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Cross Stitch Crazies

Miss Mango

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I know we've had threads on cross stitching before but I thought it might be fun to have a new one where we can share photos of our work, chat and swap ideas. It could be a chatter thread too.

I'd like to meet some fellow stitchers on here so get posting and sharing if you are!! :)
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Cool, I would love to see others' work on here! I cross stitched ONE picture of three balloons when I was maybe ten. Haven't done anything of the sort since! But when I'm done with college it might be nice to pick back up!

Miss Mango

Little Miss Wii Fit!
Ohhh there's only 3 of us :D I'll get some pics of my work posted up asap - I've finished some lovely stuff lately. I just love XS, I just started a new kit today, a Christmassy one - I know I must be mad :D
I love Cross stitch, dont have a lot of time to do it at the moment but I did do a baby 'sampler' for a friend of mine when his little girl was born.
i love doing unicorn cross stitches not done one in last few years though
Hi! I was just going to start up doing cross stitch again. Haven't really had much time, since going back to work after maternity leave, but decided I really want to make time to, well, make something! :) Would be great to have a place to show off I've done and see what others have done as well...plus it might motivate me to actually get back into it again!!
I started a cross stitch 2 years ago and just haven't had the time to finish it, I used to finish them in a week and sell them on ebay but since having my youngest 2 children my time is split between kids and housework, I think I will dig it out and get cracking on with it

Claire xxx

Miss Mango

Little Miss Wii Fit!
Oh its great to have a few of you in here already - I'll post up some piccies of my work soon :)
All of you girls wanting to restart stitching - you so should, its such a relaxing hobby, keeps you busy and is also rewarding when you see your finished result :)

Miss Mango

Little Miss Wii Fit!
im a cross stitch nut :D really keeps my mind of eating chocolate too :p will post some pics of my work :)
Haha, I know, I can spend hours wanting something naughty to eat but not wanting to tear myself away from my stitching so usually the craving goes off :D

Looking forward to seeing some of your work too :) xx
Hi all, I love cross stitch! Just started a new big project last night - the Footprints poem and a figure of Jesus, it is a beautiful picture. Its gonna help me avoid that fridge lol!! I'd love to see peoples work, I give a lot away as gifts but going to start taking pictures x
ooooooh Im an addict :D here are a few of mine (the owl is one hubby did) and the orange lady is my current project... I do love her -even if she is a doozy :p


and a few more :p -the swan was done by hubby too...



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I love cross stitch but i haven't done anything for a while. I have 3 nieces and i made each of them blankets, i'll have to try and find the pictures. I think i need to start something new but i can't find anything i like,
Can't wait for my exam to be over and done with so I can finish my cross-stitch :D
I've just started doing cross stitch again. Used to love it but hadn't done one for several years. I've just started a lovely picture of Cleopatra. However, it has some gold threads which look lovely but are an absolute pig to work with. The metallic gold bits somehow get tangled all the time and I keep getting seperate yellow bits within the thread where the gold has moved away from the yellow thread underneath! Any suggestions for working with gold thread greatly appreciated!


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ooooooh Im an addict :D here are a few of mine (the owl is one hubby did) and the orange lady is my current project... I do love her -even if she is a doozy :p
Love the one in the white dress

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