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Donna's Diary

I joined weightwatchers last week and was gutted to find at my first weigh in, despite sticking to the plan 100%, i had only lost .5lb!!!!!

I will list my food/points here so PLEASE, if you can see where i am going wrong - let me know

Porridge with skimmed milk 3 pts
Apple .5
mushroom/onion omelette 3 pts
(used frylight and 2 eggs)
tomato ketchup .5
granola and w/w yoghurt 4 pts
w/w ready meal (sausage and mash) with brocolli 5.5pts
w/w toffee bar 1.5pts
tinned fruit in sugar free jelly .5pts
3 ryvita 1.5pts
coronation tuna 1 pt

total 21 points - it seems far too much to be able to eat on a 'diet' -so am i having too much - help!!!!
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Looks ok to me

The only thing I know nothing about is granola - and know that some brands are quite high in cals and sat fat but as long as you have gone from the details on the pack you ought to be fine.

It will disappear next week...just you wait and see.
Thanks for that. The granola was 205 cals and 1.4 sat fat which i worked out to be 3.5 pts plus .5 for a vanilla w/w yoghurt - thinks thats right

Will keep plugging away and hope for a bigger loss next week.....
Here's what i plan to eat tomorrow - will add extras up the points

Toast 1.5
1 tbsp Bean 1
Poached Egg 1.5

Mushroom and Onion Omelette 3
Tomato ketchup .5
w/w toffee bar 1.5

W/w ready meal 4
Veg 0
Cadbury light chocolate mousse 2

Fruit and Jelly .5
w/w vanilla yoghurt .5
apple .5

I make that only 16.5 points and am allowed 21. I spoke to the leader as i was disappointed at only losing 1/2lb and was told to ensure I eat all my points. As fast start is only 18 points, would it really slow down a loss if i did have the odd day where i havent had the full 21?

Have been thinking about such a small loss as i am sure i have followed the plan correctly, could it be because for the last 2-3 years i have messed about losing on cambridge and low carb quite rapidly then gaining again? Have i messed up my metabolism? Has anybody else had similar happen? Or maybe i just need to be patient!

Any feedback gratefully received!!!
i'm sure the cadbury highlights mousses are only 1pt each? Maybe i'm mistaken..

and its possible.. are you drinking plenty of water?

i found when i first did WW i lost loads, but as each new restart has come around, my first losses have become smaller and smaller because although i have gone off track, my habits have changed so its not such a shock to my body to be on a diet, hence why i think the losses have been smaller. However i did find that further into WW my losses have been bigger, so like has already been said you might find that you have a better loss next week.

Can i ask how you decided you have 21 points?
Thanks for reply - have been lurking for months and been following your progress - you are doing fab!

The 2pts for the mousse was from esource and i do tend to drink a lot of water - a good habit i have kept up from my many cambridge days!!

The 21 points is what i worked out from the info given to me at class - am 5ft 9 and hope to lose 40lbs!
Morning all

Feeling really frustrated, have jumped on the scales this morning - i know i shouldnt but they were calling me - and still no loss! Am so desperate for this to work for me, and reading other peoples stories, i know it does work so what am i doing wrong?

I so want to be thin for summer. Im not struggling at all with the food, if anything i can not believe just how much i can eat

Any tips/advice????

Donna x


Going From Flab to FAB!
Donna ... i know exactly where your coming from with the scales .. last time i did WW i was obsessed with them! .. I really think your being to hard on yourself ... were not perfect .. Just try not to jump on then! as they do fluctuate daily! ....

I agree with rachel are you drinking enough? .... it really does work, Your kidneys dont have to be floating but it does help to drink enough fluids ..

I hope your next w.i is a little better for you
Thanks Pixie!

Am feeling a bit better. Just had my nails done and the girl doing them has just started ww. She has had a similar journey to mine, cambridge, low carb, you name it we have tried it!!! She suggested up the exercise, use all my points but watch the carbs later in the day and drink, drink drink...........

