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claire's weight diary <3


cos i need this xxx

well all - boxing day today and i have finally found the motivation i need to get back on track!!
had lost 3 stone after my baby was born but have put a fair bit back on but am now totlly ready to go for my goals :)

today was the first day in a loooong while i can say i was pleased with myself! :)

bfast - s/f chocolate crunch bar

lunch - turkey curry (v healthy - made only with chopped tomatoes, spices and skinless turkey - was yummy!)

dinner - strawberry s/f shake

snacks - s/f cheese triangle snacks - 100 cals
2 x s/f chocolate caramel bars - 200 cals
1 crumpet w/ clover lighter - approx 110 cals

only went over by 100 cals but i did an hour of wii fit plus to make up for it!
mission tomorrow is to get some fruit n veg in there!!!
also am going to try not to weigh yself till next saturday cos its discouraging seeing the numbers staying the same one day to the next!!!
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cos i need this xxx
well, today i am struggling lol!
its ten past one and ive had my two s/f meals (strawberry shakes) plus 3 100 cal snack :S am so hungry today ..actually dunno if its real hunger or just wanting a taste in my mouth...:S
am having chicen breast with peri peri sauce for dinner and honestly cant stop thinking about how good its gonna taste lol!!! have also not managed to stay away from te scales as i was trying to do ..oops! will continue trying to break that habit! well am aiming for an hours wii fit again tonight and really really hope i can restrain myself from just saying "stuff it!" and having a huuuuuuuuuge binge!!

Hey hun
Dont spoil your good intentions. Keep your mind and fingers occupied.
I love periperi chicken! Yum yum! Youll get through the first 3 or 4 days ok and then after should be much better!! Just think of your goal hun. Ive got a lot to lose! about 7 or 8 stone. :( so im very excited to get myself started 2moro! Ill be weighing in every monday at about 6pm. WE CAN DO IT. XXX


cos i need this xxx
yay! we defos can - im gonna try to resist all urges to weigh myself more than once a week! its more satisfying to see a bigger difference less frequently i think :) but keep me up to date on your prgress!!!
i have 5 stone to lose - have already lost about one and a half from when my baby was born - as i said had lost 3 but fell off the wagon in spectacukar style lol!
just keeping motivated can be soo hard especsh this time of year - i feel everyone thinks u shld overindulge even if youre overweight and obvs unhappy about it!! even friends say to me - oh it doesnt matter - its the one tme ur allowed! for me its not that simple though cos if i do it itll last well into march or more lol!!

lol couldnt agree with you more hun! im such a scale hopper too so im getting my mum to hide them until mondays. when is it your offical weigh in day?
I gave myself xmas day and boxing day to eat fairly un healthy as in a few choccies here and there but nothing OTT, i really cant wait to start now! Wooo. How old r u if u dont mind me asking? Im 22 (23 in march) 5ft7.5 ish and I weigh 17st 12lb. x


cos i need this xxx
im 22 as well - and i totally went ott on xmas day lol!!

my official weigh in is saturdays!

so what do u do??

Im a support worker. I work with young adults who have severe disabilities. I love it. How about you, what do you do?x


cos i need this xxx
im a stay at home mum to my two sons. one is 2 the other is 6 months. my two year old has leukaemia and will need chemo for the next 2 and a half years so im his official carer... so yeah cant do anyhing yet..just gotta focus on him getting well. have applied for an open uni course to do social sciences though, figured its best to use my free time to study than occupy myself with bacon sandsiches and indian take away lol!

Hi Hun
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you I had to go to work last night and I can only access the internet from home.
How r u doing? Im so sorry to hear about your son being ill. Thats really awful, how do you cope with all that at the age of 22?? Your a very brave person. I hope that he gets better, do you have a partner at home to help you out? How are you going to find sticking to SF when your son is going through chemo? Sorry about all the questions, I feel i just wanna give you a huge virtual hug! :love:


cos i need this xxx
OMG i just typed the longest ever reply and accidently deleted it all grrr!!!
yeah, life now is very different from what i had expected it would be 7 months ago!
me and the boys' dad split up 1 months ago....but hes a great guy and a great dad so he helps all the time, like takes the youngest boy while i take the big one to hospital or vice versa...hes also gonna take care of them tuesday n thursday evening so i can do my zumba classes wen they start up again.
tbh one of the reasons i started sf was because i can just take the premade shakes into the hospital and not have to worry about making bad judgements on junky caneen food!
i can fit it in well i think, but time will tell!
i decided to lose weight because i was nearly 17 st and just not happy at that weight - i got down to 13st 6 and was doing well but have gained back a stone and 8lbs since all this began, the bulk of it being since a break we had in november! i dont want to be the fat mum in the layground when the kids go to school - and i wanna be fit enough to always run around playing with them, so i gotta do this.
also i have the vanity reasons lol - like i want to not touch the sides when i go in the bath, or to get looked at by men when i go out etc etc lol!
i wish i just didnt have this compulsion towards food, hopefully ill be able to will power my way through it lol!

