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Amazing August Angels!!!


Desperate to be slim!
Well hello Angels!!!
Welcome to our new August thread, please post targets, and let's have an Astonishing August!!!

  • TinaT (-4lbs) +0.5lbs STS -0.5lbs -2lbs (-2lbs)
  • Pippy Bear ()-2lbs -0lbs -0lbs -0lbs (-2lbs)
  • Judimac (-5lbs)-1lbs STS -2.5lbs -1.5lbs (-5lbs)
  • Emz118 (-4lbs) +2lbs HOLIDAY STS -0lbs (+2lbs)
  • NN89 (-7lbs)-2.5lbs -1lbs -0lbs +3.5lbs (-0lbs)
  • tara40 () -0lbs +0.5lbs NO WI +0.5lbs (+1lbs)
  • Chuffy 29 () No WI in August.... back soon!!!
  • *Sally Cinnamon* () -0lbs -0lbs -0lbs -0lbs (-0lbs)
  • Nicolanikki13 () -0lbs -0lbs -0lbs -0lbs (-0lbs)
  • henna! (-5lbs) -2lbs -1lbs -1lbs -0lbs (-4lbs)
  • Mookey (-7lbs) -2.5lbs -1.5lbs -1lbs -0lbs (-5lbs)
  • Petrina () -0lbs -0lbs -0lbs -0lbs (-0lbs)
  • GracieMai (-5lb) -3lbs NO WI NO WI -0.5lbs (-3.5lbs)
  • natasha3084 () -0lbs -0lbs -0lbs -0lbs (-0lbs)
  • gertiegumdrop () -0lbs -0lbs -0lbs -0lbs (-0lbs)
  • BerryRed () -0lbs -0lbs -0lbs -0lbs (-0lbs)
  • Daniella (-6lbs) -1.5lbs -0lbs -0lbs -3.5lbs (-5lbs)
  • scarlettsarcy (-6lbs) -2lbs -3lbs -0lbs -0lbs (-5lbs)

Missing in Action, list expanded to include those who weren't around for July.

  • angelcake72 () -0lbs -0lbs -0lbs -0lbs (-0lbs)
  • Supergran () -0lb-0lb -0lb -0lbs (-0lb)
  • NatPot () -0lb-0lb -0lb -0lbs (-0lb)
  • Maria () -0lb-0lb -0lb -0lbs (-0lb)
  • RM07 () -0lb-0lb -0lb -0lbs (-0lb)
  • Chocolatelady () -0lb-0lb -0lb -0lbs (-0lb)
  • Nannydi () -0lb-0lb -0lb -0lbs (-0lb)
  • Claire 1981 () -0lb-0lb -0lb -0lbs (-0lb)
  • couscous () -0lb-0lb -0lb -0lbs (-0lb)
  • Beki ()-0lb-0lb -0lb -0lbs (-0lb)
  • Jodidi () -0lb-0lb -0lb -0lbs (-0lb)
  • Kazisindahouse () -0lb-0lb -0lb -0lbs (-0lb)
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I can do this............
Hi emz!

I cant believe it is august already! I am going to say 5lbs this month as it is my birthday next friday and i am on holiday at the end of the month so miss the last weigh in! Hopefully i will do better this month!

Good luck Amazing August Angels!


Full Member
Hi Angels! Some really good losses last month.
I'm going to be cautious again and aim for 7lb this month. I want to lose another 2 stone 2lb by *whispers* Christmas.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Nothing like a bit of alliteration Emz! Put me down for 5lbs please (b'day this month!) and thanks for all your work pulling it all together!

Pippy Bear

Fighting the fat!
Hi Emz, I think I'll go for 5lbs this month as I will be away for one week and its also my birthday later on in the month.

Thank you :)


Desperate to be slim!
Hi all,

Have updated targets, and added on daniella and scarletdarcy. Welcome!!!

Emma xXx
Would like 5lb please. Thanks Emz! xx
2.5lb off for me :D (And stone award, and SOTW - yay!)


Desperate to be slim!
Woop Woop!!! Well done Pippy Bear... 4 stone!!! How FAB!!! Actually grinning at my laptop screen!!!

And Mookey... 2.5 and a stone off!!! Again, AMAZING!!! Well done you!

NN89.... I am sad to read you may be finishing your SW journey. Hope all is ok with you hun... if you want to vent, please feel free to PM me.

Emma xXx

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