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Dominoes' SW Diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by dominoes, 27 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. dominoes

    dominoes Silver Member

    Hi everyone!

    After battling with my weight for most of my life and having been on and off WW for years, I've just started SW. One of my best friends started last week and after spending the weekend on holiday with her and seeing the things she could eat, I decided to try it. I weighed in yesterday at 11st 11 and today is my first full day on plan.

    Breakfast: oats (hex b), 0% fat yogurt, blueberries
    Lunch: couscous, lettuce, tomatoes, tuna, hellman's fat free vinaigrette
    Dinner: aubergine, courgette, pepper, onion, cauliflower, patak's dopiaza sauce (4 syns), rice, mango chutney (1.5 syns)
    Snacks: grapes, coffee x2 (1 syn)

    6.5/15 syns
    Last edited: 27 August 2014
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  3. Luciiiloo

    Luciiiloo Full Member

    Well done good luck on your journey, I really struggle, open ********* and get lots of recipes on there
  4. dominoes

    dominoes Silver Member

    Just updated my diary for today. Feeling so good about this! Really full and only halfway through my dinner. Meant to be seeing a friend a bit later so just have to make sure I don't mess up on alcohol.
  5. dominoes

    dominoes Silver Member

    Phew, one small glass of wine last night so definitely within my syns! :)

    Today's food so far...

    Breakfast: oats (hex b), 0% fat yogurt, blueberries, coffee with a dash of milk (0.5 syn)
    Lunch: couscous, lettuce, tomatoes, tuna, hellman's fat free vinaigrette
    Dinner: Sea bream, aubergine, peppers, spring onion,

    0.5/15 syns

    I'm going out this evening with a friend… well it's kind of a date. Just not sure what we're doing yet so I'll have to watch what I choose if we eat out. Luckily I cycled to work tonight and I won't have time to drop my bike home and get the tube back into town so I can't drink too much! Perfect excuse!!
    Last edited: 28 August 2014
  6. rubyeskimo

    rubyeskimo Silver Member

    Here to subscribe! Your vegetable curry sounds lovely, might have to try that combination soon. Hope you enjoy your date tonight!
  7. dominoes

    dominoes Silver Member

    It's just all the veg in the house thrown in with a curry sauce jar! I used to make proper curries (mostly from a Madhur Jaffrey cookbook) and those are free so I really need to start cooking properly again so I can save my syns for wine!
  8. dominoes

    dominoes Silver Member

    Right, figured out a plan for tonight so I've had a quick look at the menu for this place and found something that's actually free! And I'm going to try and stick to spirits too.
  9. dominoes

    dominoes Silver Member

    Ok I might have messed up...

    Breakfast: oats (hex b), 0% fat yogurt, blueberries, coffee with a dash of milk (hex a)
    Lunch: couscous, lettuce, tomatoes, tuna, hellman's fat free vinaigrette
    Dinner: hake, cabbage, escovitch (I don't really know what this is! Some type of vinegary peppers and onion and carrot - that's ok, right?)
    Snacks: grapes
    Drinks: gin and slimline tonic (2.5 syns), 2 glasses of wine, 175ml (12 syns)

    14.5/15 syns

    We ended up eating somewhere else because it was so busy and I picked the healthiest thing I could. I was so proud of myself avoiding steak and chips and duck confit!! Not too bad! But any guidance on this escovitch thing most welcome!!!!
  10. dominoes

    dominoes Silver Member

    Quickly planning tomorrow's food before I go to sleep. I'm off out skating tomorrow evening so got to squeeze in dinner.

    Breakfast: oats (hex b), 0% fat yogurt, blueberries, coffee with a dash of milk (.5 syn)
    Lunch: couscous, lettuce, tomatoes, tuna, hellman's fat free vinaigrette
    Dinner: fry light, risotto rice, mushrooms, parmesan (hex a)

    0.5/15 syns

    Might even have a few syns for a cheeky beer at the rink! :)
  11. sethgecko

    sethgecko New Member

    Hope you enjoyed the glasses of wine Hun! We need them to keep us from losing the plot :)

    You're doing great so far! Well done and keep it up! Xx
  12. rubyeskimo

    rubyeskimo Silver Member

    Escovitch should be fine; it's usually raw vegetables / fish with lemon or lime juice. The acid in the fruit "cooks" the fish or vegetables and kind of pickles them too. They might have used some oil in the recipe so maybe a syn or 2 just to be on the safe side, but overall looks like a very good meal. Enjoy your skating tonight!
  13. dominoes

    dominoes Silver Member

    Fab, thanks! I'd never heard of it so C and I were googling it before it arrived to find out exactly what I'd ordered! Very tasty! I'm absolutely starving this morning. Had my magic porridge and sneak peaked (-2.5lb!) but I think this morning's going to be a struggle.

