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anytone feeling dizzy

oon week 5 and have lost 1 stone 7 so far
today i felt so week and dizzy thought i was going to faint had to sit down a few times
had to have some beans on toast and feeling so much better today
will continue tomorrow back on ss+
hope its not the diet, as otherwise i feel ok now:cry:
probably out of ketosis
im supriced that after eating beans on toast my dizzy spells faded away

start weight 13.7 on january 1 2010
12stone on 23 febuary 2010
also have decided to do a hight plann ie 810 plann any suggestions what to eat etc im a vegi as my councillors away for a few weeks
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Me, I feel dizzy quite often when I stand up. I've had my blood pressure and blood sugars checked (lucky I work in a hospital) and both were very normal. It doesn't help to explain why I feel dizzy, but I've got used to it now. I still have the odd day where I feel a bit sick and weak (like I did getting into ketosis) but usually I'm okay, I'm heading into week 7 on Wed.
It was such a horrible feeling
i was just standing on the till were i work and all of s sudden thought i was going to faint
when i got home had something to eat and felt so much better
i had some water flavouring to day hope that didnt make me feel faint thats just a thought
i get very dizzy. I have to close my eyes because i cant see properly and hold on to something

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Yep, dizzy spells were pretty normal for me unfortunately and they were bad at the beginning and then much worse towards the end. I had to make myself get up really slow from anything and be careful about picking things up. If I got too hot, or drank too much water, I'd feel off too.


nope dizziness isn't good for you.

Could be loss of too much salt, orthostatic hypotension, low blood sugar, hormones, anything

If you are concerned see a doctor.

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