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Attack Bibaloo's cruise diary

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Back on the Dukan wagon!
Click on "edit" then "go advanced" and the option to remove the prefix should be there. :)


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Mmmm can't seem to do it on my phone. I'll have to live with it for now.

Today is PV:


Chicken salad and yoghurt

Roast chicken with roasted butternut squash, peppers, onions, courgettes
mmm that sounds delicious!
I'm still on attack, looking forward to veggies... Enjoying all the fat free dairy though, certainly keeps me going. Good luck anyway :)


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Biba - I've been away (and go away again tonight!) but last time here you were struggling with a stall. All ok now?


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It took a while to get moving but I've not lost about 6lbs and I can just about fit in my trousers for court tomorrow. Whoho!!

AND in the past two days I've given away two free lunches in order to stick to the plan. In fact I'm sitting here now with a box of chicken surrounded by people eating free sandwiches, crisps and flapjacks.
I'm either determined or mad.

Today is a strange day. I'm on an operation in work so won't get a break now til 9pm.
I've had yoghurt with oatbran and chicken for lunch. I'll try and have an omelette before bed but imagine I'll be so tired I'll just get in bed.


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That's brilliant! Well done you!
Thank you!! Hope you enjoyed your dinner :)

Just got home from shift so had a ham omelette, mostly because I felt I should gave something. Wasn't actually hungry.
Looking forward to a PV day tomorrow. Salad and veg tastes so much nicer when you're doing this plan
Well. After all that effort, the baddies went guilty and I was cancelled from court :) Ah well. I feel better even if I don't have to wear the trousers.

Today's plan is PV

Tuna salad

Chicken with roasted veg and butternut squash (just love this at the moment)
PP today.

Chicken and beef

Boring huh!!!

Husband has been throwing up all day. He hasn't eaten anything but fancied a mcdonalds. I got him a shake and some fries but the fries weren't eaten. Very tempting but I managed to ignore them
Had a slight change. Chicken salad for lunch and poached salmon salad for dinner. Just finished it in work. Everyone else has Chinese. It was torture at first but once I started eating I think I actually enjoyed mine more than I would have enjoyed a Chinese. Must remember that when I feel tempted.
Oh my god, we've just bought a house!!! Celebrated with a ham omelette :)

Not sure what's for dinner. Haven't had my oatbran so maybe burgers with the oatbran in and some mustard :)
We've part ex'd ours for a new 4 bedroom detatched. It's beautiful. It's a show home so comes with all the carpets, curtains, light fittings etc. We could be moving in 6 weeks! Crikey :)
Will have to start sorting all my rubbish!!!
Wow sounds lovely, when we moved 6 yes ago to our house we took opportunity to have a real clear out....6 yrs on I still house is still amazingly uncluttered as I have a good clear out every 6 months or so :)
It clears not only your house but also your mind :)
I've just sorted out my clothes drawers and bagged lots for charity so now more room to buy new bits when I drop a size :) :)

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Good work!!! I must try and be the same. I've still got boxes in our shed, still unpacked from our last move 9 years ago!! I'm NOT moving anything we don't need with us this time :)

It's strange to think I'll still be slogging away on cruise in a new house. Hopefully by then my target will be in sight

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