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Dear dukan diary....

Ok so I have now been on dukan for three weeks. I have lost 10lbs which I know is awesome as according to my "dukan" weight I have another 10 to lose - I would actually be happy (I think) with another 6 or 7..... Anyhow, I digress! I lost a lot in attack (7lbs) so basically only lost another three over the last two or so weeks which is making me a tad disheartened..... I think there could be room for improvement with my menus so I am going to write everything down and see what works and what doesn't.....

Today's meals are:

B - Galette, rhubarb and 0% total yoghurt
L - omlette - two eggs, red onion, tomato, one grilled mushroom
D - dukan cottage pie (I am writing out the ingredients so people can correct me - extra lean mince, onion, tinned tomatos, mushrooms, low salt beef stock, tomato puree (tolerated?!?!) topped with cauliflour and BNS mash
Snacks may be a bit of tuna if I get hungry and maybe some sugar free jelly although I am trying to steer clear of the artificial sweeteners....

Drinks will be stacks of water - over 2lt.

So a BIG hello to anyone reading and please do pull me up if you think there is room for improvement along the way! :)

Emma xxx
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Emma I think you are eating very well, eating plenty of stuff and varied too. YOu have a low BMI and have not very much to lose so I am sure your weight loss will be gradual because of this. The diet was originally for obese people who tend to do better cos of the sheer amount they have to lose. I am one of those for sure!!!LOL. Keep going, it will be worth it in the end. Best wishes and good luck.
Thanks v much trudy. I know it's a case of slow and steady - just sometimes difficult to remember that so good to get a reality check! Thanks for checking my food too x
Weighed this morning and 1.25 lbs off overnight - no idea how as had a pv day but did exercise quite a lot... Anyway, pp today which I hate when I'm at work...

B - scrambled eggs with a tiny bit of slimmed milk oh and a sugar free jelly - woke up with a really sore throat and craving jelly!
L - chicken - I usually buy half a cooked one from sainsbury - what are peoples thoughts on those??
Dinner galette and prawns.
Snacks - 0% total yoghurt with a bit of jelly powder

I do a gym class on a Monday night which starts at 8 so am going to try and get home early and have my galette beforehand - otherwise my energy is always v low on a pp day!

Hope everyone else is being good - count down to Christmas and avoiding the carbs and festive treats!!! X
It may be your expectation of what you should weigh is too low, rather than anything you are doing wrong, the calculator could be way out. 10lb in 3 weeks is awesome when you started in a healthy BMI range in the first place. Your stats say you're at a very healthy weight already. Would it help to look at toning up rather than anymore loss if you're unhappy with your body shape? Is there an area of your body that bothers you in particular?
Hi smallerme. I think my expectations are reasonable given the weight I've maintained at in the past (around 9 stone) and the Dukan weight (8 stone 11) I think unfortunately I am just too impatient as I've lost quickly in the past. I have so much admiration for people with more to lose and feel silly moaning - I guess we're just never happy!! I did go to the gym and have my body fat measured and where I am storing fat in particular (back of arms) the instructor said is down to diet. My diet was honestly terrible before (easily three chocolate bars a day) and loads of other sugar and carb binges so regardless of weight I really felt like I needed to sort myself out to avoid problems in the future. Anyway, thanks v much for stopping in... I guess slow and steady wins the race! X


** Chief WITCH **
I can understand that your instructor said your "flabby" bits were down to "diet", but I can't imagine he thought you'd then launch yourself into a diet like Dukan.

I'd move onto Conso and get your loss to date consolidated and stabilised, if I were you. Then perhaps look at eating more healthily overall.
Hi maintainer - why do u think that? My instructor actually thought it was a good diet to do to get control again as I really was all over the place in terms of choices and bingeing on all sorts of rubbish. The Dukan website recommends I stabilise at 8.11 - I would be happy with 9 or even 9 stone 3 or 4 so think I will keep going for a little while longer at least
Hello Diary.... so a good PP day for me today, which I am particularly pleased with as I wasn't looking forward to it AT ALL. Anyway, felt like I had more energy than usual and didn't really crave anything too naughty! Stuck to my planned meals apart from had chicken instead of prawns for dinner.... Just got back from the gym so feeling shatttteeerrred and ready for bed!

Hope everyone else is having a good evening :)
Wow I am a proper hungry hippo today! Think it might be the exercise kicking in. I really need to stock up on some dunkan friendly snacks for work tomorrow. Need to resist the vending machine!!
Pp day for me today...

B galette and two boiled eggs - yum yum
L roast chicken
D king prawns
Snacks - total yoghurt, chicken breasts
Drinks - lots of green tea and water

According to the scales I have lost another 1.5 lbs which I'm v pleased with. I've been upping my exercise, cutting down on dairy and diet coke and trying to up my water - maybe it's just a fluke or maybe it's working! Still feeling positive either way and I wore trousers yesterday and my boyf said I looked v slim so all good!!

Hope everyone else is being good and feeling positive! X
Surviving my pp day ok today - busy at work which helps a lot! Even went to the gym this morning early so thought I'd be starving but so far so good. Fingers crossed the munchie monsters dont come out tonight.

Actually when I think about it, I seem to feel better on pp days than pv days - maybe the pv days stock me up well - no idea!
Very proud of myself today - was on a course at work and there were soooooo many treats and chocolates. I was also facilitating a couple of sessions so feeling nervous - usually I would have stuffed my face all day and felt grim but I actually managed to resist AND I didn't actually feel too deprived - felt I have "accepted" the way of eating almost if that makes sense. One day at a time but going well...


B tomato and onion omelette
S total yoghurt and slice of Dukan bread
Lunch salad with chicken
D Thai green chicken with broccoli

Feeling a bit picky so might have to go to bed!! X
You did really well to get through those challenges, your meals sound nice too.
Soooo yesterday was pp. After all my goodness on Thursday I put on a lb! Outrageous ;) I think it was too much diet coke and eating my dinner late. Anyway, lb has disappeared today so I've lost a total of 2.5lb this week which I'm v happy with. Think keeping things "cleaner" and more exercise is working but then again, weight loss never seems to have much logic so maybe it's just a fluke!

Today is a pv day. Just made myself a galette with boiled eggs (pretending it's eggs and soldiers) which was v nice and then im off to the gym!

It's mine and my boyfs anniversary today so he's taking me to the theatre and dinner. I've already decided to have a drink ( I know shocked!) as I want to relax and enjoy it - no alcohol has touched my lips for four weeks and I have been 100% on diet.... Not sure why I am coming out with all these excuses - we all know booze is BAD and I will probably be crying next week when I have a gain!!!
Rednicola said:
Happy anniversary enjoy your day and well done on 2.5 off xx
Thanks Nicola - and well done on doing all that exercise! xx :)

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