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annoying sizes!

:banghead::banghead: I bought this pair of jeans a long time ago it says they are size 14 on the label, but i just cant do up that button! yet any other 14 fits me fine! Primark seems to be the main culprit! :grumble: Does this happen to anyone else?
Anyways i'm determined to fit into these jeans soon enough ;) :character00115:
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How long ago is a long time ago? I have size 12 jeans (Diesel and Levi's) in my wardrobe from 10 years ago and they're smaller than size 10 jeans from Topshop bought last year! I also have size 14 skirt from Oasis that I've had for at least 12 years and it's smaller than all my current 12s. Sizes have changed loads, particularly round the waist, so don't worry!
And you're right about Primark, I've given up as none of their clothes appear to be even human-shaped, never mind consistently sized! On one visit I had to buy size 16 jacket and size 10 skirt...hmmm!
Jen, totally agree, sizes have changed so much. If you look on different clothing websites, eg next, M&S at their sizing guides, you will see they all have completely different definitions of a size 14! Its rediculous!

Even within one shop, their sizes vary a lot. I tried on 2 pairs of jeans in next yesterday (next in forestside Kei - you are in Belfast, aren't you?!) One pair fitted fine, the other pair wouldn't even close!
The thing is, it gives you a right complex about going shopping. When you have to buy the next size up it depresses you!

I'll always remember taking a pair of size 18 tesco jeans off because they ripped, and having to buy a size 24 from evans...I'm pretty sure I hadn't gone up 3 dress sizes in a day! Lol!
I think sizes should be viewed as a 'rough guide' else we'd all get SO depressed!! Some stores are correct on their sizes, where others are very generous or very stingy!!! I tend to buy most of my clothes at only two places (tesco or peacocks lol!), which the sizes I think are pretty good and I know it'll fit. I tend to find the high street shops seem to be small on their sizes and it is too depressing lol.
I know what you mean, my friend said she bought different sizes and I can fit in some lower sizes but some other makes I cant, so I just stick to one size that fits and I've got this skirt that I bought about 2 years ago and it was loose on me, so to fit into that better, is my aim as well as looking at the scales and of course the mirror lol.
I don't really care what I weigh...it's more about dress size with me.. when I'm a 12/14 I'll be happy :)
I think womens sizes should be the same as mens, i.e. the size of the trousers or jeans is the actual measurement in inches, 36", 38" etc. That way all shops would have to make them the same and stop the confusion and us feeling bad when we have to go up a size in a different shop.


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Primark are a culprit for inconsistent clothing! I have a couple of pairs of trousers from there, all the same size. 1 pair nearly fall off me now & the others are baggy, but fit perfectly round the hips.

A month ago, I couldn't get into the ones that fit well around the hips now. Ironic! All the same sizing.

& yes, to answer your question, it is very annoying! :(


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I hate primarks sizing, its really depressing when you try on something in your size and you can't get it over your thighs!


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I agree primark is rubbish for sizes! Im a 16 and even the 18 doesnt fit properly! badly made clothes, you can get clothes just as good priced but better quality. So dont worry about the primark jeans!


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I must be REALLY odd shaped coz Primark is the one shop that I know I can go in, pick up my size and it will fit :confused: Guess I'm lucky coz you can buy the whole shop for about 50 quid :)


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