DAY ONE 28/01/13

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Char227, 28 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. Char227

    Char227 Member

    So this is the day! This morning i'm having a strawberry shake with crushed up ice, not too bad! Not sure i can cope with all that water! Wonder when my body will go on ketosis
    How is everyone getting on? Would love a buddy looking to lose 4-6 stone xx

    CW= 15 stone 8
    GW= 10 stone 10

    Week one=

    Lose 7ibs
    Get into 14's
    Walk 15 hours over 5 weeks
    Do 1000 squats
    Lost 1 stone
    Lost 18 ibs
    Get into 13's
    Lost 2 stone
    Get into 12's
    Lost 3 and a half stone
    Try small jeggings on
    Get into 11's
    Lose one more stone!!! Goal!
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  3. DrunkenPixie

    DrunkenPixie New Member

    Hi Char,

    i started yesterday also. I did 12 weeks in 2008 and lost 3 stone but it came back on when I was ill. Been struggling ever since. Now I'm heavier than ever and want to loose 3-4 stone.

    So after 3 shakes yesterday and a pounding headache (but thankfully no hunger pains) I'm all set for day two! I know if I can get to day 4 I'll feel great. Love to know how today goes for you and what shakes/soups you're enjoying!

    Kath x
  4. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    Hello ladies and welcome good luck with your weight loss journeys x
  5. weddingbelle

    weddingbelle Full Member

    Hi girls. I restarted again on 28/1/13. Have currently set myself an 8 week challenge which takes me upto my wedding...excited! How are you guys getting on. I'm starting to get achey legs and light headedness. Oh the joys of going into ketosis. If you haven't already I would try POAS today. You should hopefully see a result :) xxxxxxxx
  6. DrunkenPixie

    DrunkenPixie New Member

    Only 8 weeks to your wedding - that's bound to motivate. Fingers crossed for a big loss this week!! I've had headaches since I began but I think that's due to caffeine withdrawal. Looking out for signs of ketosis now!! Need to get some stix so I can be reassured all is going well. There seems to be barriers at every corner this time. Dads birthday last night, leaving do on Friday... Just need to get through the week. Hope it's going well for everyone else xx
  7. dupton

    dupton Member

    Day 2 for me now - I did lighterlife back in 2006 and lost 5 stone in 5 months! Did really well sustaining until I had baby #1 and baby #2 quickly after! Thankfully not returned to the high weight in 2006 but I started at 13st. 7lb and would love to get back to the NORMAL BMI of 11st 4lb - and ideally into the 10s! GOOD LUCK to you! I'll be keeping my eye on everyone here for motivational posts and pick-me-ups!

  8. weddingbelle

    weddingbelle Full Member

    Definitely a big motivator. I need to lose 2 stone by then which is totally achievable. Had a sneaky peek on my scales today and was astonished to have lost 7lb in 3 days!! It's mostly water weight the first week but I'm extremely happy to weigh that much less already. I was even wearing jeans! I did nearly crack tonight though had the most horrendous tummy rumbles. A pint of water and a shake has now gotten rid of that problem thank god! It's difficult when you have occassions to attend isn't it. I'm going to a funeral tomorrow which undoubtedly means a buffet at the wake. I'm going to steer well clear! xxxxxx
  9. dupton

    dupton Member

    Did you steer clear of the Buffet Weddingbelle?
  10. weddingbelle

    weddingbelle Full Member

  11. dupton

    dupton Member

    Week 1 and 7lbs off!

    Delighted to be back in the 12s but hope I won't be here for long....that is I want the number to continue going down - not up!

  12. weddingbelle

    weddingbelle Full Member

    It's all in the mind.You will do it just stay focused on your ultimate goal xxxxxx
  13. weddingbelle

    weddingbelle Full Member

    How's everyone getting on? xxxxx

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