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attack for 7 days, yay or nay?

My attack phase according to website was supposed to be 3 days but i have done it for 5 as my body doesnt respond very quickly... shall i carry on for a full week or start cruise tomorow?..

If starting cruise...
can i have 2-3 day menu ideas from u lovelly ladies... ( i know they are on a sticky somwhere but save me some time n type them here so i can copy n paste!! hehe)
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Its up to you hon. Personally I have only ever done 5 days (6 days this second attack though - will see if i struggle tomorrow).
I mainly have the same as PP days but add some veg. The spinach in white sauce is nice from the book.
Or you could do spag bol (im using turkey mince) thats what im having saturday.
Its up to you if you feel you need another few days on attack hon.
I am considering it.. but i am actually running out of food again!
beef and chicken are expensive! didnt manage to buy any fish so i used the microwave one that u get in butter sause.. except didnt have the butter sauce... possibly cheating but the sauce incuded it was only 7 carbs anyway!

hm i will probs have the same food but with salad in the afternoon and some veg at night... and gona get some mini quiches made up aswell.. will make them nutural..


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why dont you do attack today and get yourself shopping for some salad/veg -unless you have it in. chicken can be cheap if you can get halal frozen? or dont places sell halal chicken like that?
lol i wish! nah where i live u buy it fresh and freez urslef if u want to!!
i paid £15 for 2kg of beef last week.. thankfully i froze half of that as steks so i can u that this week.. just need to cook it better! Chicken im gona stick with £5 work chicken breast as tikka.. see how that goes.. maybe get £10.. just i dont want to to cook and freeze and its does last a few days in the fridge! I dont have a lot of time to cook so might arrange to cook chicken twice a week at nigt time...

the patties will last me a while! they are SOOO lush!
I need to get some salad in and a bag of frozen veg.., the mix veg bags i think and some frozen stir fry... is there veg we cant eat?


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Sweetcorn is a no no and also restrict your peas and carrots to once a day only. In fact im not bothering with them at all.
I went shopping last night and only bought lettuce, leek, green beans and spinach. Im only doing PV sat sunday and wednesdays.
wow that sounds like a good plan!
i want to buy mix veg bags for freezer and also
stir fry for freezer and they have alot of carrots in them!
hmm fresh veg will go off in my house as no one else will eat them!
what about egg noodles? are they a no no?
i might try do pv on sat, monday and wednesday as these are my non gym days so i have more time to prepare my food in the evening. Is this allowed? i thought we had to do 1/1?

actually i mihgt just do 1/1 for atleast one week and see how i get on... im terrified of coming off pp with the weight loss... im soo scared of it going backt o 12.5 as u know with me.. it can happen for no apparent reason!

off to gym after work today! also doing an hour of overtime again tonight.


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You are meant to do 5/5 or 1/1 but im just working it in with my life lol. We do WI (me, neilsbird, cheryl and maintainer) on a friday so I can have a good pig on vegetables at the weekend lol
lol i see why now!
i have 2 wi kinda.. my old atkins WI was friday and my SF WI was sunday and i started this on sunday so i guess its gona be sunday aswell! But having said that i WI on sunday morning and my 2 days off from wrk are sunday and monday so thats classed as my wkend! and if im gona mess up its gona be on MY wkend! lolz so i have al week to make up!
what u having ur spag bol with? i get the turkey mince part but ur not having spagetti are u?? also can i have quorn on PP or PV day?


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Im just gonna have it with some salad. Might make it spicy so can have a dollop of mint yog on top. im really really looking forward to it :)
Im also cooking this weekend :- chicken liver pate, egg muffins, vanilla moist cake.


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You know when you say a sauce was only 7 carbs... watch the fat though, cos fat ok on Atkins NOT OK DUKAN!!

I think 7 days attack at your weight is fine... particularly as I think at the beginning you ate some stuff which probably wasn't quite Dukan friendly...

In mixed veg packs - watch out for potatoes! I made the mistake myself last week and bought a pack of "soup veg" and read the ingredients at home. GRR... thought I could pick them out, but too finely cut!

Vicky - PEAS???? surely banned always???


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Reminder for us all

OK Veg for PV
tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, spinach, asparagus, leeks, green beans, cabbage, mushrooms, celery, fennel and all types of salads, aubergines, courgettes, peppers

carrots and BEETROOT once a day maxi

BANNED - potatoes, rice, corn, fresh or dried peas, beans and lentils, avocado.


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(I love peas... we're growing them in the veg plot... we pre-soaked too many so when it came to plant them, we ended up with 3.5 rows! cripes!)


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oh i lurve avocado :(

what are you gonna do with your peas then JO?
i dont remember eating anything wrong at the begining? im still eating the same food i ate at the beging! lolz i made a huge batch of food thats lasted me 5 days! Possily someone else?

I wanted to get tesco mix veg but looks like that out of the questins as it will have alot of carrot, peas and sweet corn.. may have to see what else i can find in freezer section..

also someone ont he dukan face book page mentioned eating aubergine helps to lose weight is u hit a stall!


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get a bag of frozen spinach and a bag of cauli and broccoli.


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Oh sorry I could have my people muddled! It happens when you get to my age! haaaaa!!

Yeah mixed veg are awkward. Broccoli is good for you (iron!)... green beans too... I stick to green things when it's veg... but I do love red pepper and tomato when it's salad (although I s'pose they're pretty sweet things... do you eat them Vicky?)

By the time my peas are ready to be eaten, I'll be ready to eat them!!

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