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Back to Target Diary: comments welcome!


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First day back on it after a comfort eating binge on flapjack!! 7lbs to lose to be back at target weight!


Breakfast: 42g all bran (HexB), fat free yogurt, strawberries, artificial sweetener, 100ml semi-skimmed milk (2/5 HexA)

Lunch: prawn pasta salad with peppers, tomatoes, rocket and spinach, Cherry Muller Light

Snack: banana

Dinner: pasta (again!) with onions, mushrooms, bacon and 18g cheddar cheese (3/5 HexA)

Syns: Curly wurly - 6, 1 caramel snack-a-jack - 2.5, 1 pink n white - 2.5, 1 mini flapjack - 3.5 (14.5 total)

Lots of snacks today, TOTM is lethal!
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17/05/2011 - EE
Breakfast:42g all bran (hexB), strawberries, 125ml milk (1/2 HexA), strawberry fat free yogurt, 1 tsp honey

Lunch: pasta with homemade tomato sauce (canned tomatoes, onions, garlic), 14g cheddar (1/2 HexA)

Dinner: moroccan beef stew with beef, rice, chickpeas, lentils, peppers, spinach, tomatoes, dried apricots, honey

Syns: milky way - 6, snack-a-jack - 2.5, pink n white - 2.5, chocolate mini milk 1.5m dried apricots - 4, honey - 2 (total 18.5)

My downfall today was trying ingredients whilst cooking!!


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Breakfast: 28 porridge with chopped banana, sweetener and cinammon using HexA milk

Lunch: Leftover beef stew with lentils, chickpeas, and lots of veggies

Dinner: homemade chicken in breadcrumbs with sw chips, brocolli and mini sprouts

snacks - apple, onken fat free yogurt

syns: 2 tbsp extra light mayo - 1, go ahead yogurt break pack - 7, 1 mini milk, 1.5, 1 tsp honey - 1, breadcrumbs on chicken - 3 (total 13.5)


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Running out of fresh fruit and veg now and ate alone tonight (sob) so went for an easy-peasy green day.

Breakfast: 42g all-bran (HexB) 125ml milk (1/2 HexA) 1 tsp honey

Lunch: Morrocan chicken cous cous salad, diet coke, baked crisps

Dinner: pasta, quorn bolognese with tomatoes, onions, spinach, peppers, bolognese stock cube, 42g cheddar (1 1/2 HexA's)

Snacks: 2 Apple & Sultana Alpen Lights

Syns: honey - 1, baked crisps - 7.5, syns in cous cous salad - 3 or 4, mini milk - 1.5 (total 14)


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well I haven't updated in a while but must try and stay in the habit. I have had some fails over the past 2 weeks! Some days I really feel like I can't be bothered or I can't salvage the day if I have started badly - stress is a definite trigger for me so if I've had a bad day at work I start 'angry-eating'. Anyway, I have behaved today:

B - 42g All-Bran (hexB), fat free yogurt, strawberries and sweetener
L - leftover pasta with veggies and chorizo (very very little, about 2 syns worth)
D - quorn and veggie lasagne using a spag bol oxo cube, tinned tomatoes and 2 x Hex A of cheese as topping

snacks - 2 x alpen lights (HexB)
syns: chorizo - 2, 2 x pink n whites -5, 1.5 foxes small biscuits - 4
Total: 11 (might have a mini-milk later!)


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Started the week well (but then I always do)
Yesterday (Weds EE)

B - 42g all bran, strawberries, splenda, fat free yogurt and 1/2 my HexA of Semi skimmed milk
L- couscous, tuna, packet of salad and a shape yogurt
D- chicken marinated in fat free yogurt, curry powder and ginger, couscous (again!) mango, cucumber, peppers, onions
Snacks - 2 alpen lights, banana, 1 mini milk, 1 foxes biscuit and 1 mcvities biscuit
syns: 13.5


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Weighed in yesterday and had a loss of 1.5 lbs which I was very pleased with :) Problem is, post-weigh-in is a lethal time as the temptation to treat yourself is huuuge. So i went over by about 6 syns. Also I was home alone - boredom plus no-one around to stop me!!

