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Aiming to lose a stone in 6 weeks

Hi all, Ive come over from the weightwatchers forum to ask some questions.

I am trying to eat low carb and low sugar for medical reasons. I am also using points to make sure I don't overeat (if that makes sense!)
If I put my menu in for the day could someone (JIM ;)) please tell me if this is following Atkins correctly??

Thanks ...

Yesterdays menu was

brekkie - 2 sausage, 2 eggs
lunch - tuna & mayo with chopped peppers & cucumber
tea - liver (3 slices) with savoy cabbage

Ive been drinking lots of pepsi max which I have cut out today as I read that it can have an adverse effect.

Todays menu is

Brekkie - kippers with mushrooms & cheese
Lunch - tuna & mayo with chopped peppers cucumber & onion
Tea - gammon steak with savoy cabbage & brocolli.

Any advise would be appreciated as Im unsure if Im doing this right! Feels strange as Ive been doing it for nearly a week and have had no hunger at all.

Julie x
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Hi Jools

You're right about the pepsi max, it's the citric acid that can have an effect on blood sugar.

The menu sounds fine. Just don't forget to count the carbs in the cheese. If it is cheddar then it is 1g per ounce.

The reason for njo hunger is because you are in ketosis. I love the Atkins for that reason & can't seem to stick to diets like ww & sw as I'm always hungry!

Good luck x
Hi Julie, looks fine except for the Liver, I've got it in my head that Liver and kidney is a no no on Induction. I'll have to check on that though.

Today's looks fine, you may find you need to go easy on the Cheese, it stalls some people.

ah I found this, Liver is quite high in carbs


HTH Julie.


Carpe diem, baby!
Looks okay, but what about snacks? Or are they out in the first weeks? I've not eaten three meals per day for ages now...(eat 8 per day at the moment, but they are smaller portions) I suppose it depends on your work/home/daily schedule though.

Yeah cola is not great at all (caffeine and phosphoric acid and carbonation), it's the fizzyness on the teeth too...
Thanks guys! Damn the Liver!!! I only brought it because it says 'nil' carbohydrates on the box. Oh well nevermind at least its gone now and I won't be having it again for a while.

I haven't felt the need to snack to be honest. Hope it stays that way too!

That's strange that it said nil carbs Julie, misinformation again.


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Make sure your sausages are low carb too matey, some of them are quite hight but others are really low and ok :) x
have done sweetie. Got them from tesco.

Can I ask about things like prawns & gammon as they say nil carbs but so did the Liver I ate the other day and I found I couldn't have it!

Gammon is fine, I'll just go and check on prawns

OK, 100G cooked peeled Prawns has 5G it says, 100G is a lot so I'd say it's safe.
Yes but it does say shrimp, which are a member of the same genus and it says Ham, which is what the Yanks would call a gammon steak. :)
Hi, Most sausages contain cereal so have hidden carbohydrates. I don't know if you can buy specifically low carb ones. I find low carb really difficult to stick with in the long term but it does seem to work for quick fat loss. My mother in law looked after my dog while I was on holiday and accidentally fed her a low carb diet (forgot the mixer) - she lost loads of weight and was considerably lacking in energy when she came home. Oops! Proof that a low carb diet works I suppose!
well this is day 8 for me on low carb and I have lost s staggering 6lbs. I'm really really really pleased. When I did cambridge I would always lose 8lbs in the first week so I think 6lbs is an excellent loss considering what Ive eaten!

Question for jim ... yesterday I went to Ikea, as it was around lunch time I had their swedish meatballs (no sauces, just plain) instead of a hotdog which was the only other thing on the menu! Were these ok to have? There is no info on the bag. Just so that I know for the next time.



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Well done Jools! Excellent loss! I feel the same way, isn't it mindblowing you can lose this much weight eating all week, I just remember being constantly starving on CD and lightheaded from all the water (my counsellor encouraged 4 litres a day! 'the more you drink the more you shrink' she'd say!) plus the soups were vile and most of the shakes I couldn't take to either. Its nice to find a diet that works where you don't have to feel hungry :D x
Hi Rela

I enjoyed doing CD but I hated the feeling hungry before ketosis stage! Also as good a diet as it is its very socially restricting!

When is your next weigh in day hun?
Ive changed mone to thursdays as I am also part of a ww team!



Wannabe Lean!!!
My next one is friday but I'm coming to the end of my TOTM and I feel sooooooo bloated. I'm hoping for any loss at all LOL

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