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Anyone in Ireland get maintanence week 1 free?

Hi Ive just started the refeed today. So went to the pharmacy this morn as I was told to come in on the morn of my first day. I had emailed Lipotrim with some questions about refeed last week and they told me I was entitled to free maintanence packs in my first week. But when I said it to the girl in the pharmacy she said no that was only in UK and then charged me for the maintanence packs!!! So now Im confused and a bit angry to be honest. Surely if Lipotrim said we are entitled to some free then we must be......

So just wondering if anyone else has had this prob, or even no probs (in which case Im defo changing pharmacy)lol;)

Thanks guys
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maintaining since June'09
The free ones we get over here are by post from Lipotrim themselves - the pharmacies don't give them out. I don't think you get them in Ireland - sorry.
I'm sure some of my Irish friends will be along soon to let you know more. x
Hi Missy! I'm in Northern Ireland and not entitled to free samples from Lipotrim in the post. However when I started refeed last week, my pharmacist said I was getting five free samples from them in my first week. I'm not sure if this applies to the Republic too. But I don't see why it shouldn't either seeing as you pay so much more for the TFR supplies.
I think you should ring lipotrim and tell them this and see if they can give them a boot up the ****!!!
Hope you're enjoying refeed!

Irish Hobo x
Thanks guys, ya I thought we didnt get them here either until I got the email from Lipotrim saying I should get free ones in the refeed week. So got all flustered and confuzzled!! lol Ill give them a ring tomorrow and see what they say. Otherwise Ill get some sent to my 200 cousins in England and help make up for the price-hike in our packs over here hehe ;)

So far so good for the refeed. Left my second shake til after dinner so Id have choc to look forward to lol :) Must drink more water though, down to 2 litres instead of the usual 3.5 litres and my head is not happy with the change haha

how are ye doing on yours?
Jan did I read that your on hols??


maintaining since June'09
Yep .... only a short break not too far from home, more to give my elderly mother a break than anything. Sad aren't I still being on here several times a day??? LOL! Shows how addictive this site is .... mind you I don't know how I'd have coped on my LT journey without it - it's a far better addiction than food :)

Hope you get your freebies!!! - In fact make sure you do. Phone LT HQ - it'll reinforce some of the points I made in that letter! xx
Ya, Little miss mini. When I was on refeed I got a sample of each pack free from my chemist . Wasnt too thrilled at time as I didnt really like them (Only the bar of course !!!!!!!!!!)
Good luck with ringing Lipotrim again! I hope they can sort you out. Refeed is going well thanks, had a weigh in yesterday and lost 3lbs. Was very surprised I lost that much cos it felt like I was eating lots! Glad your refeed is going well. I'm also struggling to get 2 litres of water down me cos I'm so full!
Irish Hobo x
Hi Im Missy and Im a Miniminaholic:p I agree with ya Jan its totally addictive, and I defo wouldnt have survived this long without all the help on here :)

So I rang LT today and yes we are entitled to free samples of each flavour in our first week. So Ill be heading off to my pharmacy tomorrow to have a tantrum on the ground and demand my freebies ;) Any cheek from em and I may well have to give them that boot up the **** :giggle:

Wooo Irishhobo 3lbs is brill congrats hun :D Ive only just had my first meal a while agao and dont know how Im gona finish the second one....I is stuffed!!

Michillinwoman oh I tried the summer fruit one this morn.....eeeeeeeeeewwwwww it was sooooooo sweet. And I had diluted it like mad with water too. Gave the rest to my dad and had one of the trusty TFR shakes yum lol. Wierdly enough though my dad didnt find it sweet at all, so that shows how much my tastebuds have rested lol ;)
Did you get the caramel bar btw? Think my pharmacist said the one she had given me was a cinnamon and yoghurt one???? Hope the choc one is nice heehee ;)
Thanks Missy! I'm delighted with the loss during refeeding! Yeah, I was sooooo full after the first "lunch" and "dinner" on day two. Don't worry your stomach will get used to it and you wont feel as bloated or full! :)
If you think the summer fruits is sweet, wait till you try the orange creme. It's unbelievably sweet.... YAK, YAK, YAK!!!!! The chocolate whip is very filling but tasty! I'm sticking to chocolate whip and summer fruits!!!
Have fun throwing that tantrum tomorrow at the pharmacist!!! Give em a boot from me too!!! :)

Irish Hobo x


I will be skinny again!!!
Hiya im northern ireland too and didnt get them!!
Hope I get as great a result as you hun. Oh dear dont think Ill be keeping the orange creme then lol. Yes Im depending on the choccie whip not to let me down ;) Gona try it for brekkie tomorrow and then Im off to the pharmacy hehe that should be fun hehe :rolleyes:
I will most certainly give em a booty kick for ya hun lol, nooooo probs :asskick: . All requests happily met ;)


maintaining since June'09

** Lies down on floor kicking and screaming**

I WANT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol! x


I will be skinny again!!!
I like the whip and the bars!

Havent had any of the others yet... Got them in my cupboard.. Might have one for dinner tomorrow :D
I thought they only did caramel bars too! Now I'm confused and poor Jan feels deprived! Will question the pharmacist on tuesday! He he he! :)

Just stick with the refeed plan Missy and I'm sure you'll get a loss at the weigh in! :)

Choccy whip tastes a little strange to start but it's very tasty when u get going! I have a few strawberries with it too! Yum!! Don't forget u mix it with skimmed milk and not water!!! My mum, who's on the maintenance prog had it with water until I read the instructions and corrected her! Lol!

Tell us how u got on tomorrow!

Irish Hobo xxx


I will be skinny again!!!
I think it sucks that we dont get anything free, and we have to pay more for it too!!!
Maintenance stuff!!!!!!!!!

Its good to hear I am not the only one who couldnt hack the summer fruit or orange creme one. It was the consistancy was wierd for me. I called them gloopy . Never actually tried the chocolate whip one (Still in press) BUT boy did I love the bars (Only Saw the caramel one with the white coating ) toootooo much . They are very sweet and a great chew . I actually had to stop getting them as I binged one day and ate three in a row. !!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, it's very strange how they can justify bumping the price up, especially as it's sterling as well! Or why they wont post free samples to anywhere in Ireland. At the end of the day we're all doing the same diet so the prices should be same universally!

I can't remember if Jan mentioned this in her letter to lipotrim. Will go and have a gander!

Irish Hobo x
Lol Binged on the maintenance bars! :) It could have been worse hun! ;)

I didn't like them myself, found them too sweet and very hard to finish!

Irish Hobo xx
Oops sorry Jan lol cud just be my horrible pharmacy trying to poison me hehe.

Ya I can understand the price hikes here cos they do it to us all the time with everything :mad: but yes you would think that Northern Ireland would be the same as ya its sterling, they really cant justify that can they?

Chelly is it the caramel bar you have? Really hoping I like it as it will be so handy for when Im out for the day or something.

Michillinwoman heehee thats gas :D I cant understand why they make them sooo sweet though. Wouldnt that be more likely to bring on an ole sugar craving.....eeek. Oh I defo agree with ya that summer fruit was vile. Lol never thought Id say this but I miss the yummy TFR shakes haha :giggle:

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