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Brand new to Atkins and few questions r.e food.


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I have the book (on my kindle) and read the stickys etc so I know about foods we can/can't have but..junk food. I.e sausages, pepperamis, donner meat etc can we eat? Im that used to them being foods to avoid, im scared to now eat them.

Also, all I seem to eat is chicken. But what do you guys have with it, salad gets a bit boring 3 x a day and I can't just have salad for ever!!, what sauces can you make. I used chopped toms loads for everything but there a no no aren't they on induction?
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Hi and welcome :welcome:

It does seem a bit tough at first to come up with meal ideas but check out the recipe stickie farther up. There are some brilliant recipes on there and loads of different ideas of what to eat. :)
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Hello and welcome

I am new too - today is my second day!
For lunch I am cooking chicken with lardons and garlic and 2 sliced up spring onions and about 50g mushrooms sliced up, and then adding some cream, serving on bed of wilted spinach. Has 6g in all, and it will do me a small snackbox for my break tomorrow.

Also, I went to Tesco and they had 3 packs of meat for £10...I bought a huge pack of minced beef, a pack of pork chops and a pack of lamb steaks, and certainly the minced beef will do several meals (the pork is for hubbie) and the lamb steaks a nice tea with salad.

Good luck!
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Bearnaise sauce goes lovely with most meats, dont think it is a naughty if it is home made! Its just butter, eggs, vinegar, tarragon, 1 tiny shallot which gets sieved out!
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Those things u suggested are meant to be avoided during the initial phase but then the various editions of the book differ. My only advice would be to check the labels on everything for carbs. Especially whilst so new to this woe. There's a thread around with a list of zero or low carb foods. It contains things we've trialled n their carb content so gives tips on sossies etc to look out for.
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Hiya, im new to and wanted to do my shopping list and see what foods i can eat and what i cant..........but what people have adviced me is to look at peoples diaries for ideas for meals.. it helped.!!!


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Thanks guys x
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Spring greens just now are in season, thinly Alice and micro till wilted with a limp of butter, it's my fav right now!

In my book toms are allowed on induction but they are quite high in carbs so take it easy with them ;)

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