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  1. DeeCe

    DeeCe Silver Member

    How cheeeeky of me!! TWO DIARIES! I wanted to keep up to date on JUDDD Forum as well, plus get a bit more feedback! So I'm gonna try & keep two diaries updated.. :eek: ssssshhh!!

    Here is pretty much a cop of my other post to keep me up to date! :D

    Wednesday Day 23

    Okay, a little disappointed in myself. I failed yesterday, ended up having a little dark chocolate :( :eek: which meant I went a little over calories..

    Today I feel a bit, funny. Not sad but I feel "big" , I don't think it's because of my slip up...:sigh: I think it's just one of thosedays .. usually I wake up feeling skinny, and my stomach feels flat, this morning I feel big & heavy & a little bloated which I haven't felt in ages!

    I haven't been toilet. Maybe this is the reason, I need more fibre maybe? I am glad I'm on a normal day though, & gym tonight which usually makes me feel good!


    View attachment 62186 Chorizo Scrambled eggs with grilled asparagus! yum yum yum! (268 calories)

    L: Almong & parmesan crusted cod nuggets with a broccoli & spinach "salad" (386 calories)

    View attachment 62187

    Snacks: "Fudgie baby" (homemade little ball of dates, nuts & dark choc) (59 calories)

    I seems to embracing this UP day! at least my snacks are sorta healthy & primal.. had 3 more "fudgies"

    (177 calories) but looking okay so far!!
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  3. hannata

    hannata I can haz cake?

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    I have those days too, even though I'm losing weight and I can feel like I'm losing weight, I just feel as big as a house....!
  4. Emilyx

    Emilyx Silver Member

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    Hey I also have those days, for me I've found it to be carbs that do it for me & eating late at night. It could be just one of those things though that everyone goes through. I also didn't go toilet for about a week :/

    Hope you have a good gym session :) xx
  5. DeeCe

    DeeCe Silver Member

    thanks guys! I always feel guilty eating late at night too! It feels naughty.. I'm trying to put most of my cals into meals..

    Lunch was so nice though, cheered me up a bit! Fish tasted so light and so fresh :)
  6. DeeCe

    DeeCe Silver Member

    Chicken!.jpg < My dinner last night :) burnt the tenderstem broccoli but it was so so yummy!! :)

    To summarise yesterdays UP Day!

    B: Chorizo Scrambled Egg - 268 calories
    L Almond& Parmesan Cod "nuggets" with Broccoli & spinach "salad" - 386 calories
    Snacks: Blueberries, raspberries & my homemade "fudgies" - 285 calories
    Pre-gym: Banana, protein powder & almond milk shake & a coffee with cream - 234 calories

    Weights :D & interval run!

    D: Garlic & lime chicken with tenderstem & courgette - 355 calories
    Before bed: Protein powder - 93 calories

    I had about 1621 calories, which for me is good! I probably need to eat a bit more though!

    Today I am feeling a little better, strangely though, my ladytime seems to want to start early?!?!! I'm on the pill and don't finish my pack til next Tuesday, but cramps, trickle of blood (TMI I KNOW!) is weird! I kinda am scared to weigh tomrrow due to bloating & not having been to the loo!

    Trying to starve off hunger today ;) teas/coffees etc, I'm not massively hungry, and I'm hoping it will help the bloating feeling..
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  7. DeeCe

    DeeCe Silver Member

    I was debating whether to eat lunch.. but I might go for a jog later so I thought it best.

    Now I'm hungrier? :grumble:

    But I shall drink water & let it subside!

    Thursday - Down Day

    B: Green tea - 1 calorie
    L: Small, tiny cod fillet & asparagus - 67 calories (seriously haha!)

    Afternoon coffee & cream - 61 calories
    + a pink lady apple - 53 calories!
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  8. DeeCe

    DeeCe Silver Member

    I think I've dôme well today :) seemed to have enough energy for the gym.. weights & an interval run and I felt fiiiine!

    Had a coffee before - 4 calories
    A naked cashew cookie bar - 143 calories

    Haven't felt hungry since so had my protein shake - 93 calories!

    Just sipping a cleansing herbal tea before bed and my calorie round up is about 421 calories...

