1st meeting done and dusted


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
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Hi Lisa, at least you've made the 1st step in your weight loss....
I started just a few pounds less than you and i'm down 18.5 lbs in 10 weeks (bearing in mind xmas was in between) and really chuffed with it and not been deprived of good food!! lol

Good luck..x


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Good luck to you & hubby it helps a lot if you have the support of your family & friends
I agree with what your leader said small goals=:winner:


Im just me!
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Good luck along the way.


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Nice one!!

Yeah I definitely agree with the whole Smaller Targets thing. I find that much easier, less daunting. Starting out, I was 21st and to think I want to be in the 13s, then that would be 8st to lose... Which if you work on 2lb a week is doable in a year or so, 18 months.. but.. I find it more satisfying to have smaller goals :) Then you can tick off more goals as you get there :D And reward yourself with something, a new handbag in my case.... haha. Each stone off is a new bag for me!

I babbled... Well done for taking the first step :) Ace x


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First bit out of the way now you are focused and raring to go :D good luck on your journey:)


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helllooo, yes good stuff on your inital WI, now all you can do it get a bit lighter every WI. Sounds like a good plan eh!

Seriously good luck with this weight loss thing and keep at it, yourve started now so finish it!


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I'm determined to finish it this time. I have a 2 year old daughter now so shes my proverbial boot up the aristottle. Also i agree with the small goal thing too. If i was to name my target (for healthy bmi) id have to say 10st 10! Which basically means i have 9 stone to shift. I prefer the 5 and 10 % methinks! Will be easier to grasp in the sense i can see these goals coming and going. My OH is in same boat too, he got a shock at the scale last night bless im. He'll get there though.


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going for your 5 or 10% goal is the way to go! this is my third time at weight watchers.. the main reason because i always looked at it like i have 7 stone to lose! now im taking it bit by bit and its just so much easier hoping to get down around 16stone by my Easter holidays!! and taking each day as it comes! best of luck to everyone!!! xxx