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Days without a binge/ Food Journal

I have had some trouble with avoiding the binge friday. So I will be posting my food journal and days without binge count on here. Thank you
01/18/2011- Oatmeal, bannana, orange, cucumber, sweet potato and black beans, 1 cup fat free plain yogurt, whole wheat pasta with tofu and a little sauce, grapefruit, lettuce. Days without binge- 2
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Oatmeal, banana, orange, red pepper stuffed with more black bean and sweet potato mash, 1 piece french bread, banana, quinoa with roasted vegetables and a chicken sausage. Days without binge- 3
Thank you for your support, I have never gone more than 7 days without a binge, so I hope to make it this time.
Oatmeal, grapefruit, raisins and nuts, a sandwich with tofu (broiled) and humus, a piece of french bread, an orange, some pineapple, cucumber, and tortellini with a sauce of canned tomatoes with broccoli. I wanted to binge today but because of this forum I stayed strong, so thank you. Days without binge- 4


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I threw away a muffin I was given yesterday after changing my mind about eating it as I didn't want to admit to it today!
You are doing really well, keep going!
Being responsible for food choices has made me eat better, but today I had a small slip up
Oatmeal, tofu sandwich, raisins and nuts, grapefruit, plain nonfat yogurt, Quinoa and fish with a banana and a pear, but then 2 cookies, a small piece of chocolate, and a piece of french bread. Luckily I brushed my teeth before a real binge began, days without binge - 5, thanks to this forum.
Not a great day, but still no binge. Oatmeal, nonfat plain yogurt, banana, peanut butter sandwich, raisins, orange, bread, salad, pasta, and pizza. Days without binge- 6.
I am struggling to not binge. Today I had Oatmeal, grapefruit, sweet potato, apple, carrot, 1 cup yogurt, banana, apple, bread, pasta with beans, and 2 homemade muffins. Days without binge 7, but I miss my binge Fridays.
This is getting difficult, I want to binge so badly, and I had another very close call today. Oatmeal, tofu sandwich, grapefruit, raisins and nuts, yogurt, salad, quinoa with vegtables and fish. But then 5 digestive biscuits and a homemade muffin. I am about to start binging, days without binge- 8.
I had an ok day today. I started with oatmeal, then grapefruit, tofu sandwich, raisins and nuts, sweet potato, banana, orange, muffin, 1 digestive biscuit, bread with meat and vegetables. I could go for a good binge though, I just envision myself weighing less, but what gets you motivated? Days without binge- 9.
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Well done on your progress! You're doing really well xxxx
Thank you for your words of encouragement, it's nice to know someone is reading. Today I had oatmeal, red pepper stuffed with sweet potato and black beans, two oranges, a bannana, half a grapefruit, pasta with salmon and some cauliflower in sauce, 4 pieces of bread and a cup of yogurt. It sounds like a binge, but in reality I ate fewer than 2200 calories today. Days without binge- 10, 4 more until my goal.
Bad day, I was snowed in all day, got bored, ate, and shoveled, then ate some more. Oatmeal, banana, 2 oranges and carrot, 8 biscuits, 5 pieces of bread, some jam, soup, a little cake, yogurt, and a chicken thigh. Almost a binge, but not quite, just bored, days without binge- 11. Need a good day tomorrow.
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Keep going hun...you're nearly there! You CAN do it!! Xx
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This is a great way to get motivation, by writing down and letting people see what you are eating. I think it's a great idea! And you're doing really really well, keep it up and I'm sure you're going to make it to day number 14.
You're doing so so well, don't fall at the last hurdle!
Thank you for your nice remarks. Unfortunately, I fell at the last hurtle. To understand why I need a days without binge countdown, I need to inform you of how I started dieting. I am from the states, and I am not obese; yet I could "lose a few." During the summer I began to eat a more healthful, lower calorie diet. And I found that by eating some junk on Fridays, I could make it through the week eating the good stuff. But it began to snowball, and next thing i know I am eating bowl after bowl of cereal, and my weight loss stopped. So for my new years resolution I decided to go just 14 days without binging at a time, but it fell through last night.
Oatmeal, lunch, pretzel, banana, hot cocoa, dinner of pasta and tomatoes and feta cheese, 2 tortilla wraps filled with jam, brownie, and 6 bowls of cereal (1 cup granola, 1 cup skim milk). This was a binge, I ate for pleasure, not for fuel. I feel terrible, not only because I physically hurt, but also because I let the community down that took the time to write such nice, supportive comments on my blog.
Oatmeal, 2 oranges, 2 carrots, pasta with tomato and cheese, small brownie, quinoa and kidney beans,small amount of yogurt.
Good day, days without binge- 1. Here I go again.
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Don't beat yrself up over it! So not worth it, and don't worry about letting people down on here who have left nice comments! We all have our own problems with food...we wouldn't be on this site otherwise... so we are the last people to be in a position to judge! We're human, and we're allowed to cock up!
You have started again, well done you! Let's see if we can do it this time...if not we'll try again x. Good luck hun xx