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Coming Close to Packing In!!!


Skinny girl in a fat body
I was really p***** off at only losing 2lb this week and have cheated. Last night I had about 4 crunch creams biscuits and some grapes and tonight I have had another 2 biscuits and a snack size kit kat. I deeply regret it but could not resist any longer. I am on an AAM week (1st one) and have also had 2oz chicken and some lettuce and cucumber. I am quite full but the call of the biscuit barrell is getting louder and louder by the minute. Even though I feel so guilty, I still WANT to eat the biscuits, and bread, and eveything else in site. Help !!!:cry::cry:
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No dont do that......you just got look at like this.....CD is formulated in a way that if you let it work then you are guaranteed to lose weight.......so let the diet do wat it does best and give it a chance by not going for those biscuits.

After all the weight you have lost so far is it worth it to give up now.......hang in there. You've done great so far.:hug99:

Mrs Roch

Silver Member
Oh Mia, sorry to hear it's rough at the moment - are you far from goal? You can't be that far and you've done so well.

I'm sure you can ignore the biscuit barrel... you don't really want the biscuit, you just sound bit fed and and low...

Find a way to treat yourself - put Top of the Pops on BBC2, it's a Disco Special - have a twirl round the lounge...:D I have been....:D

Mrs Roch

Silver Member
Look at how quickly you've gone from 13st something to 12st something and now you're 11st something....

That's brilliant and how many other diets would do that for you in such a short time....

Keep at it sweet....


Skinny girl in a fat body
Thanks for your support Misstiny and Hannah. I'm nearly half way there. Was 13.10, not 11.10 and want to be 9.9 so need to lose another 29lb. Quite a lot when I write to down lol. I know I WILL get there, just a blip and this site really helps me out. Honestly, I don't know what I would do without the support you guys give me - it's the first place I turn to when I feel like this. Trouble is, I'm beginning to feel like this more and more often??? Anyway, I'll try my hardest again coz my "diet buddies" have given me the confidence I can x
You will do it.....just imagine yourself at goal and try and think of what that will feel like. And you will get there;)
Hi Mia - I know how you feel - I'm sure most of us do. I went off the rails after/during AAM - I think it was the fact you were allowed a little bit of food - I couldn't seem to put the brakes on! Then went right off for 3 weeks - gained 8lbs and am now on day 4 back on the wagon, struggling away. (Just had a staring match with a bowl of leftover home-made macaroni cheese and glad to report I emerged the victor....ie didn't succumb!) However I have lost 7 of the 8 already! And I am kicking myself because if only I'd stuck to it, I'd probably be another 20lbs down by now! Anyway this post isn't supposed to be about ME ... what I am trying to say is, stick with it, start afresh tomorrow, grit your teeth and hang on .... and don't delay your success any longer! It is hellish hard but it WILL be worth it - think of your wee slinky black number at the Office christmas do ths year!


Silver Member
good luck mia xxx :grouphugg:


Skinny girl in a fat body
Thanks girls. I have to be in the airport for 4.00 a.m. this Monday morning and because you cant take liquids on the plane ect and I couldn't face vegetable soup at 3.00 a.m. when I get upI have had a chicken kebab tonight. I'm full and am out of ketosis anyway so I had it.

Mrs Pink, I know how you feel. I am eating more and more and I can feel it getting a hold of me already. I MUST STOP NOW. I am away for a couple of days and will be back late Wednesday night so my plan is to have my tetra's through the day and a bit protein at night. That's the plan ........ hope I have the willpower to see it through


Skinny girl in a fat body
Hiya Mrs. Pink

Had a week off and restarted yesterday, so now on day 2. I feel absolutely fine. Nothing like the first time round for me. I heard it was harder second time around, but thankfully for me it hasn't been. I've been prepared for the headaches and hunger pangs and really they have been nothing compared to first time. I really want to get back into it even for another 3 weeks coz I go on holiday on 23rd August. Weigh in tomorrow night so see how much I've put on but fingers crossed not too much. I'm in ketosis already so hopefully I've caught it.

Thank you so much for asking. How are you today? x
Hi Mia,
Pleased to hear your in a better place now, you CAN do this, keep with it your doing so well !!!
Have a good week xxxxxxx

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