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5 things you're looking forward to when hitting target??

1. Going into any shop and picking up a size 12 pair of trousers and knowing they'll fit.

2. Feeling fit and healthy again (already starting to) and being able to walk up big hills/run for the bus without feeling terrible

3. Maybe start dating again (thinking about it but don't know if have confidence or am ready)

4. Looking good in simple clothes like a top, jeans and boots

5. Feeling more confident and better about myself
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1. Not having my belly sit on my knee!

2. Not having to heave myself out of a chair looking like I need a crane to lift me

3. Being able to buy clothes from wherever I like

4. Not having to dress to hide the wobbly unsightly bits

5. Have my hubby look at me and think ... wow
Hmmmm only 5?!!! Thats going to be tough! Lol

1. Being able to do anything without breaking into a sweat!
2. Not having thighs rub together if I wear a skirt (although have a short term cure for that!)
3.Being able to run around like a lunatic with my Daughter and not feel that everyone is watching the "fat bird".
4.Being too small to wear Evans clothes (was there once before!)
5.To have another baby without being put on the High risk pregnancy charts.

1. To look in the mirror and actually see ME looking back at me!

2. To see my husbands face when I actually say NO!

3. Go to see my family and watch their faces as they look at me and think omg she never said! Wait for them to say you lost weight and I can then say.. what you thought I was fat!!

4. Just have the pleasure of shopping for clothes again.

5. Most importantly... be happy with myself again... just for me!
1) Being happy
2) Having confidence to be the real me
3) Go shopping in ALL the shops
4) Not be bothered about my bf seeing me naked
5) Being able to walk long distances and run without feeling like I'm about to die

I can't wait!!!!!! x
1) Seeing photographs of me on facebook and being happy with them not ashamed

2) Finding sexy underwear sets that actually fit

3) Not having to breathe in all the time to hide my tum

4) Not feeling self conscious when meeting people I haven't seen for a while

5) Having just the one chin :)


soon to be skinny minnie
1. To be able to go into any shop and buy size 10/12 clothes.
2. To be able to get a pair of knee high boots to zip up to the top.
3. To wear a nice dress (haven't worn one for about 10 years)
4. To feel good about myself and have more energy
5. Not feeling as though i need to be the fat girl hiding in the background anymore
1. To buy size 10 jeans.
2. To wear skirts in the summer without tights (chafe lol)
3. To go out and not feel like 'the fat one' (although with my mentality i probably always will do)
4. To see the look on the people's faces who bullied me (they go to the same clubs as me - Maidstone isn't that big)
5 - Feeling happy about myself for once and not having to cover my insecurities by laughing at myself.
  1. Going shopping and having a LOT more options and coming away with things I feel fab in, not just the only thing that vaguely fits me.
  2. Having more confidence
  3. Nice, matching underwear sets
  4. Feeling sexy and attractive
  5. Proud of myself!

3. To go out and not feel like 'the fat one' (although with my mentality i probably always will do)

5 - Feeling happy about myself for once and not having to cover my insecurities by laughing at myself.
I relate to a lot of people's things here, but especially those two of yours Brittany! My friends are pretty much all slim and absolutely gorgeous girls and although they never, ever make me feel bad in the way they are with me, just being out with them makes me feel insecure and after a few gins I usually end up in tears about how fat I am!! And then I end up laughing at myself and brushing it all off to try to hide it! *seeks professional help*


Finding inspiration
1. Being able to buy underwear because it's pretty, not just functional.
2. Being able to be comfortable in bed, and turning over easily, not hauling myself over like a walrus on the beach.
3. Looking tidy in my (more fashionable) clothes
4. Not worrying so much about the day might knees might give in.
5. Standing undressed in front of the mirror running my hands over my belly and hips and legs and (more normal sized) boobs and thinking to myself "Wow, that's ME!"
I hate that too (point 2), I've only got a standard size double bed, and seeing as though bf is 6ft3 and I'm 5ft10 (wide as well as tall)... it's a bit of a squeeze xxx


Over half way to target
Buy clothes from anywhere
Not always be the fat girl
Eat something 'naughty' (only occasionally of course) without thinking everyone is looking and whispering 'its no wonder she looks like that'
Be more active
OH will fancy me again (of course he says he does anyway, but we just KNOW don't we?)
1. not feeling uncomfortable and like the fat one around all my friends and aquantances (as they are all slim!)

2. not feeling like everyone is looking at me and thinking what a greedy cow when i eat in public

3. buying clothes from all the shops! (a popular one i see!)

4. wearing a bikini!

5. feeling happier in myself

great thread! x


Happy Little Bunny
1. Fitted clothes rather than baggy tents.
2. Feeling comfortable about my physical self.
3. Being happy nekkid.
4. Having a wardrobe full of size 10/12 clothes.
5. Being healthier.


Happy Little Bunny
Oh and an extra one if I may...6. Having a sex life, being fat makes me so turned off nookies.
Believing that food is my friend...not the enemy

Not presuming that people are talking about me and my arse when they're talking quietly!

Putting clothes on without fear

Taking clothes off without shame

Having a spray tan (I really wanted one for a wedding last summer, but couldn't bring myself to stand in front of some skinny beautician!!)

Great thread. Thanks.
1. Improved health
2. Having no fears about doing anything with my children like swimming / jumping / running
3. Being able to wear a greater variety of clothes
4. Not feeling that my weight is the first thing that people notice about me
5. Feeling that I've done something for me and given myself the best chance in life

Oh and being able to do a certain activity in a certain position without constantly asking 'am i squashing you'!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Great post!

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