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Exante vs Lipotrim - views please


bye bye belly
Can I have your views please?

I'm weighing up both options and have come back with the following..

Lipotrim: £33/week for shakes/soups/bars. For me, £5/week bus fare to get to weekly weigh ins and pick up more supplies.

Exante: £25/week for a wider variety of shakes/soups/bars. If I was to buy a month in one go it'd work out at £1.25/week postage. No weekly weigh in, 4 weeks supplies in one go.

But I just dont know what to pick. I've done 6 days LT and had to come off (couldnt get my next weekly supplies!) but i'm wanting to go back onto a VLCD again just not sure which one. Can people on here convince me Exante is better/worse?

Whats the pros/cons? :)

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If you dont need the discipline of a weigh in then Exante is perfect. The losses are the same, its convenient (next day delivery) SO much cheaper.

Only possible disadvantage may be you cant choose your flavours but personally I like them all so Ive never found that a problem, and besides for the saving youre making - its worth putting up with maybe a flavour you dont like ;)


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The £26.25 per week inc. postage was what led me to Exante, and I'd say it tastes much nicer than CD (the only other VLCD I've been on). I really like the soups so ordered only those. I find the weight loss consistent on this diet. Never had Lipotrim so unfortunately can't compare except on cost.

One possible con I just thought of: if you give up after a couple of weeks, then you've prepaid for packs which you might not use. However, this could also be a pro...having the packs might make you continue when you might have given up on Lipotrim.


Skinny girl in a fat body
I have also done CD so can't comment on LT. I prefer Exante, they are so much thicker and filling somehow.

One possible con I just thought of: if you give up after a couple of weeks, then you've prepaid for packs which you might not use. However, this could also be a pro...having the packs might make you continue when you might have given up on Lipotrim.

I have done this. I have 2 weeks left of my first order but order the 2nd months supply on Tuesday. I now have 6 weeks supply which I will not waste. Therefore I am committed to this diet for at least the next 6 weeks :D


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I did Lipotrim for 6 weeks before swapping over to Exante and for taste alone it is worth the switch. Exante is much more palatable. Good luck with whichever you choose.


bye bye belly
See, I would still be on Lipotrim now but the day I was going to get supplies - it snowed heavy and all public transport was taken off. The day after was the same too :( It seems just about the same diet. I havent researched Exante that much, but what can(t) you drink?

The weight losses seem to be around the same too. Its the variety i'm swaying towards.. the choices, flavours. Rather than chicken soup, choc/s.berry or vanilla shake all the time, there is a very big range.. hmmm can you convince me? :)

Wannabe Weeney

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It's a difficult one to answer as we no doubt have individual tastes and preferences, however, i've never tried Lipotrim so I cannot comment, but have done both CD and Exante and personally found Exante shakes and soups totally flavourless and powdery (despite blitzing in a processor) although I really liked the bars.

I made the switch from CD to Exante purely for cost reasons, I purchased 4 weeks Exante mixed bumper pack for £99.00 which is excellent value for money compared to Cambridge and many other VLCD's. Rather than purchase Exante in bulk you could opt to purchase individual shakes, soups and bars of your choice to try the flavours first, I know they work out more expensive when purchased individually but then you can taste and decide if you like them. Good luck x


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I've done CD & now Exante. To start with I didn't like the shakes but I'm on my 4th day and I can actually say I really like them now ! I do add sweetners though!!

Not tried the bars or soups, I re ordered the shake pack and 4 bars today!
I'm sharing the pack with my hubby so didn't want to run out !
I think it's a very very good value diet!!


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Tried LT for about 6 wks a couple of years back and found the weekly weigh in and buying a total pain in the ass... Not least because when planning a long holiday I knew I wouldn't be able to have enough supplies to keep it up.

LT - more expensive as we've established.
Exante has a better range of flavours - not a huge preference for the taste of either LT or Exante - same thing really.

If I remember correctly (put ne straight if I'm wrong) LT packs add up to about 400kcals per day, whereas Exante =600ish? Despite getting the extra nourishment, the losses seem to be the same for both.

