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Day 3 blues I think...

not feeling hungry really, and v close to 1.5 litres of water so far, but the headaches really kicking in now...I'd love some energy back soon, as not getting much done at the moment.

Yawning as I type this and my monkey has just woken up, so no chance of a sneaky nap for me either. :(
Sorry to put a downer on threads, but just needed to vent a bit x
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hang in there and im sure it will get better soon. i felt really tired on day four and it got me down a little so i know how your feeling. thankfully the day after my energy returned so i have my fingers crossed that yours does too.
Thank you - I so hope you're right, with still being down with this cold - I've blown my nose so much my ear is all blocked now and i can't hear out of the right side (sorry tmi) and now the headaches kicking in, it's just a tough time I guess, but I'm not tempted by food, just could sleep for Britain and hope that these headaches disappear really soon too. xx
dont mean to put even more of a downer on it but ive been doing Cd SS for 5 weeks and im just sooo tired! i never have any energy and cant be bothered to do anything lol, i just hope it gets better!
Oh dear, that's never a good thing, I need my energy back with my little monkey. Have the headaches passed for you at the very least?x


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So strange how we all react differently to the diet.
I feel for you both Vampalicious & alexmummy07.
I never lost my energy levels and believe that the weight losses each week kept me going so much.
sja said her energy levels returned, so hope yours do too.
Just don't give up. It will pass and the weight loss is so worth it.

Good luck and keep it going. The start is the hardest.
I'm now up to 2 litres today for water, and have another 500ml bottle next to me, taken some aspirin to see if they make any difference at all. and having my first veggie soup - added some black pepper as advised on here...so just waiting for it to cool a little and then will indulge...and have one shake left for tonight then, prob a hot choc mint again, i am a lover of these at the mo xx


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Very strange Vamp about the long-term low energy... I have never had so much energy or felt so alert in ages. Not sure if that's because I am no longer bingeing daily on cake, choc and carbs, which was exhausting, or because the packs have the whole range of nutrients we need each day... anyway, they work for me, & I know a lot of other CD dieters are the same. I'm not saying I could run a half-marathon, but day-to-day I am just more switched on and I love that feeling. Hopefully Alexmummy you'll get to that stage too, once the first few difficult days are over... and remember, you're not well, and it's SOOOOOO cold out there... none of that helps!!! Hang on in there, you can do this!
I'm on Day 3 also, and took a painkiller this morning, just in case.. Seems to have worked too. May take another shortly in fact. Am feeling good today, but starting to feel a bit tired! xx
ive just realsied that this is how i felt last year when i was severley anaemic!!! think id better go to the docs and get my blood tested and start taking iron tablets again!

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