    Next week I am all about more exciting lunches. I bought this really cool book called Salad Love. It's sold out on Amazon and Waterstones but Joy had a few copies. It's not really a recipe book because it's for salads but it's full of different combinations, enough for a new one every workday for a year! Most of them have an oily dressing but I'm going to try making those with fry light or skip them depending on how the syns turn out. :)
  14. rubyeskimo

    rubyeskimo Silver Member

    I think I definitely need to try and get a hold of a copy of that. I like salads but end up having the same ones every day for a week. However with the colder weather coming, it's more about the soups for me. Might make a batch of something on Sunday, it's just a case of deciding what!
  15. dominoes

    dominoes Silver Member

    I LOVE soup and it's amazing for weightloss but my new office doesn't seem to have microwaves (or showers for when you bike to work, or bike storage, or cleaners… I'm genuinely considering leaving…) If you go to the "look inside" bit on amazon, you can see lots of the ideas there. It is really great though!
  16. dominoes

    dominoes Silver Member

    Right so I got home, all ready to make risotto and I realised that I don't actually have any risotto rice in the house. Just a small issue! So I ended up eating pasta instead before rushing out to roller disco. I went with my roller derby friends to practice a bit more before our skill assessments next weekend.

    Derby = drinking. Always. Even on skates. We did shots on our quads. But! I was so good! I stuck to spirits, had very little to drink AND when I got home hungry, ate left over pasta! So I've had a great night out and all on plan.

    Breakfast: oats (hex b), 0% fat yogurt, blueberries, coffee with a dash of milk (.5 syn)
    Lunch: couscous, lettuce, tomatoes, tuna, hellman's fat free vinaigrette
    Dinner: fry light, mushrooms, pepper, onion, tinned tomatoes, pasta parmesan (hex a)
    Snacks: grapes, coffee with a dash of milk (.5 sun), 2x rum and diet coke (5 syns), 1x sourz shot (2.5 syns)

    8.5/15 syns

    Exercise: I'm going to start logging this too. 60 mins cycling to work and back; 3 hours of skating

    Tomorrow I'm off to watch a roller derby game in Guildford with friends so food looks a bit like this:

    B: leftover pasta sauce as eggs in purgatory (been meaning to try this for ages!)
    L: couscous, lettuce, tomatoes, tuna, red wine vinegar as dressing
    D: out maybe? but with all my sins and hexes left!
    S: we always take snacks to games but I'm going to stock up on fruit salad and things as well as diet coke so I don't end up drinking all afternoon.

    Exercise: 1 hour 20 cycling to Waterloo and back
  17. dominoes

    dominoes Silver Member

    Oh and while I remember!

    - I bought a coffee at lunchtime from Bea's of Bloomsbury who do the best cake. They had some samples on the side and I resisted!
    - One of the girls I went skating with called me skinny!
  18. dominoes

    dominoes Silver Member

    Just got home from a long day. It was great to see Surrey Roller Girls in action and they were so so narrowly beaten. But I'm absolutely shattered after cycling to and from Waterloo. There also seems to be no food in the house. I came home intending to make a jacket potato with tuna and then discovered there was no tuna left. After putting the potato in the oven! Oops.

    B: leftover pasta sauce as eggs in purgatory, parmesan (hex a)
    L: couscous, lettuce, tomatoes, tuna, red wine vinegar as dressing
    D: jacket potato, onion and mushrooms fried in fry light (pathetic, I know! It's all that's in the house!), low fat yogurt, nuts (hex b)
    S: 2x diet Dr Pepper, fruit salad from M&S, one small chocolate honeycomb sweet (3.5 syns, totally NOT worth it!), Costa Cortado (2 sins)

    5.5/15 syns
    Last edited: 30 August 2014
  19. dominoes

    dominoes Silver Member

    Sunday food:

    Breakfast: magic porridge (hex b), coffee with dash of milk (.5 syn)
    Lunch: eggs, tinned tomatoes, fry light, 0% yogurt
    Dinner: bean burgers (onion, kidney beans, carrot, cumin), salad, potato wedges made with fry light, ketchup (1 syn)
    Snacks: beer (8 syns) ice lolly (3 syns)

    Exercise: cycling to/from derby 35 mins; derby training 120 mins

    12.5/15 syns
    Last edited: 31 August 2014
  20. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    I like your diary but I can't follow you. Your username makes me hungry.
  21. dominoes

    dominoes Silver Member

    Haha! I never even thought about it like that! I don't especially like that kind of pizza so I definitely didn't have that in mind when I registered...

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