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Dunno what to do

I have been following the diet religiously, except for christmas when I didnt ;), but when I use exante I only have the diet and have lost 44 pounds, this week I have put on 7 pounds :eek::eek::eek: and :eek:

I dont know why, but I am sooooooooooooooo hungry could so eat a scabby horse let alone a chinese but I am not going to, but why am I putting on weight

I have drank water black coffee and coke (I am thinking its the coke ..... isnt it?)
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Coke is a real no-no on vlcd's from everything I have read previously on this and other forums, have you drunk it all the time you have been doing Exante or is it only this week? Is it Totm? How much water have you been drinking? Are you constipated? (sorry)
Can't think why you would gain so much in one week, it does seem very odd, really feel for you as I know how much it would do my head in!
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My husband has just started doing exante too, so he's been buying coke, it doesnt seem to matter to his W/L, I have drunk the odd glass but this week I think I have drunk a couple of bottles - I checked on the labels and it didnt have any carbs in it, but maybe it does something else

No I'm not conspated, much more the other way and not totm either, I think I'm 2 weeks into this cycle

I think it must be the coke, is flavoured water ok? plain water is really yucky all the time
I wonder if the reason I am so hungry (really that scabby horse is looking so good) is that I'm not in ketosis, I wonder if the coke takes me out of it ........... um
Being hungry is definitely a sign that something has kicked you out of ketosis, sorry but water is your best bet and flavoured water can have additives (like citric acid) which will also affect ketosis. There is no good news that I can give you really, wish there was. I really enjoy water but it has to be really really cold, and soda water I also like for a change.
B xx
I'm having trouble with plain water too, ok for a few days, then really struggle. What about the kiwi/strawberry Perfectly Clear? - it's mentioned on some of threads here as keeping you in ketosis, does anyone know if this is OK on Exante?
thanks Quak. From what I remember there's something apart from citric acid in the strawberry/kiwi drink. I'll have to look for the thread. Anyway, had to write to congratulate you on your weight loss - wonderful, well, well done. I can't imagine being on a diet for a long time, I struggle a bit now, and I don't have much to lose. Congratulations.


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The apple flavour and kiwi & strawberry perfectly clear have malic acid as oposed to citric. the theory goes that it won't kick you out of Ketosis. Funnily enough was reading about it yesteday and thought I would try some so had a couple of glasses today. the apple is really nice. Hopefully the theory will hold true. Apparently people's sensitivity to citric acid can vary some needing the minutest amount to get kicked out of ketosis and others can take a lot. May explain your situation where hubby seems ok yet you have not Arwen.

A word of warning re boundaries. I haven't pushed them and have been on this since July 1st 2009. Drinking flavoured water doesn't push my boundaries but it might push others enough for them to push other boundaries. Bear this in mind. There are a number of things one can 'get away with' eating on a vlcd. I have not eaten anything and have not drunk any alcohol as these are my boundaries and I respect them. just don't drink these drinks if you think you might go on to eat.

So we can drink Perfectily Clear or Coke Zero too?
i just found that sainsburys strawberry&kiwi (fizzy), raspbery&cranberry(still) and apple&blackberry(still) also do not contain citric acid AND they don't contain that nasty aspartame sweetner in them either!!
When i did CD we all used coke Zero or Dr Pepper Zero and the clear straw and Kiwi ,with non of us going out of Ketosis .as some of us couldn't just do water

Its not in the rules obviously but it didnt hurt us any ,,but its down to the individual

Coke zero, perfectly clear straw and kiwi and Dr Pepper zero, should be OK in not taking you out of ketosis, but I agree with peony that they can lead to food cravings. I was told by my CDC to limit them to a glass / can a week.

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