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Debbie's Food Diary..... newbie so need all the help I can get.

Monday - first day.....
Extra Easy.....
Breakfast - lean ham, spring onion and mushroom omelette (cooked in fry light and 2 eggs) served with beans.
Lunch - Bachelors savoury rice served with various vegetables stir fried in Fry Light.
Dinner - chicken curry made with chicken fillet, vegetables, chick peas and spices and Co-op half fat creme fraiche (1 syn per tablespoon- so 4 syns) served with boiled rice.
Drinks all day - water, Pepsi Max
Syns will be:- 28g Frosties (5 syns), milk from Healthy A and Ryvita Goodness Bar (healthy B).

Tuesday - extra easy
Breakfast - Quorn sausages, beans, mushrooms (fry light)and egg (fry light)
Lunch - Veggie burger (1 syn), wholemeal roll (HEB), salad, 28g cheddar (HEA), 1 tablespoon Hellmans (oh poop, it was the full fat one and not lite, wondered why it tasted so nice lol) - 5.5 syns
Dinner- lean steak grilled, couscous,corn on the cob, carrot and parsnip
Syns -2 teaspoons butter (4 syns)
Drinks all day - water, pepsi max
Fruit all day - grapes, bananas etc
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Your food choices look good for today Debs - make sure you have your syns though! Try not to go below 5 a day and try to have 10-15 as then, when and if you hit a plateau, you have something to cut down on.
Jay xx
Wednesday - Extra Easy
Breakfast.... Quorn sausages, mushrooms and egg (FryLight).
Lunch..... cous cous salad (cucumber, tomatoes, sweetcorn etc) lean ham
Dinner....chicken omelette, veg, boiled rice
Syns... oops... none
Healthy Extras - milk (A), Wholemeal Roll (B)
Snacks - grapes, banana, Mullers
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Thursday - extra easy
Breakfast - 42g bran flakes (HEB), milk (HEA) and 1 tablespoon sugar (3 syns)
Lunch - pasta and tuna salad (pasta, sweetcorn, beetroot, onion, tuna)((1 tablespoon Hellmans Lite - 2 syns)
Dinner - Chilli Con Carne with potato wedges(lean mince, peppers, onions, chilli and tin of tomatoes)
Friday - EE
Breakfast- 42g bran flakes(HEB), milk(HEA), banana
Lunch - pasta n sauce and veg
Dinner - meal out with friends so going to stick to lean steak and potatoes and veg
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Hi Debbie,
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but.....

You only get 28g bran flakes as a HE. Oh and one ryvita with it.

oh poops....it must be All Bran then.
Oh noooooo. :cry:
Thanks for pointing that out for me.... I would have carried on eating 42g every morning. lol
Saturday - EE
Breakfast - 28g Bran Flakes(HEB), milk (HEA), 1 spoon sugar (3 syns)
Lunch - Tesco pasta in sauce chicken and wine (0.5 syn)
Dinner - home made shepherds pie (lean mince, potatoes, carrots, onions etc) and selection of veg
Dessert - Banana and Chocolate dessert (from new mag- 1.5 syns)
Syns - 1x Bacardi Breezer half sugar blueberry (5 syns)
Snacks - Mullerlights, fruit
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Sunday - EE
Breakfast - Mushroom and Spring Onion Omelette, beans
Lunch - Prawn and potato salad (prawns, baby potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes etc, 1 spoon Hellmans Lite 2 syns)
Dinner - chicken, potatoes, vegetables, 2 teaspoon butter (4 syns)
glass of milk (HEA)
Snacks - fruit, mullers, 2x Alpen Lite bars (HEB)
Monday - Extra Easy
Breakfast - oops - none, overslept
Brunch(about 11.30) - chicken savoury rice, selection of vegetables
Dinner - roast chicken (skin off),
100g Tesco finest jumbo wedges (1.5syns), selection of vegetables
Snacks - 2x Alpen Lite (HEB), sachet of Options (2 syns), milk (HEA), Mikado sticks (0.5 syns)
Tuesday - Extra Easy
Breakfast - 3 egg mushroom and red onion omelette and beans
Lunch - chicken salad (Hellmans Lite 1 tbsp - 2syns)
Dinner - stew (beef and vegetables) glass of milk (HEA)
Gravy - 2 syns
Snacks - 3 mikado (0.5 syns) Alpen Lite bars (HEB)
Wednesday - Extra Easy
Breakfast - lean bacon, mushrooms and beans
Lunch - tuna salad (1x Hellmans Lite = 2 syns)
Dinner - chicken omelette, peas, beansprouts (chinese takeaway-too scared to order anything else lol), glass of milk (HEA)
Snacks - 2 x Alpen Lite bars (HEB), 3 Mikado (0.5 syns), 1 x Frys Turkish Delight Bar (9.5 syns) well it IS Desperate Housewives night. lol. Fruit and water all day long.
total syns = 12
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Back on track today...
Breakfast - Bran Flakes (HEB) and semi skimmed milk (HEA)
Lunch - pasta n sauce
Dinner - bacon, egg(fry light) and SW chips and beans
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Friday - Extra Easy...
Breakfast - 2 slices lean bacon, egg and left over baby potatoes all fried in fry light, and beans
Lunch - Pasta n sauce, sauteed mushrooms (fry light), 2 slices chicken
Dinner - Jersey Royals(oh yum), BIG lean steak, salad
Extras - 1 tablespoon Hellmans Lite - 2 syns, 2 teaspoons butter - 4 syns
Having problems finding a HEA and a HEB today, will edit later....
Saturday - Extra Easy