Thurs 16.6.11 - Green:

B - 1 slice toast (HexB), Beans, low fat spread
L - prawns, noodles, salad, dressing, small bag of crisps
D - quorn and veggie chilli with roasted butternut squash and HexA of cheddar

Syns: salad dressing - 1, prawns - 3, crisps - 6.5, 1 tsp extra light spread - 0.5, 2 x biscuits - 5, 3 tsps syrup - 3, banoffee spread - 2
total: 21
Snacks: 2 alpen lights (HexB) 2 biscuits, banana at fat free yogurt with syrup


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B - 1 weetabix with banana and 1/2 a HexA of milk
L - early lunch of quorn and veggie chilli and 1/2 HexA of cheddar
D - vegetable curry made with butternut squash, peas, onions and tomatoes and SW chips
Pudding (!) SW rice pud with HexA of milk, splenda and a chopped apple
snacks/syns :2 biscuits 5.5, 2 snack-a-jacks 5, 1 tsp date syrup - 1, cereal bar (HexB)


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Oh dear! Lunch at GBK!
18.6.11 - red day
B: bacon, scrambled eggs, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, 1 toast (HexB)
L: GBK Kiwi burger - beef burger with a pineapple ring, onions, lettuce, tomato, cheese (HexA x 2), 1 egg and beetroot (at least there was superfree in there!!!!), side salad and about 6 of b/f's chips (doh!), fizzy water
D: sooo full from the immense burger that I had chopped banana, a teaspoon of date syrup and a shape yogurt.
syns: I have no idea how to syn the burger - I looked up the calories and apparently the average GBK burger is 800! Most of the toppings were free or superfree and the burger itself didn't seem that fatty but you dont really know!

I'm saying:
- 1 syn for tbsp relish
- 3.5 syns for about 6 chips
- 12 syns for a large hamburger bun according to my book
- a quarter pounder in the book is 9.5 for normal, or 2.5 for low fat! No idea, so I'll say 6 as it wasnt greasy at all but cant say for sure it was low fat.
Other syns:
1 biscuit - 3, 2 tsp vlf spread - 1, tsp date syrup - 1
GRAND TOTAL: 27.5! ...actually that's not as bad as I thought!
We wont talk about yesterday (went for a father's day meal for lunch and had mediterranean food with lots of olive oil and flatbreads etc and it was immense).

Today 20/6/11 EE:

B: 42g all bran (HexB), splenda, strawberries, 100ml milk (part of HexA)
L: pasta and prawn salad with peppers, rocket etc
D: chorizo and veggie paella with rice, peppers, spinach, tomatoes, onions, peas, garlic, stock and chorizo
Snacks: banana, iced coffee with rest of HexA milk, splenda, instant espresso and ice, shaken up til frothy and delicious!
Syns: 2 thorntons chocs - 4, salad syns - 3, chorizo - 5
Hmm haven't updated in a while. I had a BAD 2 weeks at the end of June/start of July combining:

-my birthday
-my mums birthday
-a really stressful job interview
-general laziness

This is now over!
I got the 30 Day Shred DVD as a late birthday present and I completed day 5 Level 1 this morning. I have been behaving myself since weighing in on sunday and not liking what I saw! The good news is my usual Weigh In day is a Thursday and I had already lost 2 lbs.

Today: 14.07.2011 - Green

B: 2 ww toast (Hex B 1) with quark and baked beans

L: chicken (hex B 2) & noodle salad, half a pack of sushi and half a pack of sunbites

D: mexican lasagne made with quorn, fajita spice, beans, peppers, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes, pasta sheets and quark topped with 28g cheddar (Hex A)

Snacks: 1 alpen light

Syns: alpen bar 3, 1/2 packet Walkers Sunbites 3.5, 1 snack-a-jack jumbo - 2.5, fajita spice (about 1/6 of a pack) 1, salad dressing -1

Total: 11

Mexican lasagne was delish!
all my MEALS yesterday were good, it was what I had in between!
B - 2 ww toast (hex B) scrambled eggs, mushrooms and onions
L - very late as had to travel around with work - salmon sushi wrap from waitrose
D - homemade prawn curry with rice and 1 paratha
snacks/syns - 1 alpen light bar - 3, 2 glasses of sagria from sw mag -7, milky way - 6, saltfish fritter - I dont even know, some snacky pretzels - 6, syns for the sushi -3/4
Awful! It was all total comfort eating as I've had such a stessful annoying week at work. I was meant to go out after work but that didnt happen so I went home alone and the combination of exhaustion, boredom and stress just made me want to eat crap. On the positive side I did Day 6 Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred in the morning and did plenty of walking around. I find from Friday evening to Sunday morning my absolute worst times of the week for slip-ups. Must plan for these times better!
Thanks for the comment Hazel! :) I think timing the big-shop before the weekend is crucial!!

