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A Tasty Mushroom Sauce by Accident!

Last nigtht i was making our tea when i stumbled across my partners pack of large mushrooms that he had not touched (after he said he really needed them) and they were almost out of date!!

To make use of them i chopped two large ones into tiny pieces and frylighted them in a frying pan... when they began to cook i slowly added chicken bovril stock in water a bit at a time and this gave the mushrooms and AMAZING smell... a bit of pepper and i let them simmer - adding water when needed - BLITZED and WOW what a sauce it created...

Goes really well with quorn sausages and veggies - i imagine it would go well with a vaiety of meals... try it!
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A happy downward spiral
One of my favourite meals used to be pasta in condensed mushroom soup as a sauce.
Would this work as a pasta sauce?
What about adding onion to have more veg, like the gravy?


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I make something like this quite a lot... I'm having it in a chicken and mushroom pie tonight! It's lovely. I do mine a little differently though... I add onions and sometimes a little bit of bacon, I also use beef stock and add a tablespoon of LF yogurt to make it a bit creamier. It tastes amazing with steak too. :)


Got to do it this time
This sauce does sound amazing but I tried a similar thing a couple of weeks ago and, admittedly I didn't add the stock slowly to the mushrooms but it was like having stock with lumps of mushrooms over my dinner - tasted gorgeous but not thick and not nice to look at!?!

Where am I going wrong? HELP!

I used a hand blender after simming it all for about an hour......

It was just so watery.......

Any suggestions would be so helpful, I love and need my sauces and they always go wrong
Try adding the stock slowly as this will reduce quiet fast... while it is reducing it also cooks the mushrooms even more so once they r gloopy just add a wee bit more water and blend like crazy... once it is properly done you will find blending much easier - practice is key :) x


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I make the stock with a lot less water than required and sometimes an extra stock cube! It seems to reduce a lot faster, but maybe I'm just awfully impatient lol.

I either make pies with various vegetable toppings like mashed potato/sweet potato/swede and carrot/colcannon topping or if I want a 'proper' pie I make Smash the same way I'd make a Smash pizza (very little water until it turns into a dough consistency!) and coat a pie tin with a thin-ish layer of the mix, make it in the oven for 15 minutes or so, fill it up with whatever filling I want and then put a thin layer of Smash on top! It's not perfect but it does the trick :)

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