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day two!


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I made it to day two! wooowahh!

mouth feels crap still, and i have a headache, but i feel good.
Weighed my self, 22nhalf!! so 7lbs lost? is that right?
feel really good, nearly slipped up in night, but didnt! :)

going for some photos toke today :( they wouldnt let us do it at a later date :cry:
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Hi Kimmie, day 2 for me too. Yesterday wasn't as bad as i thought it would be and fingers crossed today will be okay as well. Kids off school due to the strike so should keep my mind off food.

Got a headache this morn, but i often wake up with headaches so dunno if it's that or the diet. Im hungry already as i would normally have my breakie at around 7 with the kids and trying to hold out till 11 ish for my 1st shake :rolleyes:.

Good luck hun, we can do this xx
Congratulations Mum and Kimmie.
You have both done so well getting over the first day.
Keep up the hard work and it will soon get much easier. :D
Congratulations Kimmie and mumto4, Ive also made it to day 2 so maybe we can be buddies! Weighed myself and Ive lost 4lbs in one day. I know its all fluid but I dont care as I have to lose weight in order to have IVF and everyday is a step closer to my dream!

Ive just gotten back from Australia where I bought a months supply of VLCD after that I will be moving onto the CD.

Found the 3 shakes quite nice, but am struggling when I have to make dinner for my DH and DS, especially watching all my toddlers left over food go into the bin!

I also have a mountain of parties to attend and am a lush by nature so dont know how I will not drink. Any advice most welcome.
Well done to you all making it to day 2 :)

Kimmie, get brushing your teeth AND TONGUE it helps, keep mouth wash on hand and the water helps too...


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Sounds good Davis, buddies i mean! (and the weight loss) I got weighed and lost 2lbs. I get weighed EVERY morning (obsessed) and always weigh the same except today. Really motivates you!!

Great to have some buddies, I really need alot of support. One thing I tend to do on every diet is reward myself with just a tiny cheat for my weight loss :doh: Of course it makes no sense but Im good at that!

Im also a compulsive weigher but find that if I lean the wrong way on my scales I get a different reading everytime. Might have to invest in some good scales.

Well I am off to have my breakfast shake, have been drinking mountains of peppermint tea and black tea and coffee to try and last this long without breakfast. Its no easy feat when you have been up since 5.30am.
Well done guys on making it to day 2. Im on day 3 now and its gets easier from here. I know its good to see the weight dropping off, but standing on the scales everyday could dishearten you if one day the is not a lose, as over the coming weeks your weight may slow down to 3lb if not less in a week. Try to see if you can last a week without weighin, the result is normally far greater than weighing everyday. I weighed on tuesday (being my first day) and i was dieing to get on the scales this morning but i haven't waiting till next Tuesday to hopefully get a nice surprise.

Good Luck keep at it.



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well done kim
was day 1 as bad as you thought?
day 2 was the worst for me but after that it gets a lot better
Hey - am on day 4 now - woooooo!
suffered from really bad nausea on day 2 and 3 but have been told its better from here and i woke up today feeling fine and with a surprising amount of energy.
was going to wait a whole week to weigh myself but shad a sneaky check on the scales this morn and have lost 6lbs since monday - such good motivation to keep it up now!
good luck to all other starters! x


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hey there! i would love diet buddies! so anyones welcome lol

Just toke before pics, and some in bra and pants, not kidding you i could be sick, its the most shockin pics ever. feel bit down, now i know i cant stop this diet!
todays fine =] had shake and soup, not hungry, trying to drink enough water!
brought some ketostix from boots, and im light pink atm, so not in ketosis yet =[ bad headaches coming and going though, sign i may be going into it?
tbh its not half as hard as i thought the first few days would be.
I seem to "forget" im dieting!, i said to adam ohh shall we go kfc, he shouted at me lol and i realised i am! when wil that stop? the little voice in my head is trying to make me eat, but i havent! so proud of myself imo. i just made adam beans on toast! omg looked so nice, and thinkin about it now my mouth drooling, but i didnt touch it!
Hello, can I join and be a diet buddy too!

Im on day four and have honestly not had headaches or really any symptoms. Drinking about 4L per day but am having skimmed milk in tea and coffee (about 4 cups per day) can't have it black.

I haven't weighed myself, waiting for next Monday. Feel clothes are a bit looser and not sure if in ketosis. Breath tastes foul tho!
Its just reflex thinking of food as normal, it will pass :)

As far as I know if you get any reading on a ketosis stix you are in ketosis.... its like a pregnancy test a line no matter how light is a positive :)


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hey ho..
if you are light pink. thats ketosis honey.. the darker it is.. the worse.. means you havnt got enough water in your system..

x x
Becky 85: I cannot believe you lost 14lbs in your first week. You have given me sooooo much hope! I am on day one. How much time should you allow between shakes?
I have a dodgy tummy after one and I'm only half a day in - any tips?


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qustion: instead of feeling cold, can u feel hot? im sweating like a pig! not in ketosis yet =[


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its the lightest pink lol i thought it had to be dark pink?

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