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4.5 Day Kickstart and then straight onto LCD...

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by zeke, 12 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. zeke

    zeke Gold Member


    The next 12 weeks look like this:


    Goal line is set at 3.5 lbs/week

    I've done SnS before - first time I made it to 10/11 weeks (had a 1 lb loss in the last week so decided to leave it there), and the second time I did just 5 weeks (and was losing much slower than last time - I think because I was cheating with the veg and milk allowance) and successfully transitioned to SW EE and went even lower.

    Yes, I gained weight again afterwards. I've yo yo dieted all my adult life. I HAVE to believe that I will get my weight healthy this time though and stay there - any future yo-yoing will be relatively small amounts.

    The last 4.5 year have looked like this (I vowed to track my weight every day, whether good news or bad, when I reached my ultimate highest weight ever of 15 st):


    I clearly haven't controlled the yo-yo dieting but I am thankful that I have stopped reaching ever higher weights.

    It is exciting to think that in 12 weeks I could be at a low point in this graph! It will also coincide with our new kitchen being completed - then plan is to move on to a LCD and get really good at cooking delicious healthy things!
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  3. zeke

    zeke Gold Member

    Day 1/84:

    Today (I won't record plain water):

    8.30 am - black coffee
    9.35 am - porridge pack (ONE)
    11.30 am - 330 ml coke zero
    1.20 pm - chocolate shake (TWO)
    Village Fete
    4 pm - 330 ml coke zero (I know I am over the suggested max of 500 ml now, but I used to do this before...)
    5 pm - Spicy Spaghetti + Broccoli (THREE)
    Swimming Gala
    9.30 pm - Black decaff coffee + Maple Fruit Almond bar (FOUR)

    YAY!!! Unless for some ridiculous reason I blow it now - that's day 1 done :) Off to bed in a minute. Hopefully there will be a nice result of the scale tomorrow to buoy me on for day 2.
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  4. Tequila1

    Tequila1 Full Member

    Hello you. Loving your graphs, how very organised. Interesting that WW, SW, and SNS all produce excellent losses when followed. I'm currently close to the end (please God let it be soon) of my sns journey and am spending this last month figuring out a maintenance plan for after. I have a feeling that's going to be key to keeping it off. Well good luck, sounds like you're in the zone and well done on day 1 with no issues. X
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  5. zeke

    zeke Gold Member

    Congratulations on nearing the end of your SnS journey - you have done so well!

    After I decided to stop SnS the first time I tried the re-freed plan but I found that really, really hard and then ended up failing on that and not getting onto any other plan - hence the gain! After the second round I decided not to bother with the re-feed and go straight onto SW - I did gain at this crossover but a week later I was back down to my SnS low and then carried on losing (slower than on SnS of course - it felt so slow at the time but looking at it on my graph it wasn't that much difference on a long scale!). I then came off that (no idea of the reason now) and I guess quickly went back to old habits of too much wine and snacking...All I do can is learn from that now. I think I have but only time will tell I guess. Yes, I very much agree that having a plan is the key to keeping it off. Almost all of my friends are slim and they all have rules and habits around food that keep them this was - consciously or not.

    Yes, I love my graphs!
  6. zeke

    zeke Gold Member

    Day 2/84

    I am so pleased that I managed to get straight on yesterday without any kind of weaning period!

    My graph has some data - really looking forward to completing this over the next 12 weeks.


    Day 2 then! In many ways I know it will be as challenging as yesterday - well even more so to some extent as I don't have as much planned to keep me busy. I'll have to get stuck into the housework and some work I need to do for work!

    8 am - black coffee
    9.45 am - Porridge Pack (ONE)
    10 am - Coke zero (found an almost full opened can in my office - guess I didn't finish one from yesterday? Drank some but not all)
    Clothes, present and grocery shopping
    1 pm - Chocolate shake (TWO) - had this whilst out by using a 500 ml water bottle, and drinking half before shaking powder into it.
    2.45 pm - can coke zero
    5.45 pm - Mushroom pasta and Broccoli (THREE)
    7.15 pm - Pickled gherkin and decaff coffee
    8.30 pm - few mouthfuls of coke zero + pickled gherkin
    8.35 pm - Dark Truffa bar & decaff coffee (FOUR)

    I should add that I am pretty keen not to go mad with the coke zero - ideally I don't want to drink it at all but I know it can be a useful tool to get through a hungry/sweet craving patch/first few days. I've only got three cans left and I may not buy anymore after that...but if I 'need' it - I will!
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  7. zeke

    zeke Gold Member

    Struggling a bit! Just cracked open the 4th and final pack of the day - I try to wait until 9 pm, so 25 mins early - will go to bed and watch a documentary after that or something I think! Healthy stuff I am craving though - same in the supermarket today, I found being in the fruit & veg section the most difficult.

