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A question about water.


Plod, plod, plod.....
We are supposed to drink between 4 - 6 pints of water each day aren't we? I can't remember why. Can someone remind me?
And is it ok to have all water flavoured with the flavouring stuff? Do other drinks (tea etc) count in the 4-6 pints or not?
A couple of days each week I am out and can't easily get to a loo, so I don't drink as much as I should. Does this matter do you think?
Does the water help particularly with the weight loss?
Sorry to be dim, I suppose I should know all this by now .:wave_cry:
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Hi Bess, you are not too far from me, I live in Staffordshire and we have about the same too lose! My CDC has told me I need to have a minimum of 2.5/3 litres of water each day, this is on top of any that you have in tea/coffee etc and your shakes. You cannot have flavoured water that contains Citric Acid, but you can have Perfectly Clear Strawberry and kiwi which is nice and you can have coke zero. When you next see your CDC you could ask her for some of the water flavourings to try. I must admit I really struggled with drinking sooooooooo much water at first but now find that I crave a nice cool glass of water first thing in the morning! It definately helps with the weight loss and does help fill you up. Bit difficult though if when you are working you haven't got access to a loo, on these days perhaps you can change your routine a bit and drink more water during the evening? Good luck and I will lookout to see how you are getting on!


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The reason you need so much water is because we usually get the bulk of our water from the food we eat. Obviously, on SS we are eating nothing (or next to nothing on SS+) which is why we need to drink loads of water.

I find that if I don't have the recommended amount of water for a few days it will result in a slower weight loss, and I will also feel dizzy and have terrible headaches. Drinking loads of water is also beneficial in that it makes your skin incredibly clear - completely got rid of my acne!

Hope this helps, keep on sipping! xx


Plod, plod, plod.....
Thank you all for the advice, like a complete muffin I later found a link to previous water messages and read them all!
I found a big jug that holds 2 litres and do have some of the berry water flavouring from my CD which I find quite nice. Just started the 2nd jug!
Apart from my totm, I do now wonder if the poor weight loss last week might have been due to not drinking enough? 4th weigh in tomorrow morning - so fingers firmly crossed. :) I managed to get through a big family dinner today just eating veg and a little meat and.....more water. I really don't want to draw attention to being on this diet, I have only told my immediate family, who are being so supportive and I'm really glad today went ok. Just had my second shake - and more water and I'll see if I think I need the 3rd later. Not sure if I'm supposed to as I had a small meal at lunchtime.
Nice to read your e.mail Dotti, thankyou. I'll look out for your progress too. I tend to only read and post on this 100% section and as you will have realised I'm not very good with finding my way around this website!
I am wearing a pair of jeans that I could only just squeeze into last Wednesday though - and they are a perfect fit now!! :D


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You cannot have flavoured water that contains Citric Acid, but you can have Perfectly Clear Strawberry and kiwi which is nice and you can have coke zero.
Is this really true? Anyone? (We have it delivered to the house because my hubby likes it, but I never thought that I would be able to drink it! It's one of the few fizzy drinks I actually like, so it would be great if I could glug some of that down now and then!) :7834:


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
No, it's not allowed.
Thanks, that's what I thought! (Just where do people get these ideas from?! :confused:)
From my CDC!!! She even wrote it down for me. Although I have been having the still version not the fizzy. I will check with her again tomorrow night at WI but I have been drinking it and it hasn't effected my loss. What about Coke Zero KD?????

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