Anyway - after all that- what's right for one may not be right for another!!! If you're happy sticking with LT then go for it, but Exante is good for me so far.

Good luck!!


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I switched from LT to exante couple of weeks ago and losses are just as good. Personally I find the shakes/soups and bars a massive improvement on LT. That and cost I know I could never go back to LT now. Weigh ins don't bother me. Got scales at home and do it myself. Pharmacist wasn't that great cause there were so many off sick. These things I realise are very personal but I think Exante is brilliant. So glad I made the move. x x x

evil weevil

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I did LT successfully Oct 07-Jan 08 (lost >4 stone), put some back on and tried 3 times to get back in to it, not managing more than 3 weeks. Now gradually getting into Exante TS.

No patronising staff member at the pharmacy telling me about the rules, no faffing about trying to get there at the same time each week when I work shifts. The onus is all on me to take responsibility for my weight loss. Much cheaper, more convenient and more variety of diet so less chance for me to blame boredom for cheating!


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I have also done LT in the past and even though I didn't have a problem eating the coconut matting...oops, I mean bars(!) , I have to say they were pretty disgusting and I know some people just cannot stomach them. I found the shakes very bland and really difficult to get the lumps out if only using a shaker when out and about and don't have access to a blender.
Hated going to the pharmacy to get weighed by the lady there who was a pensioner ( no disrespect meant) and didn't really know the first thing about VLCD and yet tried to tell me the 'rules' lol that was like teaching granny to suck eggs...didn't she know I have a degree in dieting!!!! Lol

Have also done CD, no complaints......loved all the shakes and bars. A small selection of soups but then I'm not a massive lover of soup anyway.

I decided to go with Exante for the price, if I'm honest! I don't have a problem with home weighing, I mean, if I'm going to cheat then I'll cheat whether I'm weighing myself or someone else is! After all, I'm only cheating myself.
My pack was delivered about 2 days after I ordered it, but I was at work when it came so I have yet to see what it is like (have made arrangements to pick it up this morning, other half has just left to go and collect it from the depot, I'm very excited!)
So I can't comment on taste etc, but tbh, I will make myself like it because it's cheap and its going to make me lose weight!!!



Goodbye Tum
All I can say is that exante is easy as you get your pack, you don't have to go and see anyone, it's cheaper and all us on here are lovely hee hee

I didn't want to be stuck to relying on getting somewhere every week, this is easy, it comes, you have loads and plan in advance you'll never run out or have to go out on a cold freezing day to get supplies xx

Come be one of us xx :hug99:


bye bye belly
I think i'm converted!

I just have to wait until payday to get buying! Are the shakes/soups tasty? Or in other words, are they better than LT Chicken? I got quite sick of that, the only hot foods I could have - just wanted to die, same thing, day in, day out.

Do the bars fill you enough until the next one?

I think I missed the chewing too on LT, I didnt buy the flapjacks as everyone said theyre rank! So I missed that 'chew' aspect and started to make sure I had lumps in the chicken soup to make me think they were like croutons... how sad!! lol!! x


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I find the bars filling enough, that I feel happy enough to leave half for later sometimes. I didn't like them the first time I tried them, but I grew to love the choc orange by the 2nd or 3rd time, and I like the raisin one although that took longer.

I like the soups in general, although I do add spices (chilli, garlic, ginger, pepper, paprika)



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Well I've had a complete day of Exante and I have to say, I'm impressed! (have been using up left overs of another brand)
Had a bar for breakfast, filling enough and was going to save half for later but liked it so much, I ate the lot!
Thai soup for lunch...very nice and actually felt stuffed after it......and that's saying something for me!
Choc milkshake for dinner.....I can see why people add sweeteners as its not sweet one little bit, but I was more than happy with it as I don't have a sweet tooth anyway. Texture wise, very good.....blended it with water and crushed ice and it drunk it through a straw!!! It was lovely and thick.

So far so good!