8 weeks in, 2 stone down **(UNDERWEAR ALERT)**

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  1. Clairioushilarious

    Clairioushilarious Full Member

    I've been on SS for eight weeks now, with about ten days off at Christmas and New Year. I've lost 2 stone, which I'm chuffed about. I'm now just half a stone away from being 'overweight' rather than 'obese'. I still want to lose about another 4 or 4.5 stone. Bring it on!





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  3. Soniya

    Soniya Full Member

    You look great, I can see the difference in just 2 stones. Wow xx
  4. lula09

    lula09 Member

    Wow you can really see the difference!
  5. hungry120987

    hungry120987 Full Member

    Well done you can really see the difference!
  6. Witzender

    Witzender Full Member

    Wow you look great
  7. Clairioushilarious

    Clairioushilarious Full Member

    Thanks guys! I'm really happy with how it's been going so far. I got my measurements taken tonight for the first time since I started.

    I've lost:

    6.5 inches off my waist
    4.5 inches off my waist
    6 inches off my bust (I think a lot of that was back-fat :eek: )
    2 inches off my upper arms (well, my left arm - the right one might still be huge for all I know! :eek: )
    5.5 inches off my thighs (both measured standing with my legs together)

    I'm also just two pounds off being overweight and not obese! Bring on next week!
    Last edited: 22 January 2014
  8. Clairioushilarious

    Clairioushilarious Full Member

    Scratch that - I had my height wrong! I am now 'overweight"!!!!
  9. LadySylvanas

    LadySylvanas Full Member

    Wow what a difference in just 8 weeks! Well done x
  10. Dreamofsuccess

    Dreamofsuccess Full Member

    I am really shocked to see how much of a difference 2 stone can make! I thought I would have to lose a lot more before seeing a noticeable difference! Well done and keep up the good work.x
  11. hungry120987

    hungry120987 Full Member

    Woo hoo that's a massive achievement in such a short space of time! I finally dropped from obese to overweight this week after a long 6 month slog and it feels absolutely wonderful!
  12. krazzed

    krazzed Silver Member

    Wow u look great. True inspiration. Keep going!!!
  13. Well done, you can really tell a difference!
  14. Clairioushilarious

    Clairioushilarious Full Member

    Thanks for all the lovely comments and encouragement. I'm looking forward to posting the next batch when I get rid of another two stone!
  15. Big Mick

    Big Mick Full Member

    Great work, looking good
  16. Clairioushilarious

    Clairioushilarious Full Member

    I couldn't wait to post another photo as I finally fit into a pair of jeans I haven't been able to wear for at least a year, if not two!

  17. Ellieblah

    Ellieblah Full Member

    Amazing! we have similar starting body shapes and I only hope I look as great as you in 8 weeks! Keep going girl you're doing fantastic :)

    Also do you mind telling me what difference this has made in clothes size?
    Last edited: 9 February 2014
  18. Clairioushilarious

    Clairioushilarious Full Member

    Thank you! In terms of clothes sizes, I was wearing 18/20 when I started (20 really, I would say). Now I'm in 16s and I've also got some size 14 dresses that fit - no chance for size 14 trousers yet, though. Also, I've always been big-boobed, and am now 36G again - not a clue what I was when I was bigger as I only had a couple of cheap bras, and the size has worn off the label.
  19. Ellieblah

    Ellieblah Full Member

    Thats amazing :) i'm a size 22 now and hoping to be a 14/16 in 12 weeks time and a size 10/12 is my goal! I'm quite tall though so would be happy at a size 12/14 if I was at my goal weight and healthy BMI I just want to be able to shop in high street stores again! and i'm with you on the bra size thing think i've been wearing ill fitting bras for years being in denial about my weight and wearing a chest size too small! so I don't know what my actual starting size is but again to just be in a normal range would be great :) can't wait for my first weigh in!
  20. kazagirt79

    kazagirt79 Member

    Wow..... What a difference, you must be so pleased...... I'm starting next week.... Sooooooo nervous about it xx
  21. krazzed

    krazzed Silver Member

    You can do it kaza!!!!@

    week 1 - 10 lbs
    week 2 - 4 lbs
    week 3 -

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