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2012 Easter Challenge....


5:2 lover
Right here it is ladies & gents the

Xenical Easter Challenge
Challenge combined weight loss total- 20STONE 3LBS

So come New Year it is 14 weeks til Easter.... So what do we want to achieve in that time, what is your goal? Post it on here & I will add you to the list & if you post your results every week I will keep them updated so we see how we are all doing...... So shall I start with what I want to lose?

Lexie - 25.1lbs

TooFatKat - 7lbs lost

Butter On Toast - 6lbs lost

Kes - 6lbs lost 14lbs to lose

Monkeypants - 2lbs lost

Missurstacey - 4.5lb lost

Alongwaytogo - 20lbs lost

Mis-behave - 6.4lbs lost

MizKirsty - 12.5lbs lost

Kitty Bling - 15.8lbs

78Storm - 5lbs lost

Efk - 13lbs lost

Hobnobsmummy - 17.5lbs lost

PurpleMum - 30.5lbs lost

Kayee - 23.5lbs lost

LisaM1977 - 13.5lbs lost

Teenie - 12lbs lost

Chrissy72 - 33.5lbs lost

Lucy - 4lbs lost

Poppy - 18lbs lost

Onwards & Downwards we go......
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Not such a fat kat now :)
Ok that's great. From new year that means I've got 14 weigh ins til Easter .

In line with my 2012 goals I think I'd like to lose 21 lbs before Easter.

I'm hoping I can do 1 1/2 lb a week til then

Focus kathryn ! ;)

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Lexie2005 said:
Lea I have taken yours from the other post, if you want it changing let me know x

I didnt realise its only 14 weeks to easter can i edit the weight amount to 14lbs please?

And yeah that was fine to nick it from the other thread

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Cheers chicka x

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If Easter is 14 weeks then I will challenge myself to 14lbs, figuring that I may have a couple of Christmas lbs to lose first and 1lb per week wont make it unattainable thus making me give up. So today I weigh 179lbs and on Easter Sunday I want to weight 165lbs.


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can i jump on the easter train, and i wanna say i would love to be at goal, (which is like 30lbs away) but im gonna go for 20lbs.

Good luck everyone :)


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Starlight starbright we wish tonight this be made a sticky ;)


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I'm going with 21lbs please!!!

That'll take me to 5stones fingers crossed!!! Xx


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im going to join in too and i am going to go for 14lb by easter (only just started last week so not sure what im likely to lose in an average week yet) hopefully 14lb is do-able :)


Not such a fat kat now :)
Mandy I started xenical at the beginning of may at 108.4 kg and am now 94.2kg but I was much more . I was 122 kg. It's taken me s long time but it can be done. But I've still got another 30kg to go . And it will go however long it takes :)

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