I am hoping as i continue my body will adapt to ww. Over the past year i have yo yo'd 2 stone with low carb and cambridge, given up smoking - my metabolism must wonder what on earth i plan to do next

Heres hoping for a good loss this week

And please feel free to offer any advice

Donna x
Donna, I know its really hard to - but be patient with your body.

Its too easy to jack it all in or to eat a lot less to try and get it moving. It does work

And as for weight fluctuating daily.....mine has been known to jump by 3lbs one day and drop 5lbs the next....weird and wonderful world of dieting.

Once a week - on the same scales - or Sandy will be after you. xx
Patience never was my strong point - hence cambridge so many times lol!!!

I think i just need to see a drop to convince me that im doing this right. Have spent a lot of time browsing the dairies etc and know it works for everyone else to its got to work for me eventually........
Just had a cadburys light mousse - yum yum!

I forgot just what lovely food there is that is low fat/low calorie!

Why is it i never have these things unless im on 'a diet'? Guess thats why i have 3 stone to lose. Guess its also proves that you do need to re-educate all your eating habits

hey Donna! like has been said.. stay away from the scales! I honestly think (especially seen as you have mentioned low carb dieting..) that your body is just taking time to get used to eating carbs etc again. I think if you limit your main carbs to maybe 100-150g of potato per meal and go for unrefined wholemeal pasta / rice instead of white, that you might see a more positive change. WW DOES work, so i honestly think its just the change of diets thats hindering you a little at the moment.

Exercise is always good however - swimming is great - no stress on your muscles and you can build up a good few activity points from a half hour session :)

glad to see you're still doing well btw :) have you thought about joining one of the teams for added incentive? :) x
How do you join a team? Although i have been lurking forever, am still trying to work out how all the various bits to this site works!

Am determined to lose this weight and am not struggling with the points, actually enjoying the food. From reading all the threads on here i know ww does work and it will work for me eventually, just think my body maybe needs a while to realise im not going to starve it again, unfortunately patience never was my thing!

Know swimming is good, my daughter squad trains 7 hours a week, just not brave enough to expose my body yet..... Think i need to dig out a dvd or 6 that maybe gathering dust.....
hey, if i can expose mine at a stone heavier than you then you can! You can always get yourself a pair of lycra shorts and wear them underneath! :)

good cheap way to earn a few bonus points - 15 minutes stepping up and down your bottom step of the stairs! (heres where i find out you live in a ground floor flat or a bungalow LOL :D)

not very exciting but quick, easy and cheap.. and doesnt half get ur heart going! (or at least gets mine going haha :D)

on the main WW page there are a few sub forums at the top - Teams is one of them.. if you click on there and go into the 5 teams thread, Sandy will assign you a place :) x
Will try and find myself a team and hope the weight starts to come off this week so i dont let anyone down!

As for lycra shorts under a cozzie, think i would need a full length wet suit and mask! Where my daughter swims all the coaches and lifeguards know me as my daughter tends to be quite vocal - cant understand where she gets that from lol, so know the fun they would all have if i was in a cozzie! Not a bungalow or flat in sight so may give that a go - and hope the kids dont see me, will probably think i ve been on the vino and cant find my way upstairs lol!!!

Well another good day points wise so this is my planned food for tomorrow. Am going to ease up on carbs a bit just to see if it helps

2 x ww bacon with
2 poached eggs 4 pts

2 egg omelette with prawns
mushroom and onion 4 pts
Jelly with fruit .5

225g Steak 5.5pts
100g prawns 1 pts
ww vanilla yoghurt .5
smirnoff vodka and diet coke 2pts
(well it is the weekend!)

That still leaves me 3 pts to play with. Am also going to try and get active this weekend!!!

I will lose more than .5lb this week - i will, i will, i will!!!!!!

Hiya Donna

I found your diary! :)

How is it all going? Been reading your diary. Do drink lots of water, it really helps. I need to chug some back tonight. When is your weigh in day love?

Weigh in wednesday morning! Am looking forward to it as 100% just hoping to see the scales move a lot more this week.

I do tend to drink a lot of water but have upped it more today as several people on here have mentioned it helps so heres hoping its helps me!!!

When is your wi?

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