tonight for the OH but quite frankly the answer is NO on day one!
Here's to tmw for us all! :)
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Me me me... Started again today...28lbs to lose. I too have faffed on and off the last couple of weeks. I'm miserable with this extra weight... Gotta go!!! I'll weigh Monday's... Good luck everyone...

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Count me in too!! Got back from a holiday in Portugal yesterday. Afraid to weigh myself, I was very bold on hols! I'll weigh in tomorrow morning.

Good luck to all,

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