Afer weigh in?

Emmie Lou

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What do you treat yourselves with/to?

My partner and I have our week 1 weigh ins tonight, and we need to break the cycle of treating ourselves to food/drink afterwards!

We're both restarters, and have fallen for the ~ lets get a take away tonight we've been so good trick!:eek:

This really was our undoing last time so I was wondering what every one else does when they have ss'ed 100% and had a good weight loss! :confused:

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Give yourself a BIG pat on the back and if you need to treat yourself (other than knowing how bloody brilliant you are!) then get yourself a new lipstick, or pamper session or something. My dh and I put together a plan when I first started this programme, every half stone lost I could have a beauty treatment (needless to say I've been thoroughly pampered over the last 3 months haha!!)

Find "treats" other than food/drink hon!


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I fell into the "treat myself to something tasty" trap not that long ago and didn't stop eating for 4 days so I know exactly where you are coming from!

What I do is buy nice flowers that I can sit and look at or a glossy magazine that costs a little more than the usual weekly one's I might read.

Maybe besides the lovely beauty treats you could go with your man to the cinema or bowling or something similar.

It's strange how we seem to have a habit of rewarding ourselves with the very thing that causes us such misery. Warped really isn't it?

Emmie Lou

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S: 21st8lb C: 21st4lb Loss: 0st4lb(1.32%)
Thanks for those suggestions, pampering sounds brill, not that i know how to!

I think i'll write down some down and perhaps do the same as sarah, every half stone do some thing nice!

Maybe as we're doing this together the cinema or bowling idea would be good for each stone we lose!
Thanks guys, you've got me thinking!


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I tell all my people for every pound of weight they lose, to put £1 aside. Then they always have treat money - lipstick, hair dye, clothes - something for themselves that isn't food based! :D

My favourite is expensive bath stuff to luxuriate in, body lotion to smother myself afterwards, and of course I can't eat while I'm wallowing in the bath!! :cool:


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Buy yourself some new sexy undies when you lose half a stone: that's something both you AND hubby can enjoy!! ;)
(plus it'll be an extra boost when you have to buy smaller and smaller sizes!!)

Emmie Lou

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S: 21st8lb C: 21st4lb Loss: 0st4lb(1.32%)
ha ha Russian doll, I love that idea and i'm pretty sure Mark will too! ;)

D_Q Brilliant idea a £ for a lb, then I can just dip into that when I fancy a treat! :)

Thank you both


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What a great idea to plan this in advance! I can't better the ideas you have already got here. Just treating each other to some time together is a treat we often over look. My hubby and me are Cding together and it has been great brought us closer and we are more supportive of each other. We are also enjoying the fact that as each of us shrinks we are regaining confidence and remembering why we were attracted in the first place.

Enjoy your joint successes and treats.


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D_Q that is a fantastic idea to put £1 away for every 1lb you lose. I might try that myself.

I don't usually tend to reward myself after a weigh in because I go to work straight after so never really thought to reward myself. To be honest I weigh myself every day (which I shouldn't I know) so I'd have to be treating myself every time I lose a pound.


I buy myself a trashy celeb mag, and devour a cranberry bar along with a coffee mmmmmm

Also for a non food treat I bought an expensive bubble bath, and I have a lovely long soak, and read my mag.


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Well I haven't treated myself yet, but my husband has promised me a facial for when I loose my first stone - how funny would it be if it was next week LOL I'm not sure if he's expecting to treat me so soon after the start!!


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I like to treat myself to the magazines and cheap and cheerful bits of jewelery for when I lose weight and when I reach a big goal I do buy something really nice to mark the occasion...I got myself a nice dressy watch when I lost five stone.

Love Mini xxx