I got up this morning to do Day 9 - Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred and REALLY struggled this morning. Maybe some days your body can't handle exercise on an empty stomach. The scary thing is I'm meant to be moving up to Level 2 tomorrow! Foodwise I've been ok:

B: 42g all bran (B) with 125 ml milk (1/2 A)

L: Prawn pasta salad with onions, peppers and rocket

D: Baked sweet potatoes topped with bacon, leeks and 14g cheddar (1/2 A) with a side salad (freaking amazing!!)

Snacks: I was on the junk: 1 snack-a-jack, 1 chomp, 1 alpen bar, a couple of small chinese crackers

Syns: jumbo caramel snack-a-jack - 2.5, chomp - 5.5, alpen light - 3, TINY bit of emmental and 3 croutons on salad - 1, crackers - 3, 142ml vegetable juice - 1.5

Total: 16.5

Today 19.7.11 - EE
B: 2 x ww bread (B) banana, quark, splenda & cinammon (Banana toastie!)

L: chicken and veg pasta salad

D: chicken and veggie curry with boiled rice

Snacks: 2 alpen light bars, vanilla mullerlight

Syns: alpens - 6, salad dressing - 4 (a guess), 1 small chocolate cornflake bite - 3, curry paste - 2

Total: 16
Its an exercise DVD that I got 'cause of the rave reviews people gave it on this forum and it was also recommended in Look Magazine. The workouts are 20 minutes and its a combo of weights, cardio and abwork.

B - 28g porridge (B) with berries and splenda, made with 125ml milk (1/2 A)
L - chinese: beef in black bean sauce, boiled rice, salad, 3 prawn crackers, 2 vegetable spring rolls (met OH for lunch)
D - pasta with bacon, spinach, leeks and 14g cheddar (1/2 A)
Snacks: 2 alpen lights, half a snickers duo
Syns: chinese : beef - 5, spring rolls - 13, snickers - 10/12, alpens - 6
Total: a maximum of 36

What an idiot! I didnt even need the snickers, it just called to me to share it with my OH. And could have had hot and sour soup instead of spring rolls! Must be VERY good tomorrow!
Did complete day 10 of 30 Day Shred, Level 2 - Day 1.
25.07.11 EE
Didnt do The Shred this morning as I couldnt find one of my trainers. Im trying to psych myself up to do it in a bit!

B - weetabix minis (B) with milk (1/2 A) and strawberries
L- moroccan chicken couscous salad, 1 shape yogurt, banana
D- Pasta, bacon, leeks, chorizo, side salad
Syns: 3.5 - salad, chorizo - 5, cheese - 1, honey - 2, literally a couple of croutons 0.5
total: 12

we won't speak of the weekend (again!) But I was ok Friday night and saturday in the day...so its a tiny improvement. :sigh:
01.08.11 Green day

Really struggled through the 30 day shred yesterday! Sometimes the combo of this crazy humidity, no food and having just woken up really doesnt lend itself to a workout.
Doing green as I feel a bit over-meated after the weekend and we doing our big shop later tonight.

B - 42g muesli (2 HexBs) and milk (1/2 Hex A)
L - jacket potato with beans and 2 dairylea triangles (Hex A)
D - pasta puttanesca with: capers, passata, anchovies in salt, onions, mushrooms, low fat mozzerella (1/2 A) and a large side salad

Snacks: Bear granola bites - yummy and took ages to eat! I think i might start eating cereal dry more often instead of crisps or sweets!!

Syns: granola bites - 5-6, salad dressing - 4, anchovies - 0.5, olive oil in sauce - 2

Total: 12.5

Should really be trying to have more 'good days' like this as I have a wedding to look good at in 19 days (not my own!) and then in September we will be going on holiday.
03.08.11 Green

B - 42g all bran, a shape yogurt, chopped strawberries, milk (1/2 HexA) splenda

L- pasta n sauce - Macaroni cheese made with water only

D - quorn bolognese with pasta and cheese (1/2Hex A)

Snacks - 2 dairylea triangles (Hex A), Bear granola bites (Hex B) banana, a bowl of strawberries with quark and splenda

Syns: pasta n sauce - 2, 1 chocolate - 2, milky way - 6, 2 pink n whites - 5

Total: 15

I wish I could say the heat has reduced my appetite but it hasnt! I've had a headache tonight so missed a movie night with friends, but that does mean I saved myself about 40 syns in snacks I wouldnt have been able to resist!