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Aaargh! Day 1 and ive already (unintentionally) messed up!!

How much damage do you think I've done?(ie have I pushed out ketosis by a whole day?)

Was supposed to start last Monday but with unexpected visit from visitors from the UK decided to push start date until the next Monday (yesterday) to ensure I'd give the hardest week my all. Turned out to be quite a good decision as my packs didn't arrive until Wednesday so couldn't have started anyway.

Yesterday I woke up at 7am with a terrible tummy bug - vomiting constantly - I literally lost an entire day just sleeping and vomiting and couldn't even keep down water. Obviously didn't start packs. Visitors and my mum suggested me drinking diet coke as they had read somewhere it was good for stomach upset - drank a can and actually kept it down.

Woke up this morning still feeling quite dodgy but much better in comparison. Not thinking had another can of diet coke to settle tummy. Had first shake at 11am when feeling better then later my bar and second shake (all yummy btw). Feeling really great, happy and motivated until I've just realised (ten mins ago) I had that diet coke (completely without thinking) Have I really messed up? :-(
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I started today too :) diet coke all it is is the citric acid that is in it. It can knock people out of ketosis and slow down the getting into ketosis stage.
Well done on day 1 xx
the reason your not allowed diet coke is because it contains citric acid, coke zero has malic acid. it can take some people out of ketosis but not all. i drank it all the way through atkins and was fine, however that is not to be said for everyone. youv not messed up at all, youve not delayed anything. when your ill you crave what your body needs and if a few diet cokes got u here its a lot better than something else. welldone xx
I dont think you've messed up at all. Infact I think youve been amazing good considering you're ill!

Someone will correct me if im wrong but i think the only reason you shouldnt drink it is that it can knock you out of ketosis - but you dont have to be in ketosis to lose weight - it just keeps the hunger away and makes it easier if you are..

Dont fret. :)
Ooh thank you all, I feel so much better. Felt like such an idiot - when I go on a diet I'm usually so precise about these things but think with all going on (visitors were packing up etc) and being my first day (not in the swing of things yet) I did it completely without giving it a second thought at all!!! I literally forgot for a minute.

Knew diet coke wasn't allowed too but didn't understand why when coke zero was so thanks for explaining. Did drink 3 litres of water so hopefully it flushed out (maybe...clutches at straws) anyway thanks so much for your replies and encouragement x
Oooh and Leeds? Your first day too?? Will stalk you now :)

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