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Exante booklet says stop TS when BMI is 20 not 25



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I noticed the same, it's in that PDF isn't it? I emailed yesterday to see what they think I should do. Maybe that's one of the reasons the PDF has moved/gone.
I saw that as well. I take the exante site/info/misinformation with a pinch of salt to be honest. I think they are their own worse enemy when there is so much "dieting" competition out there! I tend to look over the CD guidelines that are much more in depth and do similarly apply to us somewhat.
Their website is in serious need of a major overhaul. I can't actually believe one of their success stories which is advertised is headlined 'x lost one stone'. EH?? ONE stone I'm sorry but that's hardly inspiring for a VLCD
I agree :D

Its silly when the diet IS good and DOES work! I just think they could have a higher retention and overall customer base if they would only explain things a little more and like you say, update stuff!!

Minimins should get a commission, I bet I am not the only one who only heard of exante and started it due to the info and stories I read through here!
That made me laugh Starlight. 1 stone is quite funny. Hardly a long term option to do a VLCD considering quite a few people lose that 1 stone in 2 weeks!
Maybe the pdf link in out faq's should be removed, as they have said thereselves got wrong info on it!

Its only been on there site for at least 4 years!:rolleyes:

I agree, they could do so much better with a good product.


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Had my reply from them, they said to move to simple solutions. Ill have to check it out when I get home cause I'm on my phone at the moment! X

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