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Anyone done an Open University Course?


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I need to complete a HND in order to qualify for degree status (I have a HNC in Business & Finance), after which I will be eligible to do a Post Graduate Degree in Education and qualify as a primary school teacher.

I need to decide (a) what subject to do the HND in and (b) whether to go through the local college or try OU. I have no experience with Open University but am attracted by the fact that I can do it at home, rather than travel to a college in the evenings (babysitting). However, I know nothing about the OU and hope that one of you (or several of you) wonderful people will give me some valuable advice to help me make a decision.

Thanks in anticipation...
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Hi AJ I am currently doing a degree in Psychology with OU & I can highly recomend it. It is very supportive and flexible with the fact that you can study from home at times whihc suit you.

It can be very demanding time wise and so it is no easy option, but great if you are balancing work, kids & study.

You get allocated a tutor within your area and they will advise when they will be available for you to contact, there are also tutorials which are NOT compulsory but useful if you can make them - for my course we tend to have a tutorial one a month (ish). You have to submit tutor marked assignments regularly - that works out about once per month also, depending on your course there may be an aspect which is marked by examination also.

Hope that covers some of your questions, but feel free to ask me anything you are not sure about & I will try & help.



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Thanks for your reply, Jen. I've had a look at your other thread!

I've just been on the OU site and ordered a prospectus. Can't wait to get started now!


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Thanks so much Starlight!

I am waiting for a prospectus to be sent through the post from OU, hopefully at the weekend (?) so I will have time to browse through it.

Looking ahead five years, I visualise me slim AND a teacher - yes, I CAN do it!
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So glad you have decided to go for it - I can almost see the confidence you have in yourself and it's wonderful and a real inspiration.

I have always been a confident person and through various personal issues which contributed to my weight gain it went into hiding - through LL I can see my old self emerging - only for short spells at the moment but as I reduce in size and become stronger I know I will be back better than ever before. Thank you for your wonderful inspirational posts, AJ as they keep me going on this journey, you are proof of how this plan works and changes people's lives.



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Aw, thanks hun. You know, this time last year I was in a real sh**y place - self-esteem zero, couldn't see any future for me at all. Was a thousand miles from today. Weight issues had spiralled out of control and no matter what I tried, I continued to fall further away from achieving it.

It was not just about weight, but it was about continuing to fail again and again, each time falling lower and lower. It is not surprising that this failure was reflected in every other part of my life although, most of the time I hid it behind an apparently confident exterior. But inside ... oh dear. When things got really bad, the cracks started to appear and I found it harder and harder to hide it. So eventually I gave in a got some anti-depressants and this took the edge off and gave me some breathing space to reassess things.

In August I started LL and I knew that I would do it as it was laid out, 100% - no cheating, no lying, no self-deception.

I suppose that it's my experiences that have helped me to get to this point. A lot of the experiences were unpleasant, but obviously all were necessary, because at last I seem to have succeeded, for the first time ever, in achieving my goal to have a healthy BMI, develop healthy eating habits and behaviour, and banish self-destructive behaviour. It really is a first for me. I have never been a size 12 as an adult, ever (probably when I was a child).

Thank you so much for your kind words Skinny, they do mean a lot to me.

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