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S: 16st9lb C: 13st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 36.1 Loss: 3st0lb(18.03%)
I am halfway through my attack week and am trying to give some thought about what I am going to eat next week but I am a bit apprehensive about the PV days and messing it up.

I have looked through the recipe section here and also peoples menus but I have now had information overload.

Can anyone tell me what are their favourites for a PV day please? I know I want to keep it varied as I think I will need to follow this phase for about 8 months :cry:
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I love my PV days. My favourite is a galette for breakfast, tuna or chicken salad for lunch and roast chicken with roasted veg for dinner (red onion, courgette, red pepper and butternut squash). It's so tasty and filling and I really look forward to it.

PP for me today though :(
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My favourites are oatbran porridge, omelette with tomatoes or mushrooms and salad, salmon and salad or thai green curry with pepper/onion/mangetout on a bed of spinach. DH likes grilled steak with grilled tomatoes and mushrooms and asparagus.

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I must admit I do tend to stick to salads at lunchtime as it's easier.
Evening meals I do:
spag bol (without the spag, use courgette strips instead),
a "fry up" if I don't feel like cooking much - dry fried eggs, turkey rashers, mushrooms and toms,
roast dinner minus the potatoes and gravy (I dry roast carrots, though)

I am trying to adapt recipes to be Dukan friendly. Tonight I am trying a kebab recipe. If it works I shall post it in the recipe section, if not I won't! :D


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Pizza is a good one, PP days included.

Make base with Dukan bread mix and spread out as much as you can with spatula. Bake in oven. Then

PP - fromage frais/egg mixed together as base (instead of tomato) with smoked salmon/chicken/ham/tuna on top and a few dabs of cheese (recipe on recipes thread - very like mozzarella) then cover with another egg and back in the oven. Smoked salmon/tuna goes really well with the white base, I find. Chicken is good too, ham not so much.

PV - anything you like that's on the list!

Makes you feel like you're having a treat.:)

Omelettes can be jazzed up with a bit of ham/prawns/mushrooms/pepper or whatever and lovely with salad, roast chicken/veg is good as leftover chicken can be eaten cold as a snack. I got bored of steak (ate too much) and now rarely eat it, but I'd have that with fromage frais/pepper sauce and mushrooms then veg on the side.

White fish in white sauce (made with cornflour and skimmed milk and a little mustard) with some prawns or smoked salmon and served with spinach is one of my favourites (and features heavily on Thursdays - obviously you'd have to leave out the spinach, although I am on stabilisation now so have rejigged things a little and don't always PP on Thursdays, but don't copy me:p).

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