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EE diary ......byebye baby bulge :):)

ive noticed that quite few people keep a record of their food diary on here and i have found peoples help and advice really good on other threads so just thought id start a record on here for myself mainly to keep track and also be good incase i am missing something and other people can help me correct it :)

so here goes :)>>>>>>:eek::eek:

B- 2x weetabix (heb)
milk (hea)

L- tinned tuna ,
peppers,cuc/tomato/lettuce/light salad cream (1syn)

D- spaghetti , passata with herbs and chilli added. (not very exciting got to go shopping tomorrow !)toffee mullerlight yoghurt

S- packet iced gems (5syns)

total syns -6
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S: 12st9.5lb G: 8st0lb
Todays doesnt sound enough to eat. Try to eat more, i find it really difficult to eat enough but apparently it really helps your weight loss

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S: 12st6.5lb C: 11st13lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 0st7.5lb(4.3%)
Hmmm I was thinking your lunch didn't sound too filling! Make sure you fill up lots on free food. Get some jars of pickles as well, some salad and lots of fruit. Cottage cheese if you like it. Boiled eggs. So much to eat!! x
thank u for both of ur advice :) .... sounds silly but i could go all day with out eating and be fine ...but if i eat breakfast i seem to get hungry straight away!!strange i know lol....i will defo try eat more tho and have to make the effort to eat breakfast as i wouldnt usually (when nt on diet) . going shopping tomo night so will be able to have more variety and more healthy food to hand:)
......i know as a HEB u can have 2 alpen bars --do these need to be alen light bars or can they be the ordinary alpen bars to??
S: 12st6.5lb C: 11st13lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 0st7.5lb(4.3%)
Alpen light bars only - not the other ones.

Sometimes it is our bad eating habits that cause us to put on weight. I used to go all day too with nothing then I would stuff my face at night but all this did was slow my metabolism down so that when I did eat, my body just grabbed it and kept it! Start with a good breakfast and then some fruit if you're still hungry. Focus on free foods and fill up on them. What you might find over time is that you stop feeling so hungry - well I did and still do after I have been on the plan for a while. Losing weight for me has been a long term thing and each time (yes I have regained and lost and regained and lost and regained!) has been different and a new revelation to me. I am still learning about my body and what I can and can't have. Everyone is different but this plan does work if you stick to it and allow it to change some of those habits of a lifetime. Hope I haven't gone on too much!!! xxx

B- bacon, tinned tomatoes and beans and glass milk (hea)

L- wholemeal roll (heb)filled with salad and ham ,light salad cream (1syn).....then a bowl of lowfat fromage frais tsp sugar (1syn) and melon ,meringue nest (3syn)

D- tesco minted lamb shank (minus the fat),new potatoes and lots of carrots

s- bag iced gems- (5syns)

total- 10 syns

(*done a lot of walking today )
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B- milk (hea) and 1xweetabix(1/2 heb)

L-3xcrackerbread (1/2 heb),salad and ham,an apple

D-large salad and chicken breast, salad cream (2syn)

s-quavers (5syns),curly wurly(6syn)

total - 13syn

weighin day this morning ...wasnt sure how i would have done as hadnt been eating a lot as had busy week and hadnt been shopping !, but lost a reasonable 3lb -every little bit counts :),i have now stocked up on my fruit n veg at home and will be looking on here for some different recipes :)

B- milk (hea) 2xweetabix(heb)

L- ham salad

D-chicken breast ,peppers,salad,tortilla wrap (7syn),
1tbsp sour cream (1 1/2)

s-alpen light bar (3syn),light choices chocolate mousse (4syn?!)

syns- 15 and 1/2 !-wont worry too much as dont usually have all my syns and its beginning of weighin week :)
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(had family gathering today for a birthday so lunch n dinner was kind of mixed as went on all day n had bbq )

B- yoghurt and a bannana

L/D- new potatoes ,salad,mini steak burger(2syns)wholemeal roll(heb),cheese(hea),steak,prawns,salad cream (1syn),pasta,crabsticks (was picking throughout day rather than a set lunch n dinner time )

syns- 3 syn counted but i may have forgot something but got 12 syns to cover it -so considering i thought it was going to be a complete syn blow out day it went v well!!:)

B- alpen bar (1/2heb) bannana

L- omlette-(ham,cheese(hea)onion,mushrooms ).tomatoes n cucumber .

D- spaghetti bolognese 1piece garlic bread (syns?). apple and banana.

S- mullerlightx2 alpen bar(1/2heb)

B- WW yoghurt,banana

L-scrambled egg and beans.apple,mullerlight

D- chicken breast,peppers,salad ,savoury rice ,tortilla wrap(7syn). banana

s-2xalpen light(heb),milk (hea),options(2syn)

B-scrambled egg , banana

L- cheese (hea) tomato wholemeal roll(heb),saladcream light (1syn ),banana and mullerlight

D_tesco simply heat chicken breast bbq sauce (1 1/2 syn)jkt potato,salad,sweetcorn.

S_partly frozen mullerlight mixed with meringue nest(2 1/2),apple,party rings mini bag (5 1/2)

Syns-10 1/2
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didnt get chance to come on yest n cnt remember exactly wht ate now so im not going to bother writing diary for yesterday but know i didnt go over 15syns



L-pasta with sauce(used bit out of one the small tubs dolmio stir in sauce -not sure how many syns !)cucumber,peppers,tomato.mullerlight

D- chicken legs without skin ,salad ,savoury rice .banana

S-party rings mini bag (5 1/2syns),ww yoghurt
weigh in day tomorrow morning , feeling bit bloated n seem to want pick all time today unfortunately down to mother nature (the joys of being a woman !!lol)so not sure how its going to go ,hopefully still be a small loss :)

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