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dinner check

i went to morrisons tonight and checked everything i put in my trolley (sure ppl were giving me funny looks-nutter ha )
i got frankfurters which were 0.1 carbs morrisons own brand and some chritzo which is carb free :)
i was marvin when i got home
so i made an omlette with a sprinkle of cheese and i put the chritzo in with it too it was LUSH
im hoping this is all ok
i cant wait to the book comes on monday so i can have a good read of it .

i also grabbed double cream so i can have one cofee in the morning il use that in allowance

is this all ok im also munching on some morrisons scatchings which r carb free too
is this ok ??

is frankfurters ok any time of the day ??
any good recipies i can make with them

thanks my lovleys

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sorry, i cant help with your queries,but i wanted to ask you.....when we check the carb amounts, do we have to take off the dietry fibre too, only that is what is in my book,but im sure i just read somewhere that we dont ?!?!!?!?!?

do you just go by the basic carb content of an item...??? thanks..
i go by carb count im sure fibre doesnt matter huni

have u used fitness pal its my saviour on this write in everything u eat it adds up all carbs what u have left for the day genius !!!!

hope this helps xxxx


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Hi Jessie

Re the frankfurters, it's prob best during Induction to avoid processed stuff and get stuck into lots of fresh meat and fish.

Camo - re the carbs, with the American labelling you have to take the fibre off to get net carbs. Here, it has already been done :D


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Jessie - did you say you on fitness pal? im on there lvllt - add me as friend and let me view diary and we can let you know how you doing - there are loads of us on there now.
PLUS why not set up a diary in the diary section at the top, thats where most of us 'hang out' :D
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That's a bit over familiar V :D:D:D

Feel free to add me on MFP too - ladyfelsham - but be warned, I'm not very good at it!


Clean green leafy machine
Love it, made me really smile :D

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