curious - does everyone stick to the 100g meat and 200g veg


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You need to keep an eye on the carbs, there is a section on the sns website where you can add in food and it will tell you how much you are eating. That tracker has 650 cals and 65g of carbs as the optimum to loose weight. Some people will loose if going over some will not. Personally I use my fitness pal and add as much additional food to bring me to the limits set by sns. I would however advise that you do weigh your food as it is so easy to over estimate and you need to build up ways that will help you maintain weight loss later and the easiest way to gain weight is underestimating portions. But that's just my outlook on this diet.:eek:


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Two months in and I still weigh, I need to be disciplined around food though - its a total lack of discipline that got me in this mess in the first place! Just keep an eye on the carbs x


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I don't weigh per say but I do look at the overall weight of a pack and divide it out to the amount in there. For example tesco frozen salmon steaks, 4 pack 380G whole pack. I know each steak will be at the target weight


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I do a similar thing...try to weigh where high I've yet I have 200g of lettuce based salad...IT'S LOADS!!!


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I don't weigh my protein but I do weigh my veg except lettuce.


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I have a 100g of Quorn each day, I'm a veggie obviously hence the Quorn rather than meat, I'm a lazy so and so though as my Quorn slices already come in packs of 100g so I just have a whole pack each day which is only 123 kcals and 7g carb, its a life saver though as I so need to get my teeth into something each day! Em