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Almost 2 litres of.....Coffee?

That is a lot of coffee! I don't know how you've managed that!! The water in your coffee/tea counts towards your total water intake, yeah...it's only the stuff in the shakes that doesn't count.

I wonder if you'll sleep tonight lol:) I drank about 6 mugs of green tea in about 4 hours the one day and not really being a tea or coffee drinker I think I overdosed on caffeine!! Lol I had a thumping headache nervousness and the shakes for a few hours thought I was upping my water intake and keeping warm needless to say I stick to two or three green teas a day now:)
HI hun, please be really careful with coffe and tea as the caffine can interfere with your insulin levels, after watching the LT dvd it said your 2 -4lt of water should should not include tea and coffee's I know that it varies with different GP's and Pharmacies, but I stick to what LT says, I think you will find that much coffe will not help your body detox and may even interfere with Weightloss, I know it does with diets you eat on as an increase in insulin also means blood sugar levels being messed up and can make the need to eat worse :}
you are welcome hun, if your cold have warm water and maybe put a sweetener in it:}
never thought something so tiny could make me so happy, now that reminds me of something.............. he he he:}
i have about 2-3 cups of black coffee with sweetners in it a day in between my shakes as it helps me stay full for a bit longer.
:) :)


No longer a redhead though!
I've responded on the other water thread too but thought I'd suggest gradually switching to decaff coffee too! Every little helps. x
Yeah lisa decaf not so bad..i had my first day with it today, i was drinking way too much of other stuff! Found myself drinking 4/5 cups while trying to tolerate flapjacks! Slight bit of a headache but there has to be a bit of withdrawal symptoms!!

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