Saturday - EE
Breakfast - left over potatoes fried in Fry Light, lean bacon, and egg (Fry Light)
Lunch - lean cooked ham salad with Jersey Royals, 1 tbsp Hellmans Lite (2 syns)
Dinner - spaghetti and meatballs (lean mince, onions, passatta and herbs), 28g cheddar (HEA)
Extras - 2x Alpen Lite bars (HEB)
Syns - Turkish Delight - 9.5 syns
Fruit, Mullerlights and a ton of water during the day
11.5 syns all day total
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Sunday - extra easy

Sunday - Extra Easy
Breakfast - bran flakes (HEB), semi skim milk (HEA)
Lunch - left over pasta bolognaise from last night...
Dinner - roast chicken (skin off), boiled potato, baked potato, sweetcorn, cauliflower
Extras - 2 teaspoons low fat spread (2 syns), Turkish Delight (9.5 syns)
Fruit, Mullerlights and water
Total syns - 11.5
Monday - Extra Easy

Monday - Extra Easy
Breakfast - 2x Quorn and Sweet onion burgers (for breakfast.? I know lol), mushrooms and egg (Fry Light)
Lunch - beef and vegetable wrap (tortilla wrap - 6 syns, 1 tbsp Hellmans Lite - 2 syns)
Dinner - Steak,Jersey Royals, peas,carrots
Extras - 28g cheese (HEA) oil (HEB), 1 teaspoon butter (2 syns)
Total syns = 10 syns
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Hi Huney! I'd say that you're getting your head round it all nicely! Lots of different things. I find it hard sometimes with the healthy B's but you could always use a tablespn of EV olive oil to make it up. Those quorn burgers sound quite good! Yes I'd have them for breakfast! If I wasn't out at work I'd have a cooked breakfast most days, tho I sneak in a couple of omelettes. What is the texture of the QB's like? Thats what puts me off the sausages! And good girl for spreading out your syns! I tend to bank mine and I'm sure I'd lose faster if I didn't!
Thanks for that Judi, I really appreciate any feedback at all, it is nice to know what Im doing isnt too bad.
The burgers arent actually too bad. I prefer the texture of the regular Quorn burgers, the frozen ones, just plain.... but the ones with the sweet red onion are not too bad at all....they would be lovely in a roll with salad...
I really love the sausages you see, but I got the Quorn cocktail sausages last week and I couldnt stomach them at all.... :9529:
Tuesday - Extra Easy
Breakfast - left over Jersey Royals and lean bacon all fried in Fry Light..
Lunch - cooked ham salad, (1 tbsp Hellmans Lite - 2 syns)
Dinner - tagliatelle, bacon pieces, onions, mushrooms, garlic and free fromage frais, 28g cheddar (HEA), 1 tablespoon olive oil (HEB)
Extras - strawberries, grapes, banana, Mullerlights
Syns - Discovery Tortilla wrap - 6 syns, 3xMikado(0.5 syns)
Total syns all day - 8.5

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