    I hope this passes soon :(

    I bought some new clothes today - well garments I needed. All size 18. A lightweight robe, a nightshirt, a bra and a pair of control shorts (hideous but I bought a dress last week and...). All bought to make me feel more comfortable rather than looking nice. I do not look good! Anyway, at least I have moved on from how I used to be and stick to being uncomfortable rather than buy clothes in this size! I hate sz18!! I know sz 16 isn't great but I look and feel a whole lot better there. I want to get there quick and I am doing something about that!

    Just remember I ordered some more sz 18 clothes today as well - tunic top (never had one before) & cropped leggings and some shorts and T-shirt. Seems silly I guess but I can't keep wearing the same two outfits I do now, especially when on holiday in two weeks!

    I think it has passed :)

    Such a danger time - just after a pack before it has registered!
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  8. zeke

    zeke Gold Member

    Day 3/84


    7.30 am - Black coffee + porridge pack (ONE)
    1.30 pm - Chocolate shake (TWO)
    3.45 pm - pickled gherkin and black decaff coffee
    5.30 pm - chilli con carne pack + Broccoli (THREE)
    8 pm - Pickled gherkin + black decaff coffee
    9 pm - Maple Fruit Almond bar + decaff coffee (FOUR)
    Last edited: 14 July 2014
  9. Tequila1

    Tequila1 Full Member

    Hi, I love pickled gherkins but I thought vinegar was out on this plan?
    How has it been today? X
  10. zeke

    zeke Gold Member

    Thank you!

    I'm off the gherkins then - that was the last one in the jar and I won't buy more. I was planning to do that anyway as last time I think I was having too many at times (and last time I didn't lose as well as the first time) and overall they weren't helping. I'm out of coke zero too, so now I am past the 3 days I am going to try and do this with just black coffee and plain water - see how it goes!

    Today was pretty easy really (well all things relative) and I feel like I am properly doing this now.
  11. zeke

    zeke Gold Member

    Day 4/84


    7.45 am - black coffee + Porridge pack (ONE)
    2 pm - Chocolate Shake (TWO)
    3.30 pm - decaff coffee
    6.10 pm - Spicy Spaghetti (THREE)
    8.45 pm - Chocolate Orange Bar + decaff coffee (FOUR)
    Last edited: 16 July 2014
  12. Tequila1

    Tequila1 Full Member

    Woohoo - aren't the graphs really good for seeing the weight come off? I love them. Well done you - I also abstained from coke zero. What's the point? Its just fizzy water with chemicals in after all...
    You must be in ketosis now or at least very soon. Well done - the hardest bit has got to be behind you now.
    Also - I love your note to self on your signature. Very apt. x
  13. zeke

    zeke Gold Member

    Thank you! I do love my graphs! There are from a weight graphing website - I didn't make them myself.

    I think I may well be in ketosis. I finished work today at 1.20 pm (I am a part-time teacher) and contemplated just staying there to work until I needed to pick my son up from school. I didn't have a pack with me today so that would have meant not having it until 3.30 pm - and I really think I would have been fine with that! I decided to 'work' (see how effective that is?!) from home though instead after a while but still had the pack a bit later. Definitely not as hungry for it. It is the last two packs of the day I am usually eagerly awaiting though, so we'll see what happens later!

    Coke zero really is a load of rubbish and I definitely don't want to be relying on that to get me through. I think I will be fine without it! Water, water and more water!

    I think not having the milk allowance is helping too - all too easy to start having a little too much! I also like green tea and black coffee. I do like a bit of veg to bulk out my evening meal though!

    It isn't just about this diet though - I don't want to drink fizzy drinks full-stop and green tea is a good habit to have.

    ADD: Just seen in your diary that you are really strict and don't have the veg allowance either Tequila1. I think I am going to try my meal pack with no veg this evening and see how that goes. If it goes well then I will join you!
    Last edited: 15 July 2014
  14. zeke

    zeke Gold Member

    Decided to pull up my stats from the last two times I did this, including the weeks on SW EE immediately after round 2 (I think I cheated a bit but can't remember now). Interesting to note that when I swapped straight onto that I had a small loss the next week, even though progress overall was very slow. I've also included space for this round and what my weights will look like if I follow the average loss of 3.5 lbs/wk.


    It's also interesting to note I had a much bigger loss in my first week on round 2 but then poorer losses after week 2. I know I didn't give it long enough for a proper comparison though. Oh now I'm remembering - on round 1 last time I weaned myself on by first moving onto packs and then cutting down to the correct amount - I think that took about 3 days - which would explain the lower loss there. I think I had also cut down a bit in the days before I started.

