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DANGER: I have re-discovered shopping!!!


Fighting Demons....
Today, I was told I needed to go and buy some new work trousers as mine are litterally falling off me and the MD nearly fell over himself cus he caught a glipse of the Spongebob Squarepants pants as I was climbing up the filing cabinet today! So I was given a couple hours off this afternoon to get to the shops before closing. So I wandered into New Look, as you do, and picked up a pair of trousers a size smaller. And they was too big. I looked at the smaller size and I was like, "damn! I is never getting into them!" and would you know it. They fit like a glove!! So two sizes smaller, I tried on a dress, which fit so nicely, but the arms were TOO BIG! Grrr. I hate poofy sleeves.

In total, I managed to buy 2 pairs of boots. Yes, I can get boots up my chubby little legs now. 1 pair was 1 size smaller. 1 pair was 2 sizes smaller. A pair of 2 size smaller trousers. Loads of stuff for halloween fancy dress and a hand blender. Yes I finally gave in!!

Oh, my credit card is not happy with me!

B x
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Fighting Demons....
Well I suppose I could work on that one! Especially as he has already given me a list of stuff he wants me to buy him from the Harley Davidson Shop in Orlando and I'm not even going till next year!

B x
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I like your boss!;)


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Hi Bek

Ohh you just wait the shopping thing gets worse and worse. I bought three pairs of boots and a pair of shoes last week eeeeek.
But its fun though!!


Fighting Demons....
Oh yes. I LOVE shopping. It is a lot of fun. I don't think that my bank manager will like me to continue to have fun in this way on a long term basis though!!
Loving my new trousers though. It's brilliant. I stand up and don't have to pull my trousers back up!

Possibly will invest in a belt though . . .

B x


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I am holding of going shopping until I lose 2 stone, its another goal to keep me going. My jeans which are a size 18 are really baggy I can pull them up and down without having to touch the button or zip! So that's good. One of the factors which made me want to lose weight was that I stopped going shopping I would come out of the shop having tried things on and nothing fitted I just gave up. Bought size 18 from Next and tesco if I was desperate. I love fashion and enjoy putting outfits together and have really missed that. So looking fwd to my first shopping trip where I can get somethings from shops I LIKE!!! I dream of getting a dress & killers heals from topshop!
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Hi Bek

Ohh you just wait the shopping thing gets worse and worse. I bought three pairs of boots and a pair of shoes last week eeeeek.
But its fun though!!

Ain't that the truth!!!

It becomes like a drug - I swear!! You just can't stop!!! :D
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I would suggest one thing however ladies (and men) - don;t rush out and buy yourelves alot of new, off the shelf - you will go through your moeny like wildfire. Sizes will start changing before you even have a chance to wear some things!!!

I did all my diet shopping on ebay and in local charity shops - and I have ended up with a wonderful wardrobe - lots of Karen Millen, Jane Norman, Per Una - all sorts, for a pittance!

But had to give a lot away as they got too big very very quicly. I was glad I was not throwing out retail value. WOuld have bankrupted me. :)

Same advice from me. I've had such fun finding real bargains in charity shops. Some things still brand new.
Never been possible before, they hardly have anything in size 30 do they?
:bliss::bliss::bliss::bliss::bliss:SHOP TILL YOU DROP!!
Yes, you're right - charity shops will be the answer on the way down! Thinking about it there's a few clothes over the past few years I've taken to charity shops that I bought that were too tight and was determined to slim into and never did so gave away (some never worn) when clearing out or moving.

I love your trouser story bekimo, and in such a short time too. I have 2 pairs of trousers too small for me that I've taken out of my suitcase hidden in the cupboard and they are now hanging in my wardrobe ready for me to start wearing soon. One of my motivation targets!


Fighting Demons....
When I started LL 6 weeks ago, I trashed my wardrobes. Seriously, you have never seen such carnage in your life. I have been avoiding it ever since. Anyway, as the boys had taken up residence watching football last night, I decided to have a bit of a tidy. It was a little Aladins Cave of clothes. I think I am set now until Christmas! So many sizes. I think I will have fun trying them all on this weekend seeing what fits and what doesnt yet and what I can now give away! And I am able to take a few things to tear up for Halloween Outfit too! Yey!

B x
Ah, I have a coat for all different occasions ..... an everyday tartan duffle coat, one mac, one smart black coat, one smart brown coat and a cream waterproof/windproof one. I like to be prepared :)
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What? No leather biker jacket?

B x
Thats my department!! :D (except thay are all too big now - so when I am on my bike I still look huge. Must get new leathers as well.....through the course of this diet I have bought 2 pairs of leather trousers - and never got to wear them - went right through the sizes before I got a chance! DOH!

I have really lucked out on coats - got a nice grey Jane Norman, a brown swede/muppet fur jobby - a white one, a purple leather jacket, and a beige River Isalnd coat, all for under 50 squid! Bonus!

I love coats!

Bek - I love your new Avatar - that sa really pretty picture! :)
I think I saw the white one

Saw you briefly on Monday. Was that the white one you were wearing?
It looked good.
You won't need it for California though, will you?

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