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Epilation, omfg help me!

Discussion in 'Slimming World Off Topic' started by Lucylu79, 2 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. Lucylu79

    Lucylu79 Gold Member

    Can't do it! It's so sore!!!

    I've had fairy tattoos and given birth but I'm left with one leg 85% done and the other one not at all! The one is red raw! It's not silky more like scraggly but I can see the hairs have come clean out which is the only good thing.

    I do have very black coarse hair, will it get better or am I just hurting myself fir not much benefit?

    Please help!
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  3. Opal_Lily

    Opal_Lily Gold Member

    I love mine! Is it a wet and dry one? You could try using it in the bath, apparently that reduces pain?! I never bother though, I must be hard as nails! Hehe! xx
  4. Lucylu79

    Lucylu79 Gold Member

    Hi opal, yes it is wet and dry so I must try it in the bath after a good soak and exfoliation.

    You are rock!! ;)
  5. Reander

    Reander Full Member

    I think it hurts less the more often you do it, if that's any help. I agree a bath would probably make it a little less painful :) Or you could walk around with one hairy leg and say it's some kind of fashion statement lol :p
  6. PrincessPink-x

    PrincessPink-x Full Member

    I found the pain bareable but gave up as never had nice smooth legs like if promises, they looked ok but always felt prickly and strangely made my legs itch.
  7. I recently won one of these.. I'm too scared to use it
  8. Lucylu79

    Lucylu79 Gold Member

    Ok so I epilated on what mon was was it and I've only shaved my legs quickly once since and that was because I wanted to wear shorts and I knew if missed a few. My legs are still hairfree so indeed to keep doing it!

    I shave every day if I want my legs out!:(
  9. Jeanne Von Buttonpopper

    Jeanne Von Buttonpopper Silver Member

    The hairs need to be short for the best results, otherwise epilating your legs is like waxing in slow-mo!! :eek:

    You do become used to it the more you do it.
  10. Lucylu79

    Lucylu79 Gold Member

    I'm definitely going to try again, if I could epilate once and not shave for a week then that's great, I just need to overcome the god awful pain!!!!!

    I'm just hoping by posting this that some lovely hairy lady might come forward and say yes! It's hurts! I'm hairy, or was and it's worth keeping going!!! :)
  11. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    Doing it damages the hair follicle as well in the same way that waxing does so the more you do it the finer the re growth will become and the easier it gets. I do the top of my husbands back (tmi?) and after 4 years we only have to do it about every 4 months now and he had tough coarse hair there. I do my under arms with it and the finer hair above my knees but I don't do the bottom of my legs because like waxing you need to wait for some re growth and I just can't have them beyond minimal fuzz!
  12. Lucylu79

    Lucylu79 Gold Member

    Thanks for the tmi, indeed good stories like them! X
  13. krupskaya

    krupskaya Gold Member

    I found it almost unbearably painful at first, but now it's my only method of hair removal and it hardly hurts at all. I do my armpits with it too and would never go back to shaving. If you keep it up you'll be amazed at how easy it becomes!
  14. Lucylu79

    Lucylu79 Gold Member

    I went for my lady garden wax yesterday and we tell each other everything....I showed her my legs and she knows more than anyone how hairy I am and she was amazed! I have to keep this up girls, I got home from work, put a pair of shorts on after not shaving or anything in days and ok yes, I could see some i'd missed but seriously i'm thrilled with the first go so I must stick with it!

    Not sure about under arms though, I had them waxed once and omg I swore 'd never put myself through that again!
  15. Reander

    Reander Full Member

    You've inspired me to go buy a new epilator now, forgot how nice it was not having to shave everyday! Got to be honest though, used to do my underarms with it and they would bleed every time, so not sure I would do them either.
  16. Opal_Lily

    Opal_Lily Gold Member

    You've inspired me to charge mine and start using it again!! xx
  17. Lucylu79

    Lucylu79 Gold Member

    My leg hair was definitely visible this weekend so I'm thinking do it again thurs fri? Should be long enough but I will try first
  18. LittlestWookie

    LittlestWookie Full Member

    Best way for me is when you start off


    Wait two days then epilate,

    Wait two days Shave

    Wait two days epilate

    Wait two days then epilate again then epilate every two days until you have both hairs gone from each follicle then You should be able to go a couple of weeks between epilating. Xx
  19. Ellielw

    Ellielw Full Member

    So after reading this I dug out my epilator that my mum bought me ages ago. Was all keyed up until I turned it on, was terrifying!

    Managed to psych myself up and do both legs, but they feel quite stubbly still (although obviously less hairy than at the start!) anyone got any tips for this?
  20. Reander

    Reander Full Member

    Ellielw, I just started epilating again and I tried what LittlestWookie suggested. I'm alternating between epilating and shaving and it does seem that i'm having to shave less often and my legs are gradually getting smoother.

    I remember a few years ago when I epilated it definitely took a few weeks before my legs were properly smooth!
  21. LittlestWookie

    LittlestWookie Full Member

    Each follicle is made up of two hairs that are at different stages (lengths) of there growth cycle. So the first time waxing or epilating you only get the first hair so will still feel stubbly. You need to do it a few times to get the second hair when it's long enough for total smoothness x

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