    Naturally, this time round, I have high hopes that it will be the last and I will successfully transition onto a diet where I can lose a bit more/maintain my weight. If I didn't there wouldn't be much point!

    I think there is possibly something to be said for staying or going back on after the initial 12 weeks to lose another stone and then maintain that. I don't know - it is a while ahead a the moment and I think I will be itching to cook in my new kitchen by then!
    Last edited: 15 July 2014
  15. zeke

    zeke Gold Member

    I would quite like to eat now - having some water instead. It is only 5.15 pm and I would quite like to hold off until 6 pm (so then I have just 3 hours until bar time). Also, expecting a plumber to call round - I stupidly said we would be in between 4 and 7.30 to which is replied he would come round 'after 4'. I don't want to be cooking, just about to eat or eating my pack when he comes round - that would really ruin it! Oh OK! just got phone to text him for a time and he sent one to me asking to come round tomorrow (as he has a cancellation appointment with chiropractor) - I've asked for a more specific time this time ;)

    Don't think I will bother holding off much longer actually. I know from experience that there is little point in delaying until too hungry. I am going to try a pack with no veg!
  16. zeke

    zeke Gold Member

    Just done a stock-take.

    Breakfast (Porridge): 9
    Lunch (Chocolate shake): 6
    Dinner (Meals): 9 (2 mushroom pasta, 2 mild curry, 1 chilli con carne, 1 spicy spaghetti, 1 cottage pie, 2 pasta carbonara - haven't tried that one and friend told me that are yuk!)
    Supper (Bars): 6 (Maple fruit almond) + 1 for tonight (Chocolate Orange - haven't tried that one before!)

    So I have 6 days worth really (it would be nine but I ate 2 bars and 3 shakes before I started properly with a view to cutting down!).

    Oh the dilemma! Last time I did SnS I was left with loads at the end (always ordered a month's supply) and then ebayed them as I ended up stopping before I planned.

    Using my current format I have enough to last me to the end of Monday 21st - so I will need to place a new order on Monday at the latest for a Tuesday delivery.

    We are then going on holiday Mon 28th to Sun 3rd Aug (in motorhome - so I can still SnS!) - so doing a two week order now is really going to be cutting it fine. I think I will have to do a month.

    I'm going away in camper again Tue 12th until Sat 23rd Aug so if I do a two week order now I need to do a month's next time - almost straight away. If I order a months now it won't last me until the end of my second holiday so I will need to do another one in three weeks

    ARGH!! I'll bite the bullet and order a months worth ...no going back now. Need to do it on Wed evening so it will get here on Friday - must remember!
    Last edited: 15 July 2014
  17. zeke

    zeke Gold Member

    Ugh! I am posting a lot this afternoon/evening!

    Now 8.20 pm. Want to wait until 9 pm for bar and last decaff coffee. I'll go to bed after that and watch an episode of numb3rs!

    Feel like I am missing a coke zero now - don't have one so tough! I can do this without! I also didn't have the veg for dinner and it was fine.

    I cannot say that late afternoon/evening was as easy as the daytime today! I must remember my blender cups and pack for tomorrow at work - I'll sort that out now.
  18. hazza_b84

    hazza_b84 Member

    I am posting a lot too! It keeps me on track and stops me thinking about the half eaten packet of Doritos in the cupboard that my fiancé has yet to finish.......
  19. Tequila1

    Tequila1 Full Member

    Hi haza if the Doritos are still there in the morning, bin them!
  20. zeke

    zeke Gold Member

    Day 5/84


    7.30 am - Porridge and black coffee (ONE)
    1.20 pm - Chocolate Shake (TWO)
    4 pm - black coffee
    5 pm - pint Robinson's special R + Apple (MADE DECISION TO TRANSITION ON TO LCD)
    6 pm - Chilli con carne pack
    Last edited: 16 July 2014
  21. zeke

    zeke Gold Member

    I've moved my wales holiday forward slightly (hence the movement of the red event line on my graph) - now going to see family for one night in Worcestershire, then meet up with a friend in Herefordshire for 2 nights before meeting up with DH in Wales (I will have the motorhome, so he is getting there on the train). In wales we will have 4 nights as just us and DS (two sites) and then meet up with SIL, her three children, MIL and FIL at the last site for 3 days.

    There is no way I could hide it from my friend in Herefordshire but I think that will be fine. I hope so. No way I want the ILs knowing though - that could be trickier - but they are staying in a B&B and we have the dogs so I will offer to be the one who stays back with them on meals out etc. I shall see it as a challenge!

    I am going to be away a lot this summer holiday - currently up to 18 nights away (6 Isle of Wight, 10 wales/midlands tour, 2 Dartmoor) and that is bound to rise...I'm going to have to get good at this!

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