    Not too shabby & I have felt better today & will take on those wise words from my other thread :D

    Night to anyone reading! x x
  9. naz

    naz Full Member

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    Calorie counting
    Night dee xx
  10. DeeCe

    DeeCe Silver Member

    Friday - UP Day

    + 1lb this morning but there are a lot of things to consider here..

    I'm due on beginning of this week.. (although I will weigh on Monday..)
    I am still a little congested! :eek:
    I went to the gym last night & upped my weights.. & muscles retain water after a workout ;)

    BUT NSV! Although my measurements don't seem to have changed? I put on a pair of denim shorts just for the hell of it this morning, they were a bit tight & wouldn't do up..

    I probably need to eat more on an UP day too.. no where near 2000 tbh :\ especially with exercise

    now, they fit! Comfortably :D :D could probably be a smidge looser but woohooo!!

    B: Honey muffins :) with blueberries & coffee with cream - 509 calories

    L: Sweet potatoe hash with chorizo & chicken + broccoli - 313 calories

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  11. jelly2010

    jelly2010 Full Member

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    Now they sound goooood * drools

    Well done on the NSV x
  12. DeeCe

    DeeCe Silver Member

    Thanks :)

    it's a Paleo/Primal recipe I adjusted it a little bit using almond milk/flour & butter instead of coconut stuff lol!
  13. Faith_111

    Faith_111 Silver Member

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  14. DeeCe

    DeeCe Silver Member

    Had an apple as a snack... 45 calories

    My dinner :)


    Sausage casserole with cauliflower rice & asparagus! 473 calories

    & since everyone is talking about it, a nice glass of sweet red wine - 168 calories

    + my small slice of cake which must be 200-250? Which takes me to about ummm 1800 to 1850

    Not bad!
  15. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

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    Yummmmmm :D

    P x
  16. DeeCe

    DeeCe Silver Member

    It really was & filling. Quite literally had to stuff cake in my face..
  17. DeeCe

    DeeCe Silver Member

    Mmmm.. another UD today as I DD on Sundays ;) well try to but tomorrow I plan on using some SnS shakes/packs to get me through it, & I should be at the gym so most of my day I wont be stuck indoors boredom eating :D :eek:


    B: Honey pancake & a sausage (actually really good together, must be honey & pork mix) - 404 calories
    + coffee with cream - 63 calories
  18. Faith_111

    Faith_111 Silver Member

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    Think I'm going to have to only read your diary on my UP days, your food pics are too nice!!! Hope you're having a fab day x
  19. DeeCe

    DeeCe Silver Member

    Dinner Saturday we did our own ribs :) with roasted veg & sweet potatoe, then my & the OH both enjoyed a bit if cake :) grazing throughout the day & I'm too chilled & lazy to count cals on a Sat ;)

    Sunday :) DD

    Slim and save porridge for breakfast

    Then some weights & a run in the gym & a protein shake

    Pepsi max

    3 bits of melba toast and slim & save meal..


    Came to about 460-70 calories I think
  20. DeeCe

    DeeCe Silver Member

    This is what I love about a diary. I get say my frustrations.

    So I weighed this morning & I am up another 2lbs.. taking me just a pound under where I started... I'm comforting myself by thinking I can't have put two pounds of fat on over night... But a little put off. I'll try not to let it bother me..
  21. DeeCe

    DeeCe Silver Member

    Monday - UP Day

    B: Sweet Honey Omelette with a Black Farmer Sausage & blueberries - 410 calories :D


    Coffee with cream - 60 calories

    L: Macadamia crusted chicken with salad of lettuce, tomatoes & spring onion & some broccoli on the side - 411 calories

    snack: pistachio nuts - 84 calories
    a bit of dark chocolate - 53 calories

    Pre-gym: protein powder, banana & almond milk & coffee - 206 calories

    Good mix of weights and cardio :) used the machines for my legs & upped the weight!! Plus squats and lunges! Lots of ab work.. did interval with hill climbs on the elliptical, bike and interval running!

    D: Dijon and parsley Salmon with kale chips and asparagus (no picture had it quite late ;)) - 305 calories

    stole a cheeky bit of my Mum's fruit & nut - 75 calories

    and protein shake before bed - 93 calories

    So in total I had 1697 calories .. pretty good I think!!
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