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Alessandra's diary

I am following every suggestion given! If anyone spots a mistake, please please please tell me!

PP day

Breakfast 500grs ff yogurt
Lunch seafood selection and prawns
Snack 3 tablespoons of Onken strawberry ff yogurt (first time I had it. It is allowed, isn't it?
Dinner 4 small barbecued chicken thighs, 2 salmon fillets.
Snack might have some more yogurt with the oat bran soon.

Great to spend a day with no eggs!!!
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** Chief WITCH **
(Which brand is your breakfast yoghurt? 500g is LOADS. I thought those kind people who typed all that advice advised you to cut back on dairy...) These barbecue thighs - did you marinate them yourself? In what? Breasts are the leanest part of the bird.

Please reread that thread Alexandra - 6 pages of tips just for you!
I had 500grs of ff yogurt. It was a lot but there was nothing else I could eat (I was in a hotel). Usually I have 500grs spread out during the day. Is that too much? Isn't the limit 1 kilo?
I didn't marinade the chicken at all. I cut all the visible fat (left a bit of the skin and removed before eating) and boiled it before barbecuing.

I did read the advice everyone gave me! But what could I do In a hotel? We went to a cafe for breakfast and I asked for a scrambled egg with no oil or milk. The guy said " there is no oil, we steam the eggs". I thought perfect! He brought the eggs and I thought they were too White. I asked if he was sure there was no milk in it. Out comes the "chef" holding a pack that said "egg powder, contains milk". At the time I was starving. I left my family in the cafe, ran to th nearest sainsburys and bought yogurt. What would you have one in my place?
Dairy will stall some people, regardless of the amount. I certainly have 500 gr (probably more) of dairy per day but accepted from the start that weightloss would be slower.

I'm not in UK but am sure the strawberry yogurt is not allowed.

Chicken thighs are not the best chicken choice either - I do have them but as part of the whole chicken (but don't eat the wings).
My snack last night was muffins. I made the toffee recipe without the muller (fat free yogurt) Had half yesterday and half this morning.

I will limit the dairy and snack on cherry tomatoes today.
Oh lord - I know just how difficult it is to eat in hotels! I think you did very well in those circumstances.

Best add the drinks you have as well - even if it's just water or black coffee.
Alessandra; I have to stay in hotels for business nearly every week for 1-2 nights so I know it's hard. Try and do PV on hotel stays then you can go for the breakfast options like fried eggs, grilled tomatoes/mushrooms. If they have kippers, go for those.

If you're eating at the hotel at night, almost all of them will offer steak with salad/chips so just go for that and ask them to skip the chips.


** Chief WITCH **
What would you have one in my place?
The same (or even far worse!), but I'm not telepathic and was merely responding to your menu as posted!
Alessandra, I had onken ff vanilla 2 days in a row (500 grams total) and that week I didn't lose weight.. 3 tablespoons is not that much but still..
Until you start losing steadily don't take any risks.. if you are not sure about something skip it..
It can be difficult having breakfast out and you did well under the circumstances, but if I had half a kilo yogurt for breakfast, I wouldn't have more for the day.. The limit is a kilo, yes but that is a guideline.. If there is a limit about something, I try and see what is my own limit.. For example I tried having a bit of cacao as tolerated, it affects my loss but some people do have it with no problems.. I have more than 8 crabsticks some days and it doesn't affect my loss..
You have to define your own limits..
i can see how hard you are trying, I am sure you will get there.. :)
Day 24 PV - 62.6 kgs (-900grs since I started) :cry:

Bkfast - 1/2 recipe of Toffee muffins (made with ff yogurt instead of muller light) which includes 2 tbsp of oatbran and 1 tbsp wheatbran

Lunch- Had lunch at a friends. She made chicken breast with prawns and guaranteed it was dukan friendly. After the meal she said she cooked the chicken with garlic, parsley and wine. I froze and panic but she said it had been no more than 2 tbsp of wine for the whole dish. I seemed to remember that a little bit of wine to cook is fine. Just dont remember if it is for cruise or conso. Will check later.
Had that with a green salad. I had to fish out the croutons and baby corn.

I bravely watched my friends have choco mousse for desert...

Dinner.- 1 chicken breast fillet stir fried with and an egg, 1/4 carrot, onions, bean sprout, cabbage and mushrooms. I cooked that with 1 teaspoon of light soya sauce, a squeeze of lemon and a dash of rice vinegar. For desert I couldnt resist 150 grs of greek yogurt.

Apart from that, about 4 glasses of water, 2 glasses of diet coke, 3 cups of coffee and 1 cup of green tea
re Hotels - I know it's not always possible, but I have discovered that you can contact the GM of the hotel ahead of your stay, and explain your dietary needs, most will go out of their way to accomodate you.

For example, when travelling with my mother, who is a ceoliac, the GM actually went out shopping ahead of our arrival to make sure she had gluten free cereal, bread and biscuits in her room.

You don't have to say "I am on a diet" - just "I have to avoid certain foods - could I order some low-fat plain yogurt / boiled eggs / poached eggs /grilled tomatoes / cottage cheese* for breakfast?"

*They won't find cottage cheese an odd request if they have international visitors, as it is a very popular breakfast food in Israel
forgot to say that I went everywhere by bike today. I think I did 5 miles in total. I also had 30mins of ice skating lessons.
Re your menu:

It's sounding good so far, and the chicken sounds delicious.

One thing to watch out for: you are limited to 2 tolerated items a day, and you actually had 3 - the wheatbran, the wine and the soy sauce.

But don't panic - just make a note, draw a line, and move on to tomorrow.

You might want to add a few more glasses of water - I always pour a glass of water when I make a cup of coffee, just to remind me to keep drinking.
How much soy is allowed?
I believe 1 teaspoon of soy = 1 tolerated item, and you can have a maximum of 2 tolerated items in a single day.

But they are not intended to be every day staples, more occasional treats for difficult situations - like the lunch you had today!
Atropos, I feel so much more relaxed posting the menus! Thanks for pointing that out!


** Chief WITCH **
and, given that you have little to lose, you'd be better avoiding all tolerated foods. They really are for desperate moments and/or for people losing well/satisfied with their loss etc etc.
Right, good tip! No muffins for me anymore!
Have to say, these diary thing gave me such a boost! Now I feel so much more relaxed and a lot happier about the diet now!

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