Total Solution and..the journey begins..again.


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Hi All!

Brand new here, so, I'm gonna put myself out there and tell you my goals, what's happened and various other bits. My story has many ups and downs, but, I hope it can help inspire and also support me!

I'm 30. A male. I am 6ft 2 and I weigh, whilst writing this, a whopping, 24 stone 1.6 lbs (it even looks bad typing it) .. although, I am quite fortunate, because of my height, I carry it off quite well, but you can still tell I'm obviously overweight (putting it lightly .. ironically)

Let's rewind a bit.

I was always overweight in school and the thing is, I know why. I don't have excuses and I'd never want to put up excuses. I was an active kid, but my appetite was that of an ogre. I'd demolish anything in sight .. and this sadly, put me at 26 stone when I was around 16-18. However, I never had the social stigma, in fact, my childhood was great and I was rarely teased with such a good network of friends, so maybe that's why I didn't perceive my weight to be an issue at the time?

I found a girl and decided I'd start a new life in the countryside (hated the city) and, did really well, however, I noticed when leaving my 'network' that I felt a little alienated by people ... maybe because I was out of my comfort zone with the move? ... Then, one evening, everything changed.

In town, I took my girlfriend to a restaurant, Prezzo's actually and there was a teenage party at the time. I'm 20 at this point and my weight is around 26 stone 2 lbs and, low and behold, someone cracked a joke from the party. Now, normally, words don't get to me, but these cut like a knife. They didn't say it directly to me, but one sneered 'he won't see 30 the fat ****' ... my heart sank. I put down the food I was eating and sat quietly, told my girlfriend I wasn't hungry and just pondered.

I got home. This was it. I was going to make a change. I won't go into the specifics or, this post will be around 2.3 million words, but I found a VLCD (not Exante) and started. I lost 10 stone, 4lbs in 7 months. I was ecstatic.

Since then, I have been in and out of relationships and it didn't take long for me to fall into a whirlwind of comfort eating and, I developed a wicked illness. Anxiety. Not just any type, but social and general anxiety. Meaning, leaving my house would make me petrified. What would people think? It really bothered me.

I discovered Exante recently and have got over the anxiety (it was gruelling, but I found ways that helped me personally and its changed my life).

Single, 30 years old, it's time to get back to the old me. I have a business, I have good friends and now I want my health back.

CUE .. Exante.

As I am writing this, I am on my second day. My start weight was 24 stone 4lbs and in one day, I have dropped to 24 stone 1.6 lbs (I know, the water weight etc) ..

I have walked 8 miles in two days culminating 22,485 steps and, I feel great.

On top of this, I haven't smoked or drank alcohol since new year and I'm hoping, I am back on the way to a happier me.

So, each day, I will post with an update of how its going (along with any funny things that can humor you along the way)

It's gonna be emotional.

Keep on rollin'

Sublimity x
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Bless you, Sublimity. People can be such jerks. This really strikes a chord with me as I have bad anxiety issues caused in a large part by the cruelty of strangers. I've fought those demons and do much better now but they still tap on m shoulder sometimes.

However you're here, you're ready, and you're going to make the change you want to make.
I'm on my second day tomorrow, doing working solution due to health issues, but on the same path.


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Hi sublimity,

Here to follow. You sound so focused now. I think anyone who has struggled with weight can relate to your story. Good luck with your journey and post here often as the support really makes a difference rather than going it alone.


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Here to follow - hoping to see a happier person coming out the other side :)