well today ive had

bfast - strawberry shake
snack - tomato and basil soup - 100 cals

gonna have

lunch - premade lemon meringue shake (never tried it before - imagine its gonna be a love it or hate it type lol)
snack - s/f caraml chocolate bar

dinnner - chicken w/peri peri sauce and noodles - about 500 cals
dessert - 2 meringue nests

and gonna do 45 mins on wii fit plus!!


wish me luck!! <3
Hey hun just got back from swimming. had to pop to Tesco too cus my boyfriend wanted lunch. So i had strawberry SF, he had nice thick ham on the bone and slabs of bakery bread with butter!!...absolute sod. lol
How you finding things today? Any easier? So when you used to weigh 17st how did you lose it initally to get to 13st? Was it diet or was it just after having your last kid? xx


cos i need this xxx
well i was 16 st 10 when my youngest was about 3 weeks old so a bit of it was just natural post preg weight loss, the rest was alli and just calorie n fat counting. was too easy to cheat though cos after a while the alli kind of wears off so if i ate late at night i knew it had been too long after taking it that it wouldnt do anything!!
why are men bad like that? like if it was reversed i doubt we'd sit munching big food while they had a shake!!

bad creatures!!

lol so so true. When i first taking xenical i had the attitude that if i ate food with high fat in then i will get the horrib side effects but the weight will be gone lol funnily enough i didnt lose any weight like that.


cos i need this xxx
aw man, am te most hungover person in the world and have drinkers remorse :( i feel like i did something really awful last night despite knowing that i just went to bed and was a bit sick! not good :(

couldnt manage my shake yt but will have my lunch one - am going for dinner at my friend's tonight so will try to be good when im there - hopefully will feel well enough to eat a little bit of the certainly lovely food he'll make!!

feel so bad cos i have the kids and i cant be bothered doing ANYTHING!!!


cos i need this xxx
also im opeful that last nights excesseses dont cos t me too greatly in the weight loss department!!


cos i need this xxx
well - i didnt s/f at all today :( - i felt too ill and the shakes made life feel that bit worse lol! indulged a bit at my friends' - but was just a lot of bread really that was bad - i had like 5 thick slices cos it was fresh home baked seeded bread - so yummy , but the rest was ok, had turkey w/sage n onion stuffing - 2 slices of, 2 slices of mozzerella, an oatcake, and a few nibbley buts, like hula hoops. i think all in for a festive gathering i showed a hell of restraint lol! am very very sick of strawberry shakes so am gonna get some banana ones tomoro to vary thing - i tried the premade chocolate on before and was disgusted so will go with strawberry or banana. what do u guys think of the s/f meal bars? i thought they were one of the driest, most unnappealng things ever!!!
love the snack bars though - the caramel choc ones are my replacement mars bars! wish it was saturday sooner so i can weigh in and find out what ive lost for the week - hope its something at very least!!



cos i need this xxx
oh no! since that hangover day i have fallen off the wagon again :( why am i findingthis so dificult :( i just cant say no when i get impulses :( i think i need to focus far more on why i need to lose weight, starting afresh today, not gonna let a bad couple days turn into a bad couple weeks. bought a few workout dvds ystrday too so gonna do one every evening plus my wii fit. just wish i had more self control :(

good luck everyone, wish me luck lol - i think im gonna need it!! x


cos i need this xxx
i will grant myself the fact that im on day 14 of a heavy period, surely thats gotta contribute somewhere?!?



cos i need this xxx
did quite well today

breakfast - banana shake

snack - sf bar

lunch strawberry shake

snack - ww cookies

dinner - oven baked mini veg samosas and mini onion bagiis (sp?!)

snack - small portion caramel pudding - guessing about 200 cals

so went over by roughly 100 cals but think thats very gd for nye?!

am staying in tonight so wont have anything else. am gonna do one of my new workout dvds and some wii fit and then go to bed. 2009 has been such an awful year and all i can be iis glad that its over soon.
this year only had one high point and that was my 2nd boy being born :D that obv is the joint best day of my life, so i'll remember this year fondly for that but the rest of the year has been horrible.
it's varied between merely bloody irritating things like having a hernia when i was pregnant and having to get that operated on, to the worst news of my life - finding out my oldest boy has leukaemia, trying to deal with that, seeing him going through chemo, splitting up wth the kids' dad, my partner of 9 years...yeah , crap year...the only way is up... here's hoping

Hey hun
I hope that your are doing ok? I really wish 2010 brings you much more luck esp with ur eldest son!
Its good uve got urself back on track. I think u may have fallen off due to being on ur 14th day of a heavy period. Why has it gone on for so long hun? Mine is late at the mo.... :-S
Ive brought a hypnosis pack to help me lose weight. Its supposed to be fantastic, and everything in the pack is what u get in a real hypnosis session. Its was kinda expensive so ill keep u up to date with that. I have too brought 2 new fitness DVD's. These being, rosemary conley real results (i have all her dvds! i love her lol) and the other is 10 min solution dance mix. Cus i love to dance and its good as i can do it in 10 mins sessions.
Both u and i r staying in tonight. Im already in my PJ's & dressing gown cuddling with my doggies. Happy New Year hun. Let 2010 be much better for you. xx

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