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DECEMBER Mini Challenge

:wave_cry:Doesn't time fly by, the 1st of December is tomorrow.

I know there are lots of challenges going at the moment, but I thought a mini one for December would be good. I started too late to join the November one, and I would like a mini challenge to see me through the most tempting month of the year.

This isn't a race, we should make our own targets - as different people have different amounts to lose & different CD diet plans over the festive season. We can make up New Year Revolutions. 2009 is going to be a very different year for me - I won't meet my goal for many months, but I hope it will be a very special year for me & a new chapter in my life.

****From the 1st of December to the 31st of Dec - I want to lose a stone.****


Blueeyes26 - 14 lbs
Angie-bum - 5 lbs (3lbs lost)
x-Katie-x - 18 lbs
Sylvie86 - 25 lbs (5lbs lost + 5lbs lost)
Wizzbang - 14 lbs
Dieting Rambler - 14 lbs (4lbs lost + 5lbs lost)
Francesmag - 10 lbs
Snowbaby - 6-8 lbs
Fluffybluecat - 14 lbs
Christy75x - 14 lbs
Nightpaz - 12 lbs (6lbs lost)
Miss Piggy - 10 lbs (2.5lbs lost + 3lbs lost)
Mooee - 14 lbs (7lbs lost + 2lbs lost)
Abigirl234 - 8 lbs
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Angie - you look amazing. I saw your skinny jeans yesterday & you loved gorgeous. You are blessed with fab pins.
(At the moment I am so embarrassed about my body, I won't put a full-length photo of my body or full face on the forum - hopefully that will change soon - I have put a photo of my ankle as my avatar at the moment, as I get thinner I'm going to move up my body until there's a photo of my full body & face)
Thankyou very much =) ....and you've got fab ankles!

Mine are not so good which is why I hide them in boots
I'll join this - as my 1st weigh in will fall in December (should hopefully be a good loss) I'll set my goal as 18lbs
Hi girls, this is the thread I have been waiting for.
I would like to lose a stone in December, bringing my loss to just over 4 stone by christmas. If I do it by december 25th I will have a couple of days off till new year then start again.

Good Luck everybody xx

Dieting Rambler

Size 14 Here I Come!
I will be losing a stone in December... (power of positive thought;))
I would like to lose another stone so count me in please.
Want to lose around 14 pounds - would like to be at lower end of 15 stone range or better still high end 14 stone range by end of year.
I have been waiting to join a challenge! Thanks for starting it! I would love to lose.... 10lbs
Not too bad ---- just cooooolllllllldddddd.... diet going well, just about to have a soup so hopefully that'll warm me up. Not doing as well on the water as I should today so gonna go glug another pint now.

Lost 10.5lb at my first weigh in last night so that's good towards my mini challenge target :)

Hope everyone else is having a good December ......
My day is alright, freeeeeeezing. I am struggling to concentrate on some Uni work.. Will have to wake up at 3am to try and tackle it. Diet is going well, 2 packs down 2 to go. I will be happy with a loss of 6lbs or more this week. 3 more days to weigh in.

I am peeing ketones too so it's always a good thing, shows me that the diet is working.
Katie - that is such an amazing loss.

I'm freezing too & I am finding it hard to drink all the water as it's so cold. I've been so lazy as I've had 2 weeks off work (holiday time) anf I'm back to boring work on monday :cry:

I used to find when I was at sixth form & uni - I was most productive in the early hours of the morning. I used to like cat naps in the early evening aswell.

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