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Rebel without a calorie
It doesn't take much does it? :8855:
I've done a sneaky weigh this morning cos I'm seeing a friend later who will want the absolute latest news, and I've lost 21lbs on Exante (plus 7lbs before) so in total it's 2 stone :bliss:
I've also had to tighten my bra shoulder straps and move from the last hooks to the first! Shame I didn't measure myself before I started.
I'm also excited about adding a meal from tomorrow. I'm looking forwards to getting creative with chicken (tikka kebabs I think) having my lovely salmon and even cauliflower rice! I'll be trawling the boards for those recipes :)
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woow that is an amazin loss even with the weeek where you din't lose lot, the total amount is amazin see a 1lb is a 1lb lol...:)
well dun hun are your clothes looser tooo?


Rebel without a calorie
Yeah they are. Bought some new tops all in a size smaller but still got that swimsuit to get in which is 2 sizes smaller. Had 2 pairs of black work trousers which are too big now, but still a long way to go.

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
Thats fantaboulousicous news Dietkitty xx



A New Woman
Oh good on ya hun! Enjoy your add-a-meal week. Cauliflower rice? What's that? Sounds interesting:)


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Hi Short and DUmpy,
just wanted to I'm amazed at your weight loss,I'm currently on my fourth day of Lipotrim but am swapping to Exante at the end of the week as it seems a lot cheaper for the same thing(sorry I really am that tight...haha)
Anyway well done again,you're message is very encouraging.

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
Hey there Martin :D

Will be nice to have you alongside us.. and another gentleman to boast our male side.. I think Mark gets lonely with all us women smothering him hehe

My weight loss is no where near as amazing as some.. and I think it might slow this week :D but I am prepared and more than happy, as long as I manage to stick to the diet 100% .. which is not to bad, as I don't dread the space food packs, then it will all even and balance itself out :D and the inches will fall away.

welcome welcome :D and looking forward to seeing you on the forum
Hey Martin, welcome to the forum. I have been on Exante 12 days now and lost 22lbs, this forum is excellent and everyone here is amazing. Never seen anything like it to be honest. I have tried WW before but their counselling sessions are crap. This is much better.

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
cali... are you saying we are cheaper and nicer ;) muhauahha I suppose we are ! xxx

I have to say the little group we have is amazing and makes me smile every single day.. I'm not afraid to moan or rant or be a little naughty ... I blame mark for that :p Knowing I can log on and off of here and have my diet friends... because I think we do care about each others journeys.. does keep me on the straight and narrow.

It is so nice to be supported by these people.. and their successes excite me too :D

so welcome to the exantes

hello newbie :D :D

I used to go to weightwatchers- it was so demoralising- I realised since that it doesn't work too well for Vegetarians. I would queue 40 mins to get weighed to find I had lost ounces per week (whoo hoo :( )

didn't have the will to live to stay for the "pep" talks

good luck everybody

believe me(I know I keep ranting on about this) if I can do this, anyone can
just get your head in the right place, I am not solid on total at the mo - I felt so rough after a busy weekend that I had a cottage cheese salad last night. I feel safe enough to know that I will lose weight this week, even if its just one pound, its a loss.

remember that you feel soooo much better even after a stones loss- I stopped snoring, my back ache on getting up in a morning went too

now I am back to running (and love it)
16lbs to go, Life is good :D
Great thread!

I am vegetarian, too, and have been for more than 30 years.

I am on vegetarian Atkins. I began my weight loss with eat less, exercise more. Then moved to CD. Then finally to Atkins. I have lost a total of ten stones and kept them off.

VLCDs are amazing but after my initial successes of four weeks on SS I simply lost the ability to stick to it for more than 6 straight days at a time. This was okay because I still lost the three stones in record time. But I had begun to feel very weak and ill, and had often felt the need to lie down on my bed until I felt a bit better. Not everyone feels this way on a VLCD but I certainly did, and I assure you I was following the plan to the letter. I even felt bad on the old 790 which included food.

I want to say that I admire you all tremendously for being able to SS for long periods. I read this forum amongst other TFR ones because I admire all who can hack it! It really is NOT easy and even blissful ketosis does not protect an individual from the very natural cravings to eat regular food.

Good luck all of you! I will be watching and sharing in your journeys x
Nice to hear from you Girlygirl, it would be good have on this forum as well, feel free to share whenever you want. It would be pleasure to have you share our journey even though you are not on Exante. We would like to share in your journey
Well done on your losses! Im only on day on and finding it ok so far....i cant wait to join u guys with a "loss" ticker under my name haha! Well done everyoen so far!

totally agre by the way. why pay WW or Slimming world abut £5 a week just for the counselling and weigh in when its rubbish and u lose such a small amount per week. This forum provides much much bettr counselling from people who are in the same situation....what more could you ask for? LOVE it :D xx
that is truue this forum is a brill way of keeping your self busy and not think about food and etc....i would have done brill todai too if only i hadn't gone out lol ahh well what is done is done all i can do it is get back on it and hope for the best for the rest of the week :D
you all are doing great!!


Are We There Yet?
Kitty, you are doing fab!

I am really proud of our Exante group. Always nice to have new people join too :)

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