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Aimee and Bear's Atkins Diary

Day 3
Breakfast: poached eggs and bacon
Lunch: low-carb german smoked sausage (Lidl find) and cheese
Dinner: steak with creamy garlic mushrooms and chicken salad
Snack: Pork crunch (scratchings)
Drinks de-caf coffee and tea, water and a couple of bottles of flavoured water (label said sucrose)
No sign of 'the flu' yet, which is a bit odd... thought it might have kicked in by now :confused:
Had a couple of bad headaches but put that down to caffeine withdrawal.
Hope we're doing ok anyway....:coffee:


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Menus look good! I didn't have much signs of the flu ... Not that I'm complaining !! Lol :)
Day 4
Think the flu has kicked in today for both of us, but particularly for Bear :character00264:
Breakfast: gammon steak with a cheese and mushroom omelette
Lunch: Chicken salad
Dinner: Beef and broccoli stir-fry
Snacks: Babybel
Also think Bear may have entered ketosis as his breath has taken on a slightly different smell...nothing horrible just a bit 'chemically'?? :brushing teeth:
Not sure I have yet though...


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It'll happen, hun, for sure :)

Sounds like a good day, and sorry to nag but drink lots of water :D
ah, the dreaded Atkins Flu, it should only last a couple of days and then you'll both feel great Aimee
Day 5
Breakfast: chilli cheese omelette and bacon
Lunch: cheese and cold meats
Dinner: Roast lamb and big leafy salad.
Ketosis and 'flu' well under way for Bear- he's feeling washed out all the time :raincloud: and his breath definitely smells 'unusual' at times :faint2:.
The only sign I've had that maybe something's happening fo me is trouble sleeping- very restless night's sleep and dreams where I'm falling and then wake up with a jump :eek: ...oh and also a big bunged up in the toilet department! :ashamed0005::sign0131:


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Morning:D. Good to hear you are both on track- keep going ;)

Keep gluggling water to help the insides get moving
Thanks I'm glugging away at a big glass of water as I type :7834:
Packed the bear a 2ltr bottle of sucralose sweetened apple-flavour water for work in the hope he'll drink it- he's bad at not drinking except if it's Dr pepper or some sort of sickly fancy starbucks coffee, so trying to re-train him with water and figured apple-flavoured water might help :fingerscrossed:

He's just text me to say he's bought some ketostix off ebay. We went to Boots last night and they were £35 for 10!!!!:eek: He's apparently got 50 for about a fiver off ebay. I'm 99.9% sure he's in ketosis anyway as his breath has that funny mothballs smell to it and he's in the throes of 'flu', but he's determined to double-check and I suppose I can too as I'm not sure I am yet.
Any idea how often you should test? Like daily? :confused:
Ooo, after stalking, AHEM! browsing through some of your diaries I've noticed many of you track water, exercise and alcohol consumption, so will add that too from now on...
Hi everyone - pleased to meet you. I'm 'Bear' from Aimee's posts. I have always been a big guy, always had a sweet tooth (my nemesis) although since I started with Atkins I don't seem to have any worries on that side *touch wood* anyway, just wanted to thank you all for the support, and encouragement, means a lot.

And Aimee? Drinking plenty of water ;o)


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Welcome Bear, really glad to hear you're enjoying it :D


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Welcome to this crazy forum! Good to have you here! :)
This is turning out to be a bad day...after a rubbish night's sleep of something resembling restless leg syndrome and dreams where I'm falling, I feel completely zonked. Just tried a nap but couldn't get to sleep! Have drunk well over 2ltrs of water and still feel thirsty. Not hungry at all either. I'm guessing this is the flu then...


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Will have to go and buy some potassium vit pills as just checked my bog-standard multi-vits and they don't have it :sigh:
I'm hoping it is ketosis as the bear seems to be well into that stage and has been for a couple of days, leaving me behind lol!:rolleyes:
Will force myself to have a light dinner, maybe fish rather than all this meat!:sign0137:
I know fish doesn't have the fat content of meat, but I've already had fatty steaks, bacon and cheese today, so I think